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  1. wilson44512

    Teardown and rebuild

    Built a general store Waiting for a coal tower and a couple of small houses i ordered
  2. wilson44512

    Trottle problem

    I redid my track and was testing the track to see if my locomotives will work. I'm using a mrc Tech6 power controller. Because i have one locomotive that has sound. The problem is that the locomotives dont move very fast. when i get half way on the throttle they slow down? all the sounds on the...
  3. wilson44512

    Teardown and rebuild

    Its not the best job in the world. And its better then what i had at the beginning. lol
  4. wilson44512

    Teardown and rebuild

    Well i messed this up. the first black paint seemed to dark so i tried to add a little brown to the mix before i poured the last layer. but it seemed i made it worse. :(
  5. wilson44512

    Barbed wire
  6. wilson44512

    Newbie - Bachmann Turnout Trouble

    Bachmann turn outs have 3 wires. if you plan on cutting the wires to add extension wire to make them longer? you must make sure to wire them right. If you get 1 wrong it wont work. I made that mistake. Now i cut one at a time to make sure i get them right. Bachmann makes 10' Green Switch...
  7. wilson44512

    Teardown and rebuild

    I have this stuff?
  8. wilson44512

    Teardown and rebuild

    I want to put a pond where the X is on this photo. The foam is 2 inches thick. And going to make it about 1 inch deep. Would i need to seal it before i pour water? If so would plaster cloth work?
  9. wilson44512

    Building the Pinnacle Creek Mining & Timber Co. RR

    Nice present. Does this one have sound?
  10. wilson44512

    Teardown and rebuild

    Thanks for the replys . I have finally finish with the track layout and the wiring. Now i can work on the scenery. Since i dont have the extra money to buy a fancy bridge. i made one from the scrap sticks i had lol
  11. wilson44512

    Some pics of the layout progress

    Dam i wish i had that much room. LOL Looking good:D
  12. wilson44512

    More Progress on the Iowa St. Railroad Club

    How about digging down a little into the foam? to get your clearance?
  13. wilson44512

    Teardown and rebuild

    Hey all. Progress going a little slow. But here are a few pics Building a roadway under the tracks Going to paint the road. Which color do you thing is best? Black or Gray?
  14. wilson44512

    Teardown and rebuild

    Layed the track to see how its going to look
  15. wilson44512

    Teardown and rebuild

    I decided to Tear it down and Rebuild it. and make it a single level New plans The tear down
  16. wilson44512

    What do you think?

    I added this little section so the fire truck has a way to get to the Hobo. And plan on adding other emergency vehicles. as soon as i can get them. I know that picture looks funny, But is just temporary lol Ran out of 5/16 Rods. but will get more to finish it.
  17. wilson44512

    Building the Walwynn and Western layout

    Coming along very nicely. I wish i had the skills to build from scratch. OH and the money lol:D
  18. wilson44512

    What do you think?

    The last section of track is a 3 inch section. I will replace it when i get some new bumbers:D

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