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  1. hminky

    Pacific Coast Air Line Railway in 55n3

    Resurrected the benchwork from the old On30 layout. Splotched some clouds onto the backdrop to cover the defects. Tired of sanding and still not being able to get the paint to match in those areas. Got a good deal on the package of HO Kato Unitrack for Model Railroader's Black River Junction...
  2. hminky

    Carolina Central Moves to HOn30 Maine

    Been in and out of HOn30 since the early 1970s. Was N-Scaling and got a good deal on the Kato Carolina Central layout about four years ago. Sure looked like HOn30 with the track spacing. Bought some Minitrains and Shapeway HOn30 cars but health problems caused me to shelve model railroading...
  3. hminky

    1/72 Scale Narrow Gauge Modeling

    Found this idea on the net but was written up in Kalmbach's "Model Railroad Planning 2018". The issue featured Doug Tagsold's Colorado & Southern. The premise is using HO gauge equipment to represent 1/72 scale narrow gauge...
  4. hminky

    Lowering Bachmann On30 Freight Cars

    Hard to believe that I bought my first Bachmann On30 Wonderland Express train-set 20 years ago. Wow, twenty years ago. Have a "what-I-did" about lowering the Bachmann On30 freight cars to eliminate the funky draft gear look. Engineer Bill...
  5. hminky

    Build an Sn3.5 1870s 4-4-0

    Have a "what-I-did" delving into the conversion of a new tooling oldtime H0 Bachmann 4-4-0 into an early Sn3.5 4-4-0. Later web articles will detail and paint the loco. Just in primer now as we need to build some cars and plan some...
  6. hminky

    1870s California in Sn3.5 - Reboot

    Ended this idea back in 2008. The lack of available easily made motive power and other supplies caused me to abandon the project. With the availability of new items and information we are developing some new stuff. Visit our new website: Rubber...
  7. hminky

    NEW Updated Bachmann On30 Mogul with Factory Sound Video

    Have a video of the updated On30 Bachmann Mogul. Am sure the question is "Is the updated version worth the price?" Having done the conversion on an analog, price-wise: Worth the $50 for sound, having done the conversion, yeah. Harold
  8. hminky

    Convert Bachmann On30 Cars to 55n3 - Redux

    Have updated the conversion with new trucks and techniques: Thank you if you visit Harold
  9. hminky

    55n3 Reboot - Proof of Concept

    The first 55n3 site was put on the web in 2010. Due to medical problems I couldn't pursue this endeavor further. Time went by and I let the domain lapse. Now my medical problems have been under control, none of which were life threatening, just debilitating. Been in and out of the hobby since...
  10. hminky

    Cure "Exploding" N-Scale Accumates

    Never had an Accumate "explode" but it has been suggested on the Web. I was just fixing a cover that wouldn't stay on the truck. Have a "What-I-Did" at: Thank you if you visit Harold
  11. hminky

    Build a T-Trak Track Aligner

    Have a "What-I-Did" delving into aligning track on T-Trak modules: PDF version at: Thank you if you visit Harold
  12. hminky

    Front Coupler for N-Scale Steam

    Have a "What-I-Did" delving into an operating front coupler for the Bachmann N-scale 2-8-0 Always about what I am doing and not really how to. Thank you if you visit Harold
  13. hminky

    NEW Bachmann N-Scale Sound Equipped 2-8-0

    Got one these from MB Klein this afternoon. From the diagram has the can motor like the 4-6-0. My guesstimate is a 15mm diameter speaker facing downward in the tender. Full Soundtraxx Economi with all the sounds. Runs and sounds really great, am impressed. Harold
  14. hminky

    Lowering Mantua's 1860 Boxcar Redux

    Have a updated "what-I-did" of the 2006 web article about lowering Mantua's 1860's boxcar to the more common side height. The update has mounting better trucks that are from the era: The article is at my new domain name...
  15. hminky

    Tahoe Archbars on a Bachmann Oldtime Boxcar

    Have a "what-I-did" about putting Tahoe Model Works 5' Wheelbase archbars on the Bachmann HO Oldtime boxcars: Thank you if you visit Harold
  16. hminky

    Electrical Tender Wipers for the New Bachmann HO Oldtime 4-4-0

    Have a "What-I-Did" to alleviate the stalling with the New Tooling Oldtime Bachmann 4-4-0: Thank you if you visit Harold
  17. hminky

    Dual Dissimilars Speakers for Better HO Steam Sound

    When I introduced the idea of Dual Dissimilar Speakers back in 2006 it fell on deaf ears. This really works, one speaker is full range say 220-20000Kz and the other has a middle range of about 550-6000Kz which gives a "woofer" sound: I did the...
  18. hminky

    Soundtraxx Tsunami in an On30 Bachmann Mogul Video

    Here is a video of my Tsunami conversion of the Mogul: Visit for the "what I did": Thank you if you visit Harold
  19. hminky

    Bachmann HO Old Time 4-4-0 with Sound Video

    Finally got the reworked 4-4-0 video on You Tube: The rework article is at: The motor has been changed to a Mabuchi # FF-030PA 08250 from the article motor. The decoder is a Soundtraxx Tsunami Light...
  20. hminky

    Put a Soundtraxx Tsunami in an HO Bachmann Old Time 4-4-0

    I have a "what-I-did" reworking an HO Bachmann Old Time 4-4-0: also as a PDF: This is our "beta" locomotive, excuse the disrupted cross heads...

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