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    Newbie Coupling Problems

    It is! I do HO, no experience with N, so I can't say if these problems are more susceptible because it is in N. But, start with the basics.... And this would be an excellent one to start with. Along with height, are they free moving? Are they body mounted, truck mounted? Binding issues? Track...
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    Bringing old cars back ..

    I don't have any of those cars, but I like your collection of them.
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    Running Bear's September 2020 Coffee Shop

    Willie...Thanks for the info on the cleaning car, and that was the thought I had in mind, as a help keep it clean car. Here is some 1/8th wide. looks like you need stuff that's pretty narrow.......... Sherrell...great pic!
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    Running Bear's September 2020 Coffee Shop

    Good morning from the West side.....50 degrees and still dark........
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    Locomotive, Train & Layout information, how to store & sort

    Steve..I am laughing my ass off!! 😂😂 At my self! James above posted some of the sheets he uses with Shenware. That made me laugh so hard, I wouldn't have a clue on how to do any of that stuff, honestly, I can barely slog my way thru getting something on an excel document. That is nice James, I...
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    The Union Pacific Soggy Bottoms Division (HO scale)

    flyboy...nice progress on your layout. I wanted to add to the easement subject for the new guys........some of the basics/theory behind it. Looking at the 1:1, -- Tangent--Straight track (no radius) -- Full body of curve (constant radius)...
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    Running Bear's September 2020 Coffee Shop

    Good morning from southern Oregon! 50 degrees, slight breeze. Troy...Some things take time? Everybody should do a career change every once in a 😉😉 Willie...Thanks much for the link! I've got that book marked, and on hard copy. I am the least computer (read--confuser!) savvy! I...
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    Re-painting HO shipping containers, need advice

    I've used this method, and I also heated the spray can up in some warm water, seems like the mist had a better pattern to it.
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    Cleaning Loco Wheels By Brute Force

    Never heard of that method before. Any damage to the track or wheels? o_O
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    Switcher-Rama sale

    Thanks for the link, I have ya saved under sellers.....
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    HO Lionel help it looks like the log & pipe unloaders are the same? Have not seen the milk cars before, it has been awhile, but it seems like I've seen the log unloader on feebay under a vintage kits search....good luck......
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    Athearn HO Locomotives Needing a Home

    Indeed, post them pics......
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    Running Bear's September 2020 Coffee Shop

    Good morning from the periphery of the Great Basin. Sherrell, Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry I missed the birthday bash yesterday, for a present, let me sent you a jar of clean Oregon air! Oh wait a minute, your air is cleaner than my air...o_Oo_O...what the?? Willie.. thanks much for the...
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    NCE DCC 5240002 PH-PRO-R Wireless 5 amp Starter Set?

    I've got the NCE 5 amp PH PRO-R system. So what are you going to do? Screw around with auto light bulbs? Suck it up, get the EB-1!
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    New Tools Forum

    Here's a tool that's come in handy more than anvil, a piece of six inch ore car rail....
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    Running Bear's September 2020 Coffee Shop

    Troy...great progress on the track plan..👍 Not out of the realm of possibilities!
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    Running Bear's September 2020 Coffee Shop

    Greetings to a new day. With the cooler nights we've been having, its helping the fire fighters get a handle on these big fires. My thoughts are with you guys that have to deal with the hurricane situation. Thanks to all for your comments & likes.... Willie & Patric....thanks for the info on...
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    First Craftsman kit.....

    I've got some canopy glue, but have not used it to make windows, was just wondering, at what point is the opening too large for the glue to span?
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    Mail Call! Railway Post Office, commonly abbreviated as RPO has rolled in!

    Here is the new Athearn Genesis EMD Demonstrator F7 A-B w/sound. 'nough said.
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    Running Bear's September 2020 Coffee Shop

    Good morning from Oregon's high desert, the air is clear this morning, awesome view of the Milky Way. Very little light pollution here. Don't expect the clear sky's too last long.....and, a chance of thunder storms Thur. Fri. That's what we need!! I just wanted to say how enjoyable this forum...

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