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  1. RCShadow

    Spectrum 0-6-0 Loco Midwest Quarry & Mining 81814

    Just picked one of these up on eBay for $50. Before I receive it, does anyone have any input on its pulling power and general opinion on it? Thank you!
  2. RCShadow

    eBay Purchases and Expierience

    Having seen all the posts about getting good deals on eBay, and having made most of my purchases either through my LHS or from Model Train Stuff, I thought I'd give eBay a try. I purchased four items off of eBay and am satisfied with the expierience overall. First, I got an Athearn Tank Car for...
  3. RCShadow

    Spectrum Doodlebug

    I just won this on eBay for $51. I hope I did not make a mistake but the wife liked it a lot. It does have DCC and lighting though.
  4. RCShadow

    Model Railroader Review of Kato GE P42

    Has anyone else read the review of the new Kato GE P42 HO Loco? What caught my eye is the drivetrain. I sure wish other models were built this way :D! I like the fact that two independant motors are used for each truck. The weight of the model is also great. I feel that if more loco's were...
  5. RCShadow

    NCE Customer Service is A+++

    I cannot say enough about NCE and their customer service. I bought an SB5 smart booster for my Power Cab setup a month or so ago. I was running my suspended layout last week and all the sudden all my loco's stopped...nothing...nadda. I called NCE and spoke to Larry. He has been so helpful...
  6. RCShadow

    Confused With Kadee Insructions

    EDIT: The title to the thread, I mistyped apologies. This IT (Information Technology job) stuff and getting five hours of sleep a night might need looking at. Hmmm? Maybe that's why these instructons do not make sense right now lol. Maybe my almost 50 year old brain is...
  7. RCShadow

    Auto-Reverser Question

    I am adding a new addition to my layout (see drawing below) and wanted to ask if I could get away with just one auto-reverser. I also wanted to ask where would be best place to insulate one section from another. I really appreciate the help and any input you may have before I make my purchases...
  8. RCShadow

    The Wife and I Finally Finished Phase 1

    To start, this is our first attempt at any kind of model railroad. A little background first. We wanted something up and out of the way so the first thing we thought of was a near ceiling elevated layout. We looked around the net and found many shelf type layouts. The idea was ok but we did...
  9. RCShadow

    Can I Use an NCE Switch-8 for Lighting On/Off Control?

    Does anyone know if I can use a NCE Switch-8 as an on/off switch for lighting? I already have this unit for Tortoise Switch Machines but would like to use the extra ports I have avilable for acessories (LED lighting) for buildings. My thanks in advnace.

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