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  1. Fishplate

    Trix roller test stands

    Anybody see the new Trix roller test stands on the Walthers web site? I thought they looked really well-designed. Then I saw the price and practically fell off my chair.:eek:
  2. Fishplate

    Need help with MP15AC details

    I'm planning to build an MP15AC and need help identifying some equipment on the prototype. On the right side, on the step just ahead of the cab, is a tall rectangular box. A round tube pokes through a gap in the gusset plate, and below that is a red square hole in the sill. Can anybody tell...
  3. Fishplate

    WU road switchers circa 1955

    This week’s project: the first two diesels in my freelance paint scheme. Unit 3502 is a Kato RSC-2 and 2918 is an Atlas Train Master, both in N scale. Paint is a mix of equal parts Tarnished Black and Steam Power Black. Corner handrails on the Alco are Railbox Yellow. The custom decals are...
  4. Fishplate

    Walthers USRA 0-8-0

    A couple of simple, cheap details make a surprising difference in the appearance of this engine. First, I made a headlight visor from leftover 1/8” brass tubing. Then the blank smokebox door bothered me, so I filed down the head of a small nail to make a round number board. Total cost: zero...
  5. Fishplate

    Milwaukee Road NW2 (N scale)

    The other day I picked up a Kato Milwaukee Road NW2 at the hobby shop. This little gem runs great, but needs a few extra details to match the prototype. Like many Milwaukee diesels, the NW2’s had Z-shaped spark arrester stacks. Sunrise Enterprises used to make castings for these...
  6. Fishplate

    Ten-Wheeler Circa 1887

    While going through some old boxes I found this engine I built when I was in college--my last HO project before I switched to N scale. It was built from a Tyco/Mantua Sierra RR 4-6-0 following an article by Al Turner in the August 1981 Model Railroader. I used a Dremel tool and homemade jig...
  7. Fishplate

    Tucker Candy Company

    Kitbashed from two Walthers Red Wing Milling Co. kits, plus a water tank left over from another kit. The signs were designed in Inkscape and printed on Testors inkjet decal paper. The resulting decals were difficult to work with; I'll try a different technique next time.
  8. Fishplate

    N Scale Illinois Central Depot

    For a long time, I've wanted to build a model of the Illinois Central depot in Tonica, Illinois, my parents' hometown. The prototype depot has been gone for many years, but I finally found one photo for reference, probably taken circa 1900. Here's the N scale model. Doors, windows and...
  9. Fishplate

    N scale diesel wish list

    We've seen some great new N scale diesels introduced in recent years: F-M road switchers; Alco RS1, C-628, C-630 and C-420; Baldwin VO-1000; EMD MP15, FP7, FP45 etc.; and now a GE 44-tonner. I was wondering what diesels are still on your wish list? To start us off, here's my dream list. I'm...
  10. Fishplate

    DCC wiring panel

    Here are a couple of photos of my new DCC wiring panel. Tony’s Train Exchange had a sale on Lenz equipment over the holidays, so I went ahead and ordered my control system. The main components are a DCC Specialties MF615 power supply, Lenz LZV100 command/power station, and a CVP ZoneShare...
  11. Fishplate

    Western Union Ry. track plan

    OK; here's my first attempt to post with an image...let's see if it actually works. :) This is the track plan for my N scale Western Union Railway, under construction. It's based on a plan by Iain Rice from his book Mid-Sized & Manageable Track Plans. Iain's plan was an around-the-walls...

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