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    Cork vs. Foam vs. Homosote - Which is your preferred roadbed and why?

    No, Insulated sheathing, AKA "Brownboard", "Blackboard", is a wood & cellulose product. There is NO foam in it at all. I do support it w/plywood. It's a little harder than Homasote, but does hold spikes extremely well. I've had well over 1/2 the layout in place for over 10years, and none of the...
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    Running Bear's Coffee Shoppe LX

    Fellas, as Eric has stated, my enthusiasm for the hobby right now is rock bottom. We all go thru this and I hope it won't last long. The last time I lost my enthusiasm for the hobby, was 15 years ago. Guess it's about time. The reason for any of you to E-mail me first, is for you to give me...
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    Running Bear's Coffee Shop LVI

    Thanx for all the good thoughts and comments from everyone! I'm happy to get back, but still have more work to do. Lost a lot of weight during this time, and have to built my energy and stamina up, before I can get back to rolling as I should.
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    Southern 630
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    Southern 630

    If you need SRR decals, Microscale has a brand new set of them, including the curved numbers for the headlight bracket.
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    Moving into a new house, moving the layout.

    Michael, I have built my layout in sections, designed to be removed, with little to no damage done to track as the sections are removed. Since my track is mostly handlaid, all I need to do is cut a small section of both rails out where they come apart.
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    Running Bear's Coffee Shop LVI

    Well guys, I'm finally feeling well enough to at least get on here some. As Eric has told yall, the past 3 months have been pure H***! As many of you know, I have a condition called RSD, (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy), where after repeated (and often) insertions of central venous lines for the...
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    Shock and Awe

    Joe, I spent five (5), years of my career as an OR nurse as Day Charge Nurse for the CVOR at University of Al, B'ham. I may not personally know what you are going through, but I do know what you went through! We averaged over 35,000 heart cases a year. Keep the faith and the great attitude, and...
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    Woes & hazards of eBay (aka flea-bay)

    While I don't use e-bay as a regular source of models/materials/etc, I do peruse the brass section and if you know what you're looking for, you can find bargains there. I've bought to date 4 brass locos off of e-bay, got them dirt cheap, and they were also better than described. One than had...
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    Programmed my First Consist!

    Tony, I have a small wal wart power supply connected to mine. I also have a PTB-100 connected as well, and it too has it's own power supply. What this means is I have a 3' piece of flex track connected to these and its located under the layout on a board simply out of the way. To program a loco...
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    McAfee Warning

    First off, I have used Norton for years, over 15 in fact, and it has caught everything it has needed to. I use malwarebytes, adaware, and Glary Utilities as well. The Norton I use is Norton 360, and in the years that I've used it, I've never had the problem of it "taking over the machine". It...
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    Athearn P40 Amtrak HO SCALE parts ?

    Detail Associates, and Details West would be the best places to look. Detail Associates doesn't have a website, but Details West does. Detail Associates can be found at many of the retailers that are on-line. These are the big 2 of diesel parts.
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    What can I do to help this little brass GN 0-6-0?

    I've always used regular lighter fluid to remove old grease and oil. Just make sure there's no open flame, do this in a well ventilated area. Also use the smallest amount that you can. Change the fluid out when dirty. Let each piece air dry for at least several hours. Brush the old gunk away...
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    Working Roundhouse

    Lets not forget about Spencer NC.
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    Welcome to the best forum on the web. No fighting or nit picking allowed! Don't be afraid to ask questions. We have people on here from beginners like you to folks with many, many years of experience. There is no such thing as dumb or stupid questions. The only dumb or stupid question is the one...
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    Running Bear's Cofee Shop LI

    Curt; First, great picture! Mobile, Al has a tradition of inviting ships from the Navy, to come in to port during Mardi Gras. One year, the USS Alabama,(the sister to the San Francisco). Mobile's ship channel, at that time , was only 40' deep. The sub's have a deep draft when fully loaded...
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    Running Bear's Cofee Shop LI

    Spent the weekend on the road. Had to take grandson to Memphis, Tn. to meet the other Grandparents. He'll be staying a week with them. When I was on here yesterday, it was from the hotel business center. We got to Memphis after driving through some rough weather, and the trip home this morning...
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    How to recreate this...

    You can always make molds from big pieces of coal. I have a piece in my yard that is about 2.5'x1'x3'. I think that I can get about 100 molds off of it, before I need to break it apart for more surfaces that are different. Course, I'll never need that many molds. I'm actually just gonna get 5-8...
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    My first layout HO scale

    If you're satisfied with it, that's all that counts. But otiscnj does have a legitimate question. Can you handle the maintenance a really large layout needs.
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    Cleaning brass track?

    Another "polish" that was touted several years ago was Maas metal polish. It supposedly did the same thing No-Ox did. Our Club tried it and it was a mess to clean up! I never really noticed much difference, as I have to miss the public shows. Can't risk catching something from the crowd.

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