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    Unknown Passenger cars

    As far as I know, the TR isn't doing any passenger work. This is more likely something that the Progressive Rail is doing, after all, they are from Lakeville, MN. The cars themselves are intriguing...Where did they come from, what is their purpose? I know the Great Lakes Western (small...
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    In Celebration of the CSX.

    The "bonnets", aka bug screens, fall off. That's why it's gone. BTW, it's a AirChime K5HL....and notice how it's mounted....4 bells back, 1 chime forward. New FRA regulations require Class Is to mount their horns so that 100 feet infront of the loco, they sound at 110 db. Of course, the...
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    Waterbase model paints, are there any?

    I believe Badger model paints are w/based.
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    Pacing a KCS Belle,nice K5LLA horn action

    "RULE 14 (l) * – – o – Trains or engines approaching public highway grade crossings shall sound the horn for at least 15 seconds, but no more than 20 seconds before the lead engine enters the crossing. Trains or engines traveling at speeds greater than 45 mph shall begin sounding the horn at or...
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    Need some help from the photoshop pro's

    Or just use MS Paint...Once was a revolution in the graphics field, it still works great for those drawings. You could probably even do it your self.
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    Air horn battle

    If you don't mind me saying so, that horn sucks as much as a Dyson vacuum...:eek: New Cast P5...Looks nice, but sounds like (*&#@). Now, stick a new Micro Precision K5LLB on there, a NEW new cast P5, with re-tuned bells, or even a plain jane K5LA, and you'll have something going for you...
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    Wisconsin clubs?

    Oxford, WI here...a stones throw away from Columbus. Phil
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    question about ordering parts from athearn

    Mainly when they say that it will take that long to ship is to cover their butts in case something is out of stock, or they forget the order. It could happen, but more than likely won't. Phil
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    Merry Christmas

    May your next four seasons be as good as your last! Photos include: Soo Line #1003 at Horicon, WI Union Pacific MBUVP at Oxford, WI Milwaukee Road #261 at Portage, WI Cass Scenic Railroad Shay 6 at Cass, WV Merry Christmas! Phil Martin
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    Mikes Custom Low nose GP9u G scale

    There's even a seam on High Hoods if you look at them. It's more visible if it's rusting out. Personally, I don't think it looks that bad at all. Phil
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    New life for old Athearn Dummies??

    I had that problem a while ago. That "L" piece, which the frame sits on, is an electrical connection. It can not touch the other side's metal. Phil
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    The Catholic problem

    you made an ASS out of U and ME One of my favorite sayings :) Phil
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    What does HO mean?

    Half O, or it used to be... Phil
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    Thanks Giving Weekend Photo Fun 11-27/11-30

    And Flexicoils weren't limited to SW1500s... Phil
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    Thanks Giving Weekend Photo Fun 11-27/11-30

    There are a few cases where diesels have air-operated bells, on the old style yolk-and-base mount. One that comes to mind are many of the old Northern Pacific GPs that were outfitted with old steam engine bells, but also installed with a Prime or Salem air clapper. Also, you can have a manual...
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    Thanks Giving Weekend Photo Fun 11-27/11-30

    Amazingly coincidental to this story, I own the real numberboards from the 1870/1872B TR5AB set. The engines were sold to the EJ&E in the 1970's, where a local hobby shop owner took these from. I also might have the Pyle marker lights from these engines...I don't know if they ever operated...
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    Can I switch shells?

    ...As well as the Wisconsin & Southern, which runs it's E9 A-B-A set (The ONLY TRUE E9 A-B-A Set running), and the grandest business train of them all, the Union Pacific, consisting of 4-6-6-4 #3985, 4-8-4 #844, 3 rebuilt E9s, and a huge passenger car consist...most ex-UP cars themselves. Phil
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    LSRN Outshops a few Cabooosess

    First of all, the cabooses look great! A+!! And second, I love the name of your railroad. It could be a railroad that runs along Lake Superior, as well as having a small fleet of boats. Great work! Phil
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    Pics of my injured MRC/Lima Monon C420

    See my e-mail off HOYARDSALE I've got one that has cracked axle gears, but otherwise runs smooth. Shell is in good shape...just needs paint. Is in a ugly kind of undecorated. Has handrails and everything. Phil
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    Old time passenger/excursion cars

    If I am not mistaken, the Bachmann cars ARE made in N Scale...At least they were released... Phil

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