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  1. eTraxx

    Rail Racks, a Tarp, pallet and some tie plates

    On 30 .. dude is due for a re-paint. Got the good stuff now. Before matt spray and wash matt and AI pin wash
  2. eTraxx

    Layered Rock Mold

    I poured layers of plaster which I broke and stacked to make a 'shale' rock face. Made a latex mold of that. It came out pretty good I think. Close-up of the 'plug'. I sprinkled baking soda into the crevices and used a thin super-glue to fit it. Larger spaces were filled with some Sculpey...
  3. eTraxx

    Ancient Asphalt

    Had a guy on another forum ask how to model "decaying asphalt" .. his diorama being a " .. post-apocalyptic Mad Max sort of setting .." Anyhoo. I was curious and experimented a bit. Poured a thin layer of plaster mix (2 parts plaster and 1 part Spectra Lock Sanded Grout (powder)). When it set...
  4. eTraxx

    Scratchbuilding Contest

    I'm in .. Details:
  5. eTraxx

    Saluda Grade

    Yesterday I went with okiecrip621 (Gary) up to Saluda NC. The Saluda Grade is the steepest standard-gauge railroad grade in the United States. According to Wikipedia .. "Owned by the Norfolk Southern Railway as part of its W Line, the Saluda Grade in Polk County, North Carolina consists of a...
  6. eTraxx

    U.S. Freight Railroad Industry Snapshot

    This is pretty cool. Click any state and you get products shipped on the railroads .. starting in the sate and ending there. U.S. Freight Railroad Industry Snapshot
  7. eTraxx

    Source for scale Coal

    I dropped by my hobby shop today and picked up a bag of Woodland Scenics 'Mine Run Coal'. The bag is described as "9 cu. in. (147.5" and cost me $3.99 On the way back home I stopped at Michaels and found a bag of "Coarse Black Sand". This was a 2lb bag and cost me $3.00 Hard to...
  8. eTraxx

    Old NC Buildings

    Year before last I was on the road with my sister and brother in law and we stopped at an antique dealer. I walked around and snapped photos. These are some great photos .. JMO .. and there is lots of good modeling material here. I find that very last photo very interesting .. all kinds of...
  9. eTraxx

    Experiment with photo paper

    I'm experimenting using photo paper for a vertical boiler I am building. It will be tucked inside a building so I think using the photo paper may work fine. Here's what you will see looking through the double doors of the pump house (and if you were HO sized ... ) Slipping to the left...
  10. eTraxx

    Holy railfan!!

    Train spotter in narrow escape Well .. he didn't seem unfazed to me. Talk about something forcing a heart attack!!
  11. eTraxx

    Killer Bee

    These are great!!
  12. eTraxx

    Tea for groundcover

    I've experimented a bit using tea for groundcover. I picked up a box of cheap store-brand tea and it looks great as far as texture goes in HO. The only problem (if that's the correct term) is that it is quite dark. While I am aware that there are green teas, and white teas .. the cost of using...
  13. eTraxx

    Mother Nature's the boss

    Photos from the rock slide that has I-70 closed indefinitely Might be fun to model a small section of that with workers cleaning up .. would be a good place to display construction equipment
  14. eTraxx


    A good friend (heck .. he was my Platoon Sergeant in Germany - probably means he has long term memory loss since obviously he's forgotten that time I put the tank in the pond ....) Harv is in Scranton PA. While there he was at Steamtown USA and knowing I like trains took some photos on his...
  15. eTraxx

    Chicago Avenue Bridge (Illinois)

    Chicago Avenue Bridge (Illinois): New photos from J.R. Manning Here is the Control Room .. that would be a sweet model Hi-Res Version of above Inside the Control Room
  16. eTraxx

    Model Railroader Magazine Hazmat Article

    In the May 2010 issue of Model Railroader Magazine there is an article titled - "A modeler's guide to hazardous material markings". While it is an excellent guide for modelers, one thing I noticed reading through it was from my having had hazmat classes in the Army. In the article, Matt Snell...
  17. eTraxx

    Free MP3 Train Music Download

    For National Train Day Music Give-Away
  18. eTraxx

    DIY Weathering Chemicals

    This may be of interest for anyone wanting to make their own weathering solution. In the photo below I brushed on three 'graying' solutions and one wood stain. The stain on the right of the wood is applied twice. 1 - AI wash - the 'normal' Alcohol India Ink wash 2 - Ferrous Sulfate (FeSO4)...
  19. eTraxx

    Scalpel blades and the X-ACTO #11 blade

    Interesting. I was curious about the reference to the Olfa knife holding scalpel blades in a thread on so I did a search. Found this website .. what I found funny is that when I looked at the photo .. my first thought was .. "Oh .. the one on the bottom left looks like an...
  20. eTraxx

    Another 'Looks like a model' Railroad

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