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  1. jbovinette

    Layout Design Question

    I am starting my first layout and I have a couple questions to ask. I am modeling the CSX Fernandina Beach Subdivision from Yulee to Fernandina Beach in HO scale and there is a lot of territory to cover in a small space. I am going to be working in a 10'x20' garage. I have to maximize the space...
  2. jbovinette

    Layout Design Question: What to model and what not to model

    Hello guys, Im in the planning stages of a HO Scale layout. I would like to model a certain CSX Subdivision in Florida. How do you know what to model and what not to model? The subdivision is long and would take up tons of space. How do you decide on what to use in the layout? Thanks...
  3. jbovinette

    On board sound without DCC Controller?

    Is it possible to have onboard sound without a DCC controller? Why do I ask this? I have a couple dummies that I want to add idle engine sounds to make it more realistic. Thanks, John Bovinette
  4. jbovinette

    Repowering & Upgrading Athearn RTR Locomotives

    I have a coupe questions regarding repowering Athearn RTR Locomotives. I have (11) GP39's and GP40's and I am converting them to DCC. How are the motors on these RTR to be converted to DCC? Is it worth repowering them? What motors would you recommend? I want to get the most realistic motion out...
  5. jbovinette

    Palmett Bushes?

    Does anyone know how to create or even buy Palmetto Bushes? Thanks, John Bovinette
  6. jbovinette

    New layout questions

    I am in the design phase of building a HO scale shelf layout. This will be my first time building a layout of any kind. I am really wanting to do this myself but I am in a pickle and I hope you can help me or give me advise. I have decided to model an area of Florida. The area that I am planning...
  7. jbovinette

    Athearn RTR Pilot Question

    I am detailing a few Athearn CSX RTR GP38-2's and GP40-2's and I have a question. I know that the pilots are wrong and I was wondering what would be the best way to remove the footboard at the bottom of the pilots and make them flat? All other details were removed with a flat knife. I think this...
  8. jbovinette

    My Atomic Issues?

    Hey guys, I placed an order with about 2 months ago and I received a SD60 that was damaged in shipping. They told me to return it and I did with the shipping label coming from them. I sent it back and haven't heard anything about it. For the past month I have called and emailed them...
  9. jbovinette

    Glue question

    Ok I have a serious problem with glue. Right now this is what I am using: Testors The glue tends to run and takes forever to bond IMO. Especially when doing details. I just bought the Cannon tred and step kit and wonding what I should use for that. What does everyone use? Thanks, John
  10. jbovinette

    CSX YN3 Paint?

    Does anyone know what the colors are for the CSX YN3 paint? I need some for touching up sections. I see that Floquil has a CSX Bue and the Yellow but is that for the YN@ or the YN3. Thanks, John
  11. jbovinette

    Need help detailing Athearn RTR GP units

    Hello all, I have quite a few Athearn RTR CSX GP38-2's and GP40-2's that I want to detail. I have never really detailed anything before and I really don't know what to get. But I am really wating to detail the pilots. Here is a couple reference pictures that I found that I was going to use...
  12. jbovinette

    Athearn GP38-2 and GP40-2 Plows?

    Hello all, Since the Athearn GP38-2 and GP40-2 RTR series do not come with plows, I am looking to add some. I found some Atlas (4) plows for the GP38 & 40 on eBay. Will these work? Oh by the way these are CSX engines that I'm going to be installing them on. Thanks, John Bovinette
  13. jbovinette

    Mini drill bits?

    Hey Guys, I'm looking to purchase some drill bits for installing MU Hoses and handrails and small details. What sizes would you recommend getting? Thanks, John
  14. jbovinette

    IHC Steam Engine Quality

    I have to as your opinion on something. I am looking to purchase a steam engine for a excursion train on my layout. I am not a big steam person and dont want to spend a lot of money on one. I found the Atlantic Coast Line IHC 4-6-2 Premier M9891. How are the quality of these engines? I just want...
  15. jbovinette

    Issues with a Athearn RTR AC4400

    Hey guys, I just bought a Athearn RTR AC4400 brand new never been run. I put it on the tracks to test it out and it sounds like a Lawn Mower! I have opened it up to see if anthing was touching the motor or the gears to make it do that. And I have found nothing. Does anyone have any ideas...
  16. jbovinette

    Turning powered locos into dummys!

    Hello all, Got a small question for you all. I have acquired a couple Athearn GP-40's and GP-38's and they are not DCC compatible. I want to turn them into dummys. What is the process of turning a powered unit into a dummy unit. I know you must take out the motor but how bout the trucks...
  17. jbovinette

    Summit Custom Cuts Site Hacked!?!?!

    I went to Summit Custom Cuts website to see if he had anything new and I saw this........ Has anyone seen this!?!?!?! If anyone know how to get a hold of him, you might want to let him know!
  18. jbovinette

    Painting Buildings

    Hey guys and Happy Holidays! Just wanted to get an opinion. Is it better to paint buildings before or after they are put together? Thanks, John
  19. jbovinette

    Trucks for IHC Passenger Cars

    I have acquired a few IHC Passenger cars and looking to re-truck them. Does anyone have any suggestions on trucks for these cars? THanks, John
  20. jbovinette

    Pasenger Car Questions

    I have a couple questions about passenger cars. I am looking to model a couple named train like: Atlantic Coast Line Champion & Florida Special, Florida East Coast Champion & Henry M. Flagler, Seaboard Air Line Silver Meteor, and the Southern Royal Palm. I am looking for the streamlined cars and...

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