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  1. CBCNSfan

    ACK! I've gone to the dark side!

    You could use it as a leased loco :D
  2. CBCNSfan

    Some hacking going on.

    No I came across that some years ago, jeez he was into moderators area, Bob was away and I couldn't delete his posts, couldn't delete him and the ass was making fun of me. Finally got him though. He used a user name that hadn't posted for years past Have to check later to see if the cure is...
  3. CBCNSfan

    Where is everone?

    " there is no "real" or "correct" way of doing things" Well I have to agree with that statement there is ONLY Better ways of doing something. I would doubt that perfect way of doing something has been reached to this day. Way back we had a member here who would post a photo of a new locomotive...
  4. CBCNSfan

    Where is everone?

    You mean like what I'm doing :D
  5. CBCNSfan

    Old New Members?

    Nope, I'm 83 :D
  6. CBCNSfan

    Looking for a specific vehicle

    Didn't find it here, but you never know, with a camping scene (away from it all) you could get away with 1/64 vehicles and there are some 1/87th around. Matchbox Models
  7. CBCNSfan

    Anyone else getting this upon LogIn?

    I have an old outdated (no updates) Chrome browser no problems on it, and I'm beginning to use it and google search for everything because now Firefox is another answer, they are so tied in with Google and tracking for online advertising it's gone from one of the best browsers to a piece of...
  8. CBCNSfan

    Train Mountain Triennial

    WoW! That's some layout. Well done video
  9. CBCNSfan

    Not too sure of where to put this, or how long it will last as it's a news item on today's CTV newscast

    Kind of interesting, if someone clicks on the link and it's not about model rail let me know, thanks CBCNS fan Willis
  10. CBCNSfan

    Will be off line for awhile...

    Oh! My guess I just read the first post then replied, extra Happy all is well now
  11. CBCNSfan

    Will be off line for awhile...

    All the best Tony, do what you have to do, but if it turns bad get your family andyourself out of there, life is precious, all else can be replaced over time. Take care be safe
  12. CBCNSfan

    Welcome to the new Forum Software!

    I have an old outdated version of IE, I never use IE but I tried it and the forum came right up, no problems encountered for all three browsers
  13. CBCNSfan

    What are "Points"?

    for a 2 bit joke do I get 25 points :)
  14. CBCNSfan

    What are "Points"?

    No the points I get at the Loblaw's market are costly enough :)
  15. CBCNSfan

    What are "Points"?

    Oh! Oh! I'm going to lose this one I only have a 32 bit motor :D
  16. CBCNSfan

    What are "Points"?

    Well it all depends on who has the pole position
  17. CBCNSfan

    What are "Points"?

    You have 38 points, now lets not get obsessed over points :D
  18. CBCNSfan

    Going through a total loss of interest!

    Well Areojet first off I'll welcome you to the forum. I will certainly agree with what you say and add a bit of my experience to yours. As our MR club disintegrated for lack of membership, and I became a loner losing interest in model building as my wife's health deteriorated and limited my...
  19. CBCNSfan

    Going through a total loss of interest!

    When you're away from the layout for a time you get lazy, it's not the interest you lose it's the laziness that has replaced it temporarily. The only cure for that is start a new project. Anyway that's the way I see it. :) Cheers Willis

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