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  1. funnelfan

    Hi-Cube Hobbies

    What Program are you doing the 3D modeling in?
  2. funnelfan

    New setup

    It looks ok, but you'll probably get tired of running the train in a circle before long. Buy some more switches and add sidings and spurs. Try some switching as well. If you're using knuckle couplers, a small skewer stick can be used to uncouple cars. Stick the point of the stick between the...
  3. funnelfan

    Preserving the Espee - Oregon Branchline Edition

    At Dupont outside of Anderson the branch crosses over the busy double track mainline. The conductor gets on the radio to ring up the dispatcher for permission to enter the mainline when they get to Anderson. Since the crossover to the mainline is on the far side of downtown, They need to find...
  4. funnelfan

    Preserving the Espee - Oregon Branchline Edition

    I finally wrapped up my full P2K SD9 rebuild of a SP SD9E. Years ago I semi detailed Athearn models, but they hardly compare. For my first rebuild, I chose unit 4433 which has had a long career in Oregon that last well after the SP went away. I fully detailed the unit and did the light package...
  5. funnelfan

    DC Layout Walk Around Throttles

    Go with the Aristocraft Wireless Throttles. I belonged to a club that used them prior to DCC, and they worked great.
  6. funnelfan


    If it did work, then it didn't. I'd say it was a warranty issue. This is not a unheard of problem with Tsunami, but there are still far and away better than Digitrax soundbug decoders. Sound decoders are rather bug prone in general, and can present all kinds of problems. I've been lucky so far...
  7. funnelfan

    Ho Scale Railfanning at Dupont

    Thanks guys for the comments. I'll keep posting more pics as I get more work done. Steve, you should try to come down this Thursday night at 6pm when we have some open running. It'd be a great time to look around and chat with the members.
  8. funnelfan

    Here we go again (another decoder problem)

    Yes, the resistor is too small. Should use a 1K ohm resistor.
  9. funnelfan

    Ho Scale Railfanning at Dupont

    I've spent the past few weeks rebuilding an area of the OMRS club layout (Lacey, WA) known as Dupont. Dupont is on the upper level at the top of the Helix and the start of a extended siding that runs into the summit town of Anderson. It's the only place on the mainline that there is a grade that...
  10. funnelfan

    Weekly Photo Fun! 6/15 - 6/21

    Been working on this spot on the club layout lately. Used to not be able to get this shot due to a ill-concieved view block. But I've since removed that and am busy working on the scenery here. Lots of work left to do.
  11. funnelfan

    some pictures from my Dioramas

    Almost could have accused you of trying to pass off prototype photos as models ;^P Your weathering is simply amazing! Also what did you use for ballast? That stuff looks a lot better than anything I've seen yet.
  12. funnelfan

    Wpf, 06/04/12-06/10/12

    Very nice!
  13. funnelfan

    Who buys and uses LED's off Ebay?

    I'll second the LED-Switch dealer for locomotive headlights. The 3mm Water Clear Warm White leds have the perfect color for diesel locomotive headlights. Use a 1K 1/8 watt resistor to knock the current down for a long lasting LED.
  14. funnelfan

    Wpf, 06/04/12-06/10/12

    A SP 4-10-2 charges across the river as hobos look on.
  15. funnelfan

    4x8 Layout

    I like how the power poles had foot pegs on them. you don't see that anymore as they climb poles with spikes these days. Can you recall who made the power poles with the foot pegs like that?
  16. funnelfan

    Another Washington state modeler

    Steve, you were asking about Mall Shows. I'm not exactly sure if you meant train shows or modular clubs based at malls. But as far as train shows goes, there are few good ones several times a year. There are usually one or two large ones at the Puyallup fair grounds. The Great Train Expo...
  17. funnelfan

    Another Washington state modeler

    Hey JP in Vancouver, the first hobby shop you need to visit is actually in Camas. Look up the Train Shop in Camas. The guy has some great stuff at decent prices, very nice small shop. 335 NE Lechner St, Camas, WA 98607 Other good shops in Portland are; Whistle Stop Trains 11724 SE Division...
  18. funnelfan

    Wpf 5/26-6/1

    That looks great! Was that a life like P2K or Athearn Genesis to begin with?
  19. funnelfan

    Old Thurston County layout

    The best times to catch us are between 6pm and 9pm on Thursday nights, and between 10:30am and 1pm on Saturdays. The first Thursday night of the month is a business meeting between 7 and 8pm. Second Thursday is operations. And the third Thursday is open running. The rest of the time is generally...
  20. funnelfan

    Old Thurston County layout

    BTW, I hardly scratched the surface. There is still a lot more to be seen than what I've shown in the photos so far. We've also changed so much that even my photos from a couple years ago seem outdated.

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