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  1. Davidellias

    Building The CMMR

    Oh man, I love that Geep!
  2. Davidellias

    ALCO Century 430, why were so few made?

    Also I heard a lot of customers were burnt out from the Alco FA-1 and it's unreliability. And with GE out on its own they had other options to choose from besides Alco
  3. Davidellias

    Wpf 11/28 - 12/5

    Nice Bridge, haven't I seen it in MR before? ;)
  4. Davidellias

    Santa Fe 3500.

    I think I have that same locomotive :P tell me how to properly remove handrails D:
  5. Davidellias

    My Train Room!

    Yeah,those hand painted roads are simply amazing!
  6. Davidellias

    Fox Valley AM/VO for HO Scale

    Sorry, the Virginian & Ohio / Allegeny Midland cars they did for N Scale
  7. Davidellias

    Fox Valley AM/VO for HO Scale

    So I heard they are making these in HO Scale? Is that true?
  8. Davidellias

    the A&D,Original NS,and SCL

    So thank you guys for your help! Clif I did find a junction between the Old NS and the SCL in Wilson,NC. BTW if you are curious my railroad is the Norfolk,Carolina & Danville. It was the result of a 1974 merger between the struggling Atlantic and Danville (Who stupidly didn't merge back into...
  9. Davidellias

    the A&D,Original NS,and SCL

    Did the Seaboard Coast Line railroad ever cross over the Atlantic and Danville and/or the Original Norfolk Southern? I am Proto Freelancing a merger the A&D and the Original Norfolk Southern, and I want to give the railroad trackage rights to Richmond,VA. so I want to know if there would be a...
  10. Davidellias

    My favorite pics I've taken this month. (Dial up be aware!)

    As Far as I know, all Mother units are GP40-2s, like the one you were asking about.
  11. Davidellias

    My Attempt at Weathering w/ powders

    Actually I think i found out that one of them is a Walthers.
  12. Davidellias

    Wpf 8/11 - 8/16

    Pic I took of the same locomotive @ John Sevier
  13. Davidellias

    Meanwhile At Rapido..... Seems they have some time on there hands. :p
  14. Davidellias

    Unexpected Railfanning trip in Downtown Knoxville

    Just walking on the waterfront when I came across this guy. Lead unit is 1269, a Slug, 2002 and MP15AC, and 2313 an SW1500. So close you can almost touch it! In fact it was going slow enough I probably could have touched it and still kept all my fingers intact. one of three Ex-Nash...
  15. Davidellias

    The Altamontand Blue RIdge Railway

    you did a fine job there, with the layout and the website :P
  16. Davidellias

    Now here's a weekend project worht looking into.!

    ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS: For future reference, when posting videos, please make sure the content is suitable for all forum members and guests. The link was deleted based on the foul language and promotion of consuming alcoholic beverages while operating a motorized vehicle. These activities...
  17. Davidellias

    Custom painted loco on my car? :-)

    wow there's enough cheese there to make a Wisconsiner blush. Yeah, I think it's a bit tacky to be honest. (sorry don't kill me)
  18. Davidellias

    NS locos, why do they have other reporting marks?

    While spotting a while back, I noticed an NS SD70 on the lash-up had small PRR markings under the number. I just brushed it off thinking it was an ex-CR unit and they had changed the markings to PRR like some of the freight cars, but recently while in Roanoke, i noticed loco motive with small...
  19. Davidellias

    What Company is This???

    I just read in a magazine that Vale Mining in Brazil is getting some new SD80MAC units. So that might be what you saw there.

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