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    Amtrak Veterans Unit

    I wasn't aware until Sunday afternoon that Amtrak had this unit. I caught it on the 20 (The Crescent) as it rolled thru Irondale on the bypass track. Might be premature but Thanks to all our Veterans for their service.
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    Do You Need Help With Car Numbers????

    For you guys who wonder if so and so RR still has a certain type of car, the best thing you can get is an ORER. That stands for "The Official Railroad Equipment Registry". These books are published 3 times a year, and is supplied to railroads for filling orders for cars placed by a shipper...
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    Floquil/Polyscale being discontinued?????

    Heard on SER-NMRA list today that Floquil, Pollyscale, and Pactra paints were being discontinued. The person on the list said that he heard it on one of the hobby groups lists! Here is the posting; I thought I would check this out with Testors. Here is there reply to my inquiry. One of the...
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    Wpf, 06/04/12-06/10/12

    Well since no one's started this yet for this week, I guess that I'll do it. This is a picture of my wife's GM&O brass caboose. I painted it myself, and she really loves this caboose. She got mad when I told her, I needed to weather it! She said, "Over your dead body!:eek:" So, I'll guess that...
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    Got tired of it.

    After fighting with my website host for over a year, I have kissed them goodbye. It seems that they lost my login file, and can't rebuild it so I can get back in and edit it.:( The way it's supposed to work, is anytime you login to the ISP's home page, or e-mail, you're supposed to be able to...
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    NS Heritage unit SR I wish it was in the original Tuxedo scheme, but this will do!:D
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    Wpf 2/24-3/2

    I'll start this one off. Queen of the fleet! And her Princess! Here's a scratchbuilt caboose I did. Another I kitbashed.
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    Good News Re: Prototype Photography

    Fellas; This was "announced" this morning on a list that I am a member of. "Friends: While this does not directly affect us, it is important--and good--news and I am certain that our great friend Walter Zullig is very aware of this, as he has been one of our most active and positive...
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    Dean Freytag

    Just recieved this in an E-mail. I've known Dean for years. He will be sorely missed. "Hello again RR Friends, Here are two news items --- 1. The info about Dean Freytag's services and 2. A very fitting eulogy by...
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    Micromark Ethics?????

    Fellas; I was forwarded a letter directed to the NMRA, about some supposedly unethical behavior of one model company toward another. It was from the new owner of NWSL concerning Micromark cloning several of NWSL tools. Here is the letter, with no editing. Personally I believe that he should be...
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    Passing of A Master

    It is with a great sadness that I have to announce the passing of Roy Stewart MMR. He also was a life member of the NMRA. He was 87. Roy was a scratchbuilder par-excellance. He liked nothing better than taking plans of a car or loco from one of the magazines, and building an award winning...
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    Swap Meet, Birmingham Al

    On Saturday September 19, Oak Mountain Hobbies will host a swap meet in their parking lot, from 9am-4pm. Spaces will rent for $15. Bring your own table(s). For more information call 205-685-8980
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    Digitrax announcements

    Anyone else see this? On 05/22/2009 Digitrax stopped shipping DT400, DT400R, Super Empire Builder Sets and Super Chief Sets in preparation for the release of new products. The week of 06/22/09 Digitrax will begin shipping the new DT402, DT402R, DT402D throttles and UR92 duplex radio...
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    NWSL bought out.

    Just saw this over across the street. "Oso Railworks, Inc. of Hamilton, Montana, is pleased to announce that it hasacquired Seattle-based NorthWest Short Line in its entirety. All of NWSL's operations will bemoved to Hamilton, MT, where production of NWSL's entire product line will continue...
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    Important Decision in JMRI vs Katzer!

    This was the decision handed down in Washington DC on Aug 13, 2008. Well done! This was copied from the JMRI web site. "The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has issued its decision in our copyright appeal, and it's a ringing victory for JMRI and open-source in general. In...
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    Wpf 4/11-13/08

    I can't believe that I'm first. Let's see what everyone has. Here's mine! SW1500 "backdated" to SW1000 status. This started life as anSW1500, that I inherited from a friend. Another friend needed a SW1000. I know that there are "correct" SW1000's on the market, but my friend said this one...
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    Minor Disaster, slightly embarrassed

    After what happened a while back with my computer, you'd think I'd know better! I've been doing some painting and upgrades on some of a friend's locos. He's the one that I did that little Centercab for a couple of weeks ago for. I am currently doing another for him, as I "inherited" an...
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    New Cars for ACRR. Dialup Beware!

    Well as promised, here are some new additions to the Alabama Central Roster. All are kits and the simpliest one was an Accurail Boxcar. All the others are Tichy, Funaro, Red Caboose, Eastern Cars Works/E&B Valley and even for you older guys, a Cannonball Car Shop Ps1 Box! This is the latest...
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    Drive the "Rivet Counters" mad

    This was sent to me by one of my modeling friends. Don't know if true, (hope so!), as I have no way to confirm. :) Should at least generate a smile!;) This falls into the folder labeled, "There is a prototype for almost anything." The June 14, 1971 issue of Norfolk & Western Railway...
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    Wild Time in Germany!!

    Saw this on "the other forum" and wondered how many of you have seen this.:p Whatcha wanna bet that it starts some copycat crimes in other countries!:D

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