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  1. funnelfan

    Preserving the Espee - Oregon Branchline Edition

    I finally wrapped up my full P2K SD9 rebuild of a SP SD9E. Years ago I semi detailed Athearn models, but they hardly compare. For my first rebuild, I chose unit 4433 which has had a long career in Oregon that last well after the SP went away. I fully detailed the unit and did the light package...
  2. funnelfan

    Ho Scale Railfanning at Dupont

    I've spent the past few weeks rebuilding an area of the OMRS club layout (Lacey, WA) known as Dupont. Dupont is on the upper level at the top of the Helix and the start of a extended siding that runs into the summit town of Anderson. It's the only place on the mainline that there is a grade that...
  3. funnelfan

    SP Genesis Caboose inside and out

    A friend of mine, Josh Delp and myself went to Tacoma Trains. Josh had a DCC version of the new SP Genesis caboose on order, and was eager to get his hands on it. I went because I just want to go to the shop. I had been told the cabooses were sold out, but located two non-DCC versions in the...
  4. funnelfan

    Caught with your pants down!

    My dad has been a life long hunter, so I made this little diorama for him as a Christmas gift. A hunter has his pants down and gun out of reach when a bear walks out of the woods. An amused buck looks on from his hiding spot.
  5. funnelfan

    The Sherwood, Shelton & Sarazen Rwy

    I had a chance to attend a operating session of the Sherwood, Shelton and Sarazen Rwy. The SS&S is On30 layout created by Charles "Chuck" Ricketts of Lacey, WA. It's a turn of the century narrow gauge railroad designed for operations. The railroad is run by a dispatcher with both timetable...
  6. funnelfan

    Adding suspension to a Mantua 0-6-0

    I recently received a Mantua 0-6-0 from my Brother's family as a birthday gift. After installing a N scale decoder and test running, I found the rigid suspension derailed everywhere. The middle driver is blind, but I'm not totally sure if that hurts or helps. Anyways, I've started a project to...
  7. funnelfan

    A Rare and Unusual Stack Car

    I managed to catch a very rare and unusual stack car yesterday while railfanning the UP in the Columbia River Gorge. This car was built by FMC in 1984 for Sealand, and later sold to the SP as the SP 2397. This may be a one-of-a-kind car, but I'm not 100% certain of that. Here is a website with...
  8. funnelfan

    Georgia Pacific Layout on Auction Kings

    A GP sponsored layout was recently featured on Auction Kings.
  9. funnelfan

    Waste Glass as a load

    Here is a load idea for a 3-bay hopper. Waste glass is sorted by color (clear, green and brown) and loaded into hoppers to head to a glass smelter. One of those smelters is on the west side of I-205 near the Portland International airport.
  10. funnelfan

    Steam Super Power SP #5021

    While Daylight GS series 4-8-4's were the queens of the passenger trains and the Cab Forwards were the Kings of the Mountains, to highball the long freights across the valleys between the mountains and out through the desert, there was one preferred type of locomotive for SP enginemen. That was...
  11. funnelfan

    Hobby Shop Membership to curb shoplifting

    Watch This; Not sure how effective this will be. You have to balance anti-theft measures against what will drive customers away. While regular customers will think nothing of signing up for memberships, new customers may just walk out the door...
  12. funnelfan

    Woodchips, Containers and Trailers

    Been working on a couple projects in the back lower corner of the club layout to improve a area that was barren and undeveloped on the layout. On the right hand side it was decided to add a intermodal yard. It took a long time to settle on a final design for the yard. There were some differing...
  13. funnelfan

    SP Freight with 7 units

    Recently uploaded a video to youtube showing a long SP freight I ran on my club layout a while back. Normally the helixes limit train length to about 35 cars (about one complete circle) without string-lining. So for this 50 car train, I had a 3 unit swing helper in addition to the 4 road units...
  14. funnelfan

    I must be Desperate!

    A couple weeks ago my air compressor I used for air brushing started acting erratic. Of course it was already several years beyond the 2 year warranty so I tore it apart looking for the trouble. Turns out one of the brushes on the electric motor wore down to almost nothing (other one was only...
  15. funnelfan

    Dogcatching the Local

    The thing about a recession is that the managers are quick to cut jobs, but slow to add them back. The same holds true in railroading, and that often causes trouble when the business starts coming back. Back a couple years ago when things got real slow, the local trainmaster cut the day shift...
  16. funnelfan

    ATTN, construction equipment

    Just found these pieces that are appox 1:150.
  17. funnelfan

    CSME Layout Tour Part #2

    This is the continuation of the tour I first posted nearly a year ago. The first part is here; This part of the tour will cover the newer part of the layout constructed in the former lobby area of the former gas station that...
  18. funnelfan

    I just want to say.....

    I'm sure you guys are all eager to see what kind of stuff you'll get for Christmas (and I'm sure many of you already know!). Enjoy the holidays!
  19. funnelfan

    Some new power roaming the Rails

    Went to town this last week getting some recent purchases up and going. The BN 6770 is a unit I won on ebay back in August for $102 including shipping. It sat on the shelf until this week when I finally got around to putting a decoder in it. I tore out the Kato circuit board and hard wired a 9...
  20. funnelfan

    Rechargeable 9v for Digitrax Throttles?

    I'm studying rechargeable 9v batteries for our club Digitrax throttles, and I'm looking for some advise. One of our club members claimed that he used to use such batteries back in 2007, but they only lasted a hour and a half in radio equipped throttles. I looked at some sample batteries he...

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