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  1. CBCNSfan

    Not too sure of where to put this, or how long it will last as it's a news item on today's CTV newscast

    Kind of interesting, if someone clicks on the link and it's not about model rail let me know, thanks CBCNS fan Willis
  2. CBCNSfan

    New CB&CNS layout; OH Boy! will probably take the rest of my life

    Well folks it's time to bite the bullet and get started. Obviously it's going to be a folded dog-bone, loop to loop whatever. The basic bench work is done and in place (except for one section still laying on top of one of the peninsulas. The measurements are on the drawing and some of my wants...
  3. CBCNSfan

    Happy Thanksgiving Day to all USA

    That's it folks, have a great day and enjoy the day with your families Willis
  4. CBCNSfan

    Japanese D51 for WyoKid

    Ok Mark see if you can post your photo and message to this thread. If you can send messages you should be able to post to this thread. If not send me another message. Willis
  5. CBCNSfan

    Transportation Safety Board Report into Via train Accident

    A fatal passenger train derailment was caused by excessive speed, investigators said Thursday. The train was going four times too fast before deadly crash The accident has left experts and observers struggling to understand why the train would have hit the switch at such a speed. Via spokesman...
  6. CBCNSfan

    VIA Passenger Train derailment, 3 train engineers killed

    3 Via train engineers killed in Ontario derailment Read more:
  7. CBCNSfan

    My New CB&CNS Help Wanted

    I've been working on this new layout for some time now. The old layout is history and the bench work that could be salvaged is already part of the new layout. This is the third try, the first a 5 X 10 from a track plan failed because all I could do was watch 2 trains doing figure 8's, the...
  8. CBCNSfan

    Poll: Photo Contests, Your Opinion!

    It has been awhile since we had a forum photo contest. This poll is to find out if there is enough membership interest to have a photo contest on a regular basis. There is much work, time and thought involved in the administration of these contests, so when you answer the questions please be...
  9. CBCNSfan

    My Gateway into the CB&CNS layout

    It's been at least a week since I received a request for information regarding the my gate into the layout area. This is my third attempt after locating and uploading the photos to Photobucket. One lost file and a blue screen tonight so I'll be backing up each chapter. The idea of this gate is...
  10. CBCNSfan

    "POLL" What DCC System do you prefer?

    Here you go! This your chance to support the DCC set you think is best. Links provided curtsy of Alcomotive are for members who wish to compare the specs, frills; bells and whistles
  11. CBCNSfan

    It's Not Finished But It's coming Down

    Well I tried out some of my steam locos tonight and the grades are too steep for them. A five car train and the 4-8-4's began slipping. Also laboring like that can't be too good for the motors. To add to that, one 4-8-4 stopped halfway up the grade and the overload indicator on the throttle...
  12. CBCNSfan

    VIA Rail Quarantined Passenger Train No sign of outbreak on quarantined train, health officials say A Via Rail Passenger Train was quarantined at a Northern Ontario town for a time today. The train was traveling from BC to Toronto On. when a woman passenger died and others...
  13. CBCNSfan

    Model Railroader Mag. $$

    Just noticed that in our Wal Mart a sign proclaiming that all magazines are sold at the USA cover price. I also noted they no longer have Model Railroader, Model Rail Craftsman and others no longer on the display. Fine scale Modeler is there and some other craft mags. So I'm thinking the dropped...
  14. CBCNSfan

    From The C.R.O.W. I found this quite interesting, have a look, an online railway publication free of charge. Willis
  15. CBCNSfan

    Don't mess with Momma Heather is still recovering from wounds suffered while saving her family’s bacon from an intruder last week. Her eye remains swollen and her snout scratched, but the Tamworth pig bested a bobcat that hopped into her outdoor pen hoping to...
  16. CBCNSfan

    New SNTF Locos on the way to export

    and Seven Locos built for the French Railroad by GM at the London shops, on their way to Toronto for export. Kind of weird looking critters eh! Willis
  17. CBCNSfan

    For Laughs if nothing else

    Today a Yahoo mail I struck it rich again an offer I just couldn't turn down this time. ************************************************** zakaria mark009 <> wrote: DEAR, I AM THE HEAD OF ACCOUNTS AND AUDIT DEPARTMENT OF BANK OF AFRICA, OUAGADOUGOU . I...
  18. CBCNSfan

    PM's from New Member

    If you have received a PM from turing Hello, I'm new here and just wanted to say "hi" How's it going? With a link to his wares for sale, just delete it, his membership has expired Cheers Willis
  19. CBCNSfan

    Iron Horse Stopped! Mohawks Angry

    Protesters ignore order to end Via Rail blockade Heap big stink now, Iron horses stopped, Pow Wow scheduled, politicians think they can BS their way out of it :D Ah! well! it should be interesting. If it was me I'd send...
  20. CBCNSfan

    Historic B.C. steam engine back on track

    Special to The Globe and Mail CATHRYN ATKINSON WHITE ROCK, B.C. -- Everyone likes a comeback story, especially one in which the hero returns from the scrapheap and is fired up with new life and cheered on by a multitude. So it was with the Royal Hudson steam engine yesterday as the...

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