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    Best Bulk Price On Steel Wheels

    I now see the IM packs of bulk wheelsets in HO have a 100 dollar list price. Ouch. Cheapest I can find right now is MB Klein but factoring in shipping means its still getting expensive.
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    How about some diecast "toys"

    Actually, it was Matchbox that was originally made in England under the name Lesney.
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    RMC and model railroader magazines or another Model RAilroad related PUBLI....

    My first issue of MR was when I first subscribed. October 1987.
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    Carstens Publishing and RMC

    If it really ends up being true. The fact that they never seem to have a set delivery time on schedule for when an issue ends up in your mailbox certainly doesn't help. You cant keep sending out a issue that's already a month old on the cover. In any case though, its a magazine that I always...
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    Best Hobby Shops on the Web

    Perry's always makes the drive from Morgan up to the Twin Cities to set up at the train flea markets up here and ive bought several things from them in person, ive never had any complaints and they are good guys. I havent found myself in Morgan yet to check out thier shop though. I cant see...
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    rolling stock metal or plastic wheels

    Typically, coupler height isnt a major concern even when you use the prototype size wheel for the car. Most of the time, you will have to put a small washer (like the Kadee red and black washers). All ive ever really needed to do is put a red or black washer under the truck to raise it up a tad...
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    rolling stock metal or plastic wheels

    Actually, we should probably direct our response to the original poster that needs the assistance. Ive been going through replacing wheel sets on 100's of cars the last few months and have learned quite a bit on what size cars take a particular wheelset so ive gotten a pretty good idea sans a...
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    add weight to flat car?

    Thats what I have been planning to do. I actually have a friend that loads his own rounds and has this stuff laying around. I just havent had the opportunity to ask him if he could sell me some. Im not sure where he sits on his supply currently.
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    add weight to flat car?

    BB's wont work as well because they dont have the weight to size ratio like lead shot does. One BB weighs a lot less then a smaller piece of lead shot which is what is nice about the lead shot. I wouldnt mind picking up a bag of it but cant justify spending 40-50 bucks. Nor could I justify...
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    rolling stock metal or plastic wheels

    Ive found several instances where that wasnt indeed the case though. Especially when it comes to the shake the box kits like Athearn Blue box, Roundhouse, Walthers, etc. Most likely its production costs to just throw a set in the box right on the production line and not worry about the proper...
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    Impressive Scene

    This must be a regional thing. The modules around here, of which im a member of one of the local modular clubs, none have a fire or accident scene of any kind that I have seen. Personally, I think its neat to see a well done building on fire scene.
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    Digcom intermodal containers

    When I try to open that digcom link. It just opens a blank page for me.
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    rolling stock metal or plastic wheels

    Im in the process of replacing all my cars w/metal wheels as well. Using Intermountain bulk packs. Dont just go and replace wheel sets without doing some research on the proper size diameter the car is supposed to have though. 100 ton capacity cars get a 36 in wheel (hopper cars, gondolas, and...
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    add weight to flat car?

    Get a container like a coffee can and go to your nearest automotive or tire shop and ask them if you can have a bunch of old wheel weights. Most shops will let you take some without charging you. You can then take them and melt them down and make any type of weight you want. Ill second the lead...
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    Ever had this happen to you at a restaurant?

    There is a Dairy Queen store manager here locally that is a young kid. Early 20s IIRC. In his store, a blind person dropped a 20 dollar bill and didnt know it. Another jackass customer seen him drop it and picked it up and refused to give it back. The DQ manager threw out the customer and...
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    "Liquid" foam?

    Try the Model Railroad Hobbyist issue #6. Mar/Apr 2010 Issue. There is a nice 2 page article on doing this very thing using pink foam on page 39, 40.
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    What's the deal with PWRS & PORTERS?

    Do a search on Porters. I asked the same thing quite some time ago. One of the Pacific Western guys was at a Greenberg show here locally and was really laying down the hard sell and how great this new Porters thing was going to be and how it was going to destroy everyone elses prices and outsell...
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    Another WTH Ebay Moment

    Crack dont smoke itself.
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    X-Acto #11 blades: sharpener or replacements?

    How much modeling are you doing? Weight out how often you have to replace blades to how often a single blade lasts before you would need to sharpen it. Does the Micro-Mark sharpener do as good of a job making the blade as sharp as a new one?
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    Building the Pinnacle Creek Mining & Timber Co. RR

    What if you were to try mixing colors that are much darker and then fade into the color you want once its dry? Looks pretty nice though.

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