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  1. TrainboyH16-44

    Layout video tour: Wolverine Lynx Railroad

    Hey guys, this week's video includes a tour of the fantastic Wolverine Lynx, a fictional bridge line in southern Alberta across the Rocky Mountains. Please watch and enjoy! (The actual layout stuff begins around 1:30 if you're impatient)
  2. TrainboyH16-44

    SP 4449 on Marias Pass, GN Hi-line!

    Here's one from nearly 5 years ago. Click the thumbnail to get more info and a larger photo!
  3. TrainboyH16-44

    Kootenay Division video series - Big announcement!

    So I've been spending the last year starting this huge 104-video long project about my N scale Kootenay Division (among other things), and it's finally time to start uploading. I'm uploading starting this Wednesday (the 8th) and I'd love to get some of you subscribed and commenting! Here's...
  4. TrainboyH16-44

    Above layout storage solutions

    Hello all, I'm currently getting toward a stage where I have to get rid of the old crummy shelving unit that stands between me and fulfilling the purpose of the Kootenay Division, and I want to transfer a bunch of stuff to storage above the top deck of my layout. (height of roughly 70-86")...
  5. TrainboyH16-44

    Tutorial: Building suspended L girder benchwork

    I'm starting a new series of video tutorials as I build the upper deck of my railway, combining a variety of techniques I've gathered over the past few months. I hope that you will find these videos informative, please subscribe to my channel to find out when I upload new ones! Here is the...
  6. TrainboyH16-44

    Vapour barrier to prevent dust?

    I'm in the midst of redoing the lights in my MRR room, and am considering installing sheets of vapour barrier on the joists, above the lights to prevent dust from coming from the floor above. Considering how much dust I'm already generating in the room, would this stop very much at all? I've...
  7. TrainboyH16-44

    FYI: Spookshow website has moved

    Straight from the horse's mouth over on another board, update your bookmarks! The site is now
  8. TrainboyH16-44

    Sawmill: Enclosed building or loading shed to the side?

    I was making an illustration board mockup of my sawmill last night and a thought occurred to me. I was originally planning to have a covered loading shed extending from a larger structure which was cut off by the aisle, perhaps with a detailed interior. I never did finish mocking it up...
  9. TrainboyH16-44

    No-ox question

    I've applied no-ox-id to all the rails on my layout, (all 200' of them) after vacuuming them, cleaning them with a track eraser, and using straight metal polish thoroughly cleaned off with rubbing alcohol. I also made sure all locos got a run over a section covered with no-ox-id, but then I got...
  10. TrainboyH16-44

    Unfinished room, unfinished possibilities...

    So here's the situation: This room has 4 walls, like many others. Only one wall borders on the rest of the house. The other 3 walls have nothing more than studs and lovely pink fluff in them. It's in a basement, of course, with ground level about 2 feet below the ceiling. I have to install a...
  11. TrainboyH16-44

    Having trouble programming an NCE switch-8 for tortoises.

    So here's the deal. I haven't soldered the tortoises to the turnouts yet, all I've done is screw them down and solder on the wires to terminals 1 and 8, perfectly according to instructions. I'm doing them in an odd order because these two are the easiest to get at (tabletop mounted because of...
  12. TrainboyH16-44

    Benchwork design help: Second level of the mushroom...suspended from ceiling?

    Okay everyone, here's my dilemma. I didn't fully think about my design before I started building it and now I've run into the problem of not actually having enough room to support my upper deck from below in a few places, so I'd like to run a couple ideas by you and see what ideas you have...
  13. TrainboyH16-44

    Holy damn I love my intermountain FP7A.

    So in preparation for building my larger N scale layout, I picked up an intermountain FP7A, and is the smoothest runner I've ever seen in N scale. ..So I made a little video: My dad did most of the work on this particular layout.
  14. TrainboyH16-44

    I'd like some thoughts on my design

    Scroll to post #8 for updated plan Okay, so here's my plan.... The idea is to emulate the CP line from Creston (extension into the other part of the room is possible, but not probable) to Midway, with a continuous run, a fair amount of switching, and overwhelming scenery - With this in mind, I...
  15. TrainboyH16-44

    HO modeler planning to switch to N, advice needed

    This is a cross-post to, but I hope you don't mind! Here's the gist of my situation: (Scroll to the next paragraph if you don't care) My dad built me an HO layout when I was 5 that I've outgrown at this point. It's got 24" curves and I can't count the number of times myself or a...
  16. TrainboyH16-44

    Fresh C30-7s! (Lots of pics)

    In model terms, I just got back the first photos from my new Blue Line C30-7s. Forget that. All we need to know is that I chased a train powered by freshly painted C30-7s! (And got some more fanning in along the way!) I first found them just short of the crossing at Hicksville, waiting for a...
  17. TrainboyH16-44

    Another excursion to the curve

    Today I caught the morning Dayliner to Virginia, and set up my cameras at the curve that I love to frequent. Light's sparse at this time of year, and I was only able to catch 2 trains while I was there. (Heard the Glacier Express go by while I was having lunch...) There were three eastbounds...
  18. TrainboyH16-44

    Boxing Day photo fun!

    Here's the thread for showing off your Christmas gifts... (You southerners don't have boxing day, do you?) I'll go first: No locomotives for me this year, but I probably have too many already. Instead, a five pack of Athearn N BN coal hoppers. Here they are in some recent plaster:
  19. TrainboyH16-44

    A ghost, I wist!

    Halloween may be long past, but I was digging through my CP photos from the late 80s and 90s, and what did I find in one but the spirit of a long-scrapped consolidation sitting quietly beside its former roundhouse? Okay, so that was, in fact, a few days ago on my model railroad....I was using...
  20. TrainboyH16-44

    Night shots...

    This wasn't spurred on by the recent photo contest - For a little while I've been trying to take night shots on my MRR. I don't want to practice until I'm perfect like with daytime shots, that took 6 should I go about them? I use slide film, 100ISO, usually at f22, and my layout...

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