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  1. wilson44512

    Trottle problem

    I redid my track and was testing the track to see if my locomotives will work. I'm using a mrc Tech6 power controller. Because i have one locomotive that has sound. The problem is that the locomotives dont move very fast. when i get half way on the throttle they slow down? all the sounds on the...
  2. wilson44512

    Teardown and rebuild

    I decided to Tear it down and Rebuild it. and make it a single level New plans The tear down
  3. wilson44512

    What do you think?

    This is how this section is now And was thinking about changing to like this? Or like this Or even like this on this section? And just park the 0-8-0
  4. wilson44512

    Tyco 0-8-0 Question

    I got this Tyco 0-8-0 Chattanooga at a train show sunday. For $15 bucks. And it works great. It didnt come with any manual. and would like to know where to put the oil for the smoke?
  5. wilson44512

    Isolating section of track

    I'm going to isolate 2 sections of track on my layout as seen in the first pic. And want to make sure i have the right stuff to do it. as in the 2nd pic. the reason is I'm using a MRC TECH 6 SOUND CONTROLLER on my EZ track layout. And have one locomotive with sound and another with out. And...
  6. wilson44512

    Flea Market

    Got these from a large flea market going on near our home. only paid $4 each for the 2 I'm going to use these 2 on the upper section to make a small farm. Paid $2 for this. But not sure if will use it.
  7. wilson44512


    Added some friends to watch me work. Getting ready to put another coat of paint. Then to put the track back. And Then add some more scenery
  8. wilson44512

    Disaster on my layout

    Well i went and got the durabond 90 and went to start working on the layout. and found that the last plaster cloth and plaster i layed on it wasn't even dry. the whole section was mushy. .I dont know what to do. can some one please give me some advise on how to fix this mess. these pics will...
  9. wilson44512

    premixed plaster

    Do they make premixed plaster that dries after you apply it? I have been trying to use plaster of Paris but it either dries too fast before i get it all on or its to runny. i cant get it the right mixer to last a small amount of time. And yes i have tried just mixing a little at a time .
  10. wilson44512

    I can't believe

    How much I suck at painting. I tried to paint it gray then i didnt like the way it looked so i painted it back to brown. Here i glued some rocks i made. waiting for it to dry so i can finish the edges
  11. wilson44512

    Making uncouplers?

    I have 1/2 inch round magnets. Can i use them to make uncouplers for my EZ track. or what is the best size?
  12. wilson44512

    Airbrush help

    I have never airbrushed. And i want to airbrush some laser cut buildings. Can any one tell me how to thin the paint to use in the airbrush? I"m going to use all purpose water based acrylic paints since i have lots of that kind. What should i use to reduce the paint? And what mixture...
  13. wilson44512

    My First layout

    This is my first layout. And since i never done this before i hope it turns out ok. Reading from this forum has helped a lot. Building the side wall to one of the tunnel portals for the side of the table The hard part for me is when i paint the hills? Ran out of plaster so i will...
  14. wilson44512

    HO scale stairs

    Would any one know the measurements for building HO scale stairs?
  15. wilson44512

    Diluted White Glue?

    Can some one tell me the best measurements for white elmers glue and water? For scenery. and should i add a few drops of dish soap. I searched the internet for the answer, But i get a lot of different measurements. And some say to spray isopropyl alcohol on it before the cement? I didnt think...
  16. wilson44512

    DCC - Ready DCC - On Board ?

    can some one tell me the difference? with one would have the sound in it. i plan on running it on my DC set up for now and plan on getting Dcc later. To change to dcc do i only need a dcc controller or do i have to replace the track to? bachmann ez track.
  17. wilson44512


    Do they make locomotives with sound for DC train set? That dont cost a arm and a leg? lol
  18. wilson44512

    Adding water to SCARM?

    Is there a way of doing this in side the program? SCARM - Simple Computer Aided Railway Modeller
  19. wilson44512

    Water Question

    looking for some thing cheaper to use for water then magic water or Realistic Water. is there any thing i could use that will work?
  20. wilson44512

    Foam Question

    I got these 2 sheets of 4X8 foam board for free. Would it be ok for the top of the table?

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