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  1. NYC_George

    Another crossing gate idea

    I posted this sometime last year. I got tired of twisting my body under the layout installing crossing gates so I came up with this idea. Build everything as a separate unit then install it. It just makes the job so much easier. How they look working.
  2. NYC_George

    New patch method created

    So as I said yesterday I wanted to develop a new and easier method to create custom rail car patches. I think I found a way to do this without much effort. Printing them on Testors white decal paper would be the easiest method. I say white because you eliminate the see through problem. The other...
  3. NYC_George

    Weathered some Coil Cars today

    I decided to weather some coil cars today. George
  4. NYC_George

    3rd try's a charm

    So my 3rd try at a patch worked out great. First I like to thank Greg for sending me the Blair Line decals. What a great guy and what great decals. Already laser cut out with non fading colors. They are the best. This time I used the Microscale strips for the patches. I cut them to size so they...
  5. NYC_George

    California model RR stores open or not?

    I placed a order from Microscale 4 days ago. Their website says it's pending? Are California hobby businesses open? George
  6. NYC_George

    My 2nd attempt at a patch

    It's better then my 1st attempt. I can see you improve as you go. You make mistakes and try not to make them again. It's very hard to get the masking tape secure against the car's support ribs. Maybe paint the ribs by hand later on but before adding the letter and number decals. Maybe your...
  7. NYC_George

    Loading the yard with past & present weathering projects

    I gathered up most of my past & present weathering projects.
  8. NYC_George

    New weathering discovery maybe a first

    Maybe it was a good thing our golf match was called off today. So with nothing to do I decided to try my hand at a patch. That didn't work out to well because I didn't have the masking tape secure enough and it bled through forcing me to patch more then I wanted. We'll see how that works out...
  9. NYC_George

    Making your own decals

    I started these painting / decal projects about a month ago and it's turned out good so far but I also wanted to create a few of my own decals so I picked up some Testors decal bonder. I haven't bought any decal paper yet that's on my list. What I did do is try to draw up some graffiti. I'm a...
  10. NYC_George

    Creating a wheel painting tool

    One of the thongs on my wheel painting tool broke off the other day so I decided to buy a new one but at $19.00 I decided to create my own tool. I noticed an O ring I had fit perfectly over a 33 inch wheel so I reworked a clothespin to hold the wheels securely and then put on the O ring. I hand...
  11. NYC_George

    My first air brush project

    I tried out my air brush for the first time today. The first thing I learned is the paint must be thinner. The next time I'll make sure the mix is a 30% paint 70% thinner. So I also added some decals. I guess it will pass for my first try. George
  12. NYC_George

    Flat MOW Load

    Way back when in the 70's I was called to cover a work train out of North White Plains NY. The train consisted of a flat with a backhoe assigned to fix a drainage ditch just south of White Plains. Since it was just a few miles down the road the work crew foreman said the backhoe didn't need to...
  13. NYC_George

    My first paint booth

    I started construction on my paint booth yesterday. I was going to make it out of wood but yesterday I noticed I had a plastic storage bin I wasn't using so decided to try and use it. When I moved my layout to the basement years ago I installed a PVC pipe around the room that is attached to a...
  14. NYC_George

    Tangent caboose

    I was thinking about lighting some of my cabooses but after looking at the new Tagent caboose models with inside & out lighting I think I'll just buy one. George
  15. NYC_George

    Truss bridge lift out reconstruction plus test 80 car run by

    I finally finished my lift out the way I dreamed it would work. Before the reconstruction the lift out had to be nudged a bit to get things centered. I got tired of that so yesterday I added some needed locking supports so when I drop it in the tracks are in perfect alignment. It takes about 5...
  16. NYC_George

    My Lighted 20th Century Limited

    My lighted 20th Century Limited speeds around the layout.
  17. NYC_George

    Railtrail 1889 I-Girders being replaced

    The 4 NH bridges being converted into railtrail overpasses are having some of the old I-Girders replaced. These 4 bridges are only a 1/2 mile from each other and are in different stages of construction. I only took photos of 2 because of parking restrictions. It seems as though they construct...
  18. NYC_George

    CSX wreck today

    I'm not sure why it's on a world news program but CSX had a bridge accident this morning.
  19. NYC_George

    Editing the thread description line

    I typed in the wrong thread description line and wanted to edit it but cannot. I was going to delete the whole thread and start over but I see I can't do either. Is there some rule that will not allow me to do this? George

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