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  1. Artieiii

    How to Inslall DCC and sound in HO Thomas

    I went to my LHS over the weekend and saw a Bachmann HO thomas for sale and a Digitrax SDN144PS N scale decoder with sound. I bought them both and when I got home I was able to install the decoder easily. Here is the video I used as a reference: The N...
  2. Artieiii

    Need closeup pix of Bachmann Spectrum 4-6-2 Pacific to put back together

    I just got a Bachmann Spectrum 4-6-2 Pacific and I took it apart to repaint it in Blue Comet colors. The repaint came out good but now I am having trouble getting the running gear back together. The exploded parts view in the instructions is not in enough detail to see how it goes back...
  3. Artieiii

    New HO shelf layout underway

    This weekend I started construction of a 12x12 ceiling shelf layout for my man cave. I've been planning this in my head for several months. I built 2 bridges from scratch just for this layout and added LED's to the bridges. Here is the progress so far: -Art
  4. Artieiii

    36" metal wheels for track power pick up

    I converted my Con Cor Amtrak passenger cars into a Rio Grande Ski Train. The passenger cars came with plastic wheels. I want to add LED's for the interior lighting so I need metal wheels that are insulated on one side only so they can pick up power from the track. I purchased Proto 2000...
  5. Artieiii

    New Project Kitbashing DRGW Ski Train

    New Project Kitbashing DRGW Ski Train I picked these passenger cars new in box off ebay for $55. When they arrive, my plan is to kitbash them into the Denver and Rio Grande Western Ski Train. Here is a pic of the prototype: I know that the Amtrak Budd cars are not a perfect match for...
  6. Artieiii

    Bachmann F40PH adding Blinking Strobes?

    I would like to add dual blinking strobes on the roof of my Bachmann Spectrum F40PH NJ Transit engine like the prototype. I am using a Digitrax SDH164D. 1. How is this accomplished? 2. Do I need to find blinking LED's or will the Digitrax decoder be able to make the strobe effect with...
  7. Artieiii

    Handy link to calculate proper resistor's to use

    I found this link a few days ago so I thought I would share it. This site allows you to calculate the proper resistor and wattage based on the voltage and current rating of your chosen LED's and calculates the nearest resistor needed. Here is a screenshot of 1...
  8. Artieiii

    Adding Tsunami to Bachmann GS4

    I have an older Bachmann GS4 SP daylight. The motor is shot so Bachmann said to return it for a replacement. The newer model has DCC on board. I would like to add a Tsunami 826103 which is what Soundtraxx recommends for this model. My question: Is the Tsunami 826103 plug and play? I am...
  9. Artieiii

    Digitrax SDH164D with installed sound projects

    Digitrax SDH164D with installed sound projects I found this site today while looking for a Digitrax SDH164D. They offer installation of custom sound projects in the decoder. They are a few dollars more than but having custom sounds is a great option for the buyer. Here is...
  10. Artieiii

    UP Gas Turbine Typical Freight?

    I have 2 HO scale Lionel Veranda gas turbines and I have no freight cars to go with them. I posted a similar question before and someone suggested Pacific Fruit express reefer cars but I can't find anyone who makes them in HO scale at this time. I found some used ones on ebay but I want to buy 5...
  11. Artieiii

    Bachmann Spectrum FP40PH adding DCC/Sound?

    I have a Bachmann Spectrum F40PH NJ Transit (non dcc version) and I would like to add DCC and sound. I sent an email to Tony's Trains and they said there was no room to add sound. Has anyone done this? I don't need anything fancy I would be happy with a cheapo sound generator perhaps n scale. I...
  12. Artieiii

    Running light suggestions

    My plan is to take a Bachmann cable car and kitbash it into a replica of Mr. Rogers neighborhood trolley. The cable car is dc only (ok for me) and does not come with running lights. I would like to add running lights (white in front and red in rear) and possibly lights on the top below the...
  13. Artieiii

    Tangent Scale Models any customer reviews

    While searching for UP rolling stock I came across Tangent Scale Models Page. They sell Bethlehem quad hoppers in HO scale with 9 different paint schemes. They have an option to mix and match any 3, 12, 24, 36 or 48 cars for additional savings and variety. Single unit price is $32.95...
  14. Artieiii

    Typical UP Gas Turbine cargo?

    I have 2 HO scale lionel veranda's with DCC and sound. I am having difficulty finding information as to what types of cargo were carried by these beasts. I want to purchase some era appropriate rolling stock. Any help would be appreciated. -Art
  15. Artieiii

    New purchase Athearn Genesis CSX SD45-2 dcc/sound

    I just stopped by my LHS and picked up an Athearn Genesis SD45-2 CSX in blue and grey color scheme with DCC and Sound. It is a very nice piece. I paid $177 plus tax. It runs and sounds very nice on my small 4x8 test track. I have been jonesing over one of these for quite a while now. I think...
  16. Artieiii

    Need replacement wheels Walthers 85' commuter coach

    I have a set of 3 NJ Transit 85' horizon fleet commuter coaches model 932-6072 ( and a wheelset is lost (the truck assembly is intact just missing 1 wheelset). The original wheels are metal (unpainted). I have tried to search for replacement...
  17. Artieiii

    Train shop never heard of recent Lionel HO

    Haha went to my local train shop yesterday. I was telling them about my Lionel HO challenger and veranda models with DCC and sound that I purchased a few year ago. They never heard of them. I know that they only made them for 1 season. I laughed and told them to look online and of course...
  18. Artieiii

    Model Train Shelf

    First post ... my collection. Here is a picture of my train collection. I recently completed and enclosed shelf unit with removable glass panels to display the trains and keep the dust off them. Some of the cars are behind the train engines on the shelf...

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