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    Anyone ever use the can motors from Micro Mark?

    Anyone have expierence with Micro-Marks HO can motors? I have a handfull of locomotives that would be nice to repower and MM has them on sale for 20 bucks each. Much more affordable then the Proto Power West motors.
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    Why did this sell so high?

    Someone is paying over 50 dollars for what appears to me to be a typical Athearn RTR hopper. Its not weathered or anything I would consider rare or special. Am I missing something here...
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    Anyone try ordering from the PORTERS system by PWRS?

    Pacific Western Rail Systems has this thing called PORTERS. I guess its basically like an online hobby shop but has a lot of other features added in as well. At a WGH show here locally a few years ago, the owner was in town with thier booth and was talking about this and was nearly giving the...
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    Who buys and uses LED's off Ebay?

    I know a few of you guys buy quantity amounts of bulk LED's off ebay. Especially the SMD 0402 and 0603. Im on a kick with LED lights lately and ive been wanting to experiment with them for years now. Ill admit I dont know much about them or if there are any sellers that come recommended to buy...
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    Build it yourself EOT device.

    Would anyone happened to know where to get the circuit board like what is being used for the FRED this guy built himself. Its not quite as nice as a Ring Engineering unit but its not 40-50 dollars either. The only place I know of is through...
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    We lost another model railroad publication-Model Railroad News.

    Unfortunately, it looks like the they are pulling the plug on Model Railroad News.
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    I guess thats it for MTW.

    Sorry if this has been posted already. It looks like Modeltrainsweathered is no longer. At least thats what I hear. Is everyone using protoweathering now?
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    Weathered cars are still selling for rediculous prices.

    There is no way I would pay this kind of money for a weathered car. Even if the modeler is famous or popular in the weathering community. This is insane.
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    Another real life helix

    This came up in another thread a while back but I cant seem to remember what the thread was called so I cant find it. Anyways, here is another clear example of a real life helix.
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    Looking for an old posting.

    Anyone remember someone making a post about a prototype incodent of a railroad personell driving a white Chevy truck that IIRC, hit the end of a fence and one of the rails pierced the truck through the grill and went partially into the cab. I could swear I seen this here on MRforums but it may...
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    Modern day hobo's

    I typically like to hit the picture sites like Railpictures at least once a day and today I found this photo. Which after reading the story with the picture. There is a link to the discussion on railroad forums about the incident in...
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    Sanborn Maps

    I have heard you can do a simple Google search to find the current password. I havent really done much since I first heard about it. But I would like to look something up locally and figured I would try it. Where do I find a current password?
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    Codys office.

    I dont know how many watch Codys little feature video on but for some reason I kind of feel kind of special. He answered my question on this weeks show about where to find that Turpeniod stuff he used on the previous episode. Thats all really. I do have to say, I enjoy...
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    And now for something completly different....Football.

    Sorry guys. I know were all about model railroading but how about something outside of the box for a change. I just had to do this. Go Vikings.:D Who do you guys like for this season? (Now back to our regularly scheduled program).
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    The trailer for "Unstoppable" is out.

    We have talked about this before when they were filming in Ohio and PA. Now, Denzel Washingtons hollywood movie about a runaway train carring hazardous meterials is out and his and he partner have to stop it in another locomotive. Movie looks like it might be a good one...
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    Grab irons. Bend and make your own or buy them?

    They dont look very hard to make out of the proper gauge wire. .008 diameter I think for locomotives. However, they arent that expensive for a pack. What do you guys do. Make and bend your own or just buy them?
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    Locomotive lighting dilemma.

    I have about 15 Athearn BB locomotives which I have mentioned before in the past. Got them brand new in the early to mid 90s. Only one of them has ever been run so the others are new and handrails still need to be installed. The one that has been run, has the handrails painted and installed. A...
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    Motor measurements for old Athearns.

    Is there is list out there somewhere that has the measurements of older Athearn locomotive motors? Width, length, shaft length and diameter and what not? I would like to improve a roster of BB units and not sure where to start with this upgrade. I really dont feel like springing 50 bucks a loco...
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    Celotex brand insulation foam.

    I was in my local Fleet Farm today and noticed a large sheet of foam insulation called Celotex, it had "Insulating sheathing" printed on it. I guess its a brand name. This has a silver foil like appearing layer on the top and bottom. however, it wasnt foil, it was tearable like a sort of silver...
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    Is WS ballast really nut shells?

    I have read in various places on the internet including these forums that the WS ballast is actually ground up nut shells. Is this really true and if so, whats to stop a guy from buying a bag of the proper type of nuts and making it yourself? Sure it may be a lot of work but im thinking, enjoy...

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