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  1. oplholik

    Rail cams

    I have been watching off and on the Rail cam at Flagstaff, and reading the Chat. I was going to start commenting some, but apparently I need to open a you tube channel first. That's something I know nothing about. Can someone enlighten me? Would appreciate it. Thanks.
  2. oplholik

    Using alligator clips to connect feeders to bus wire

    Anyone do this? I'm only considering this because I know if I'm trying to solder the feeders to the bus wire under the table, I'm gonna have burnt spots in the carpet from falling solder, plus it's awkward for me to get under the table and then try to solder.
  3. oplholik

    Pink or blue foam pieces

    Does anyone know of any hobby shops, or stores in the east, where this foam is used, that sell small easy to ship pieces? I would like to try this foam for some scenery, and it's impossible to find out here on the west coast. Just thought I'd ask here in a last ditch effort to find some.
  4. oplholik

    Liquid electrical tape

    Do you all use this for your under the table wiring when splicing? Sounds like it would be better than tape for covering the soldered feeders to the bus wire. Is this a pretty thick liquid that is not so likely to drip off the bottom of the wiring onto the flooring(carpet)?
  5. oplholik

    Digitrax DSC 50 problem

    I am trying to get my DSC up and running and today I wanted to get the new Kato DCC loco going. I cleaned the track on my test board, connected it to the dcs, A track wire to A track connection, and the same for B track. With the loco on the track I wanted to find out which address was in the...
  6. oplholik

    Uploading video

    Assuming sometime I will do a short video on something with either my smartphone or small digital camera, what would be the easiest way to go for uploading here? Bear in mind, I know absolutely nothing about this, as I've never attempted to do it.
  7. oplholik

    Received new soldering station

    I got this off of ebay from ekoenig21, and I'm wondering if there is a problem worth worrying, and messing with. As you can see, the sleeve with the flange isn't long enough to reach the top of the threaded connector which doesn't allow the threaded nut to tighten down full thread. It is...
  8. oplholik

    Received my new Kato DCC loco today

    LOL! I think I'm getting too many locos for the size layout I have. I still have a ScaleTrains Rivet Counter loco coming to me next year sometime. I think I shoulda stayed with my Dash 8-40B's. I'll have to park a few of these when things get up and running. Oh well.
  9. oplholik

    Wire for feeders

    Just a gripe here. I was out looking for 18 - 22 gauge stranded wire this morning, think I could find any? Nope. Used to be able to get this stuff at Radio Shack, but now all they sell are phones. WTH! As far as I know, there aren't any electronic shops near me. Guess I'm gonna have to go online...
  10. oplholik

    Rivet Counter N scale locos

    Rivet Counter N Scale BNSF 4 GEVo ET44C4 Diesel Locomotive by Found this and was wondering if anyone owns any of their locos? How do they rate...
  11. oplholik

    Getting power to the rails

    Just wondering about using the terminal rail joiners for N scale DCC track. The wire looks awfully small, would it be satisfactory? It looks like it would be easier to hook up rather than trying to solder a larger wire to the underside of the N gage track.
  12. oplholik

    A Union Pacific exec told us why railroads are more high-tech than cars or planes
  13. oplholik

    Identifying locos for DCC

    I have a diesel loco, that I don't know what manufacture it is from or if it is DCC ready. How can I identify it and determine if it is DCC ready? I see no markings on the frame to determine if is Atlas, Athearn, or whatever.
  14. oplholik


    Can I use an NCE decoder with a Digitrax set up?
  15. oplholik

    Wiring for track

    What is a good size wire for powering the track from my DigiTrax controller?
  16. oplholik

    Atlas 2090 N CODE 55 TRACK, Rail Joiner (24 pcs./blister) ATLAS

    Any one order these from Train World before. A few weeks ago I received a packet of these, and these are the worst rail joiners I have seen. None of them fit my Atlas flex track, I can't get them pushed on. Maybe I just got a bad batch?
  17. oplholik

    Using wye turnouts, and right or left turnouts

    What is the difference in use for the wye turnout, and the other? Why would one use one over the other?
  18. oplholik

    Thanksgiving sales

    Do online suppliers do sales? I'm going to be buying some of the track I need from Train World, and N Scale Supply, and was wondering if I should wait a bit.
  19. oplholik

    N scale code 55 vs code 80

    Before I go buy a bunch of track, what should I use, code 55, or code 80? I will be using Atlas track. I have used code 55 in the past, but never really knew if one is preferred over the other.
  20. oplholik

    Railroad sues over millions of rail ties it calls defective

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