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    Multiple Staging Areas & access to them (perhaps via a 'sub helix')

    You wouldn't have to separate it from the main bldg. ventilation.
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    Novice needs advice on track for HO gauge lay out

    Actually, Brass is a better conductor, has lower resistance. However, Brass oxide is an insulator, so the transmission of the current to the pickup wheels is dependent on the cleanliness of the rail top.
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    Running Bear's July 2020 Coffee Shop

    Ah! That explains it.
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    Bar Mills Tylick Tool - Time for the Insanity

    Normal secondary travel lane is 12', +2' shoulder = 14' x2 28' shdr to shdr. (3.86" in HO)
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    Color of Road Striping

    I've comment on this road before...I think you did a excellent job. The 'only' thing I might add is some tar track across the x-ings...much too clean.
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    Fire station or We can't burn the house down!

    As an alternate, put a trap door for access to the roof.
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    Running Bear's July 2020 Coffee Shop

    Very good point.
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    Running Bear's July 2020 Coffee Shop

    I've had two Frigidaire window units. They seem to only last for about 3 years. I would lean toward Honeywell next time.
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    Running Bear's July 2020 Coffee Shop

    Since the existing unit is well over it's service life, order the new one and run the existing one to failure. When it dies(?) you already have a replacement. No 2 week wait.
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    Running Bear's July 2020 Coffee Shop

    Nice trees!!! Really.
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    Slip Coaches

    Just a sec...I'll make a video.....Oh wait, there's already one at post number 1
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    Slip Coaches

    Drop me off at Brighton....
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    Love For the Hobby

    Not so fast there, bub!
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    Mail Call! Railway Post Office, commonly abbreviated as RPO has rolled in!

    The 'Godzilla' of model railroads.
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    Running Bear's June 2020 Coffee Shop

    Sorry to hear that, Flip....My condolences.
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    The Union Pacific Soggy Bottoms Division (HO scale)

    Stress & settling cracks are not uncommon on stone portals. I would paint it a flat black, or a mortar color for a novelty fix.
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    Looking for Max Shim Thickness for Peco 100 Guard Rails

    Looks like a lot of 'fiddly' cra......stuff. Wonder if just filling the gap and re-cutting the flangeway would be more efficient?
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    How do I bring cork roadbed down to ground level?

    Cedar 'Shake' shingles..tapered.
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    Running Bear's June 2020 Coffee Shop

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