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    Passenger Train

    What freight cars might be found in a 1942 passenger train?
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    Installing MTL #905 z scale couplers on 1st run Atlas shay

    Looking for help installing #905's on a Atlas shay, first run. Everything I see say easy install. Remove original install #905. Not on mine. Atlas screw is to large for hole in 905. Hole in frame is to far back to accept 905. New hole would be in seam between frame weight and plastic body of...
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    Fly Swatter static grass applicator voltage

    Anyone know how much voltage a Harbor Freight fly swatter can handle. I would like to increase the 3 volts for more performance.
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    MDC sound station " add speakers".

    Have a MDC sound station that has lost power to the main speaker. No power back to the PCB. Aux speaker still works. Have 2 computer speakers wired together with mini speaker plug. I would like to add these 2 speakers to the sound station. How and where could I add them?
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    Bachmann n scale 4-4-0 driveshaft

    Just to let everyone know Bachmann has 4-4-0 American N scale driveshafts in stock.
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    1864 rolling stock colors

    I know that the locomotives of this period were colorful, but what about the rolling stock? Micro-trains cars are box car red but Bachmann are very colorful. All of the photos from this period are B&W. I am working on a period RR and would like to paint the rolling for the period. Help with...
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    E/Z Mates Bachmann

    Got my 4-4-0 Bachmann running after drive shaft problems. Want to put knuckles on the old time passenger train. Have all MTL but would like to try E/Z mates as the claim is they just drop into the coupler box, no springs or amall parts. The unit will not be uncoupled.
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    Bachmann N 4-4-0

    Did anyone order extra 4-4-0 loco drive shafts when Bachmann had them a couple of weeks ago. I waited to long and they are again out of stock.
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    Chicago Great Western GP-7 Color match

    Want to paint an Atlas GP-7 in CGW red color scheme, black roof,# 120. Anyone know a color match? Thanks John
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    N scale Bachmann Jupiter drive shaft

    Anyone repaired or replaced a broken Jupiter drive shaft. Bachmann is sold out of this repair part. It's the dogbone one.
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    N.J.International #2162

    Run DC with a 2 track mainline. Want to install N.J.I #2162 RR grade crossing signals to flash and use a RC servo for gate. There are many flashing units from the Dallee #367 and Railroadmicro which are economical. The problem is 2 tracks and detection and crossing gate. I do not want block...
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    Hobby shop shipping

    Any shops that will ship small parts, one item, or coupler that would fit in an envelope for less than $8.95?
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    Value of older MTL

    Is there an online site where one can determine the value of older MTL freight cars? On Ebay the same cars seem to sell for a wide range depending on a particular day. Thanks for a reply.

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