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  1. yrusoslo

    Heljan Overhead Crane

    P.S. We paid $400.00 for a new one at our show
  2. yrusoslo

    Heljan Overhead Crane

    We have the crane on our club layout in the mall. We use atlas n scale track. The wheels of the crane have flanges on both sides of the wheel, so there is no derailing. Our crane travels three feet. We also put transmision fluid on both the track & gantry rails. Since this is the only thing on...
  3. yrusoslo

    A Little Light

    Hello, I have just received two Kato SD70 ACE heritage Loco's. I have the weight numbers for rolling stock, but not for Locomotives. Does anyone have this info. If so has anyone try to add weight to these, there is no room under the shell. The only place seems to be in the fuel tank. But the...
  4. yrusoslo


    Thanks Dave, So white led in the roof. with the inside of the roof painted white
  5. yrusoslo


    Hello, I'm building the Walther's Cornerstone Diesel Shop for our club layout. Any suggestion for lignting for the three pits and up in the roof. Led, what color? Thanks, Joe
  6. yrusoslo

    Hard to find

    Hello, my club is looking to purchase the Heljin motorized container crane, in HO, Either NIB or built. I believe they are out of production. Can anyone head us in the right direction?
  7. yrusoslo

    Kato Trucks

    Hello, does anyone know where I can try for Kato N-Scale SD70ACE DRGW# 1989 Heritage truck assemblies. Kato doesn't list them any more in their parts list. :(
  8. yrusoslo

    NC Transportion Museum

    Hello, For ones who didn't know. This July 3rd & 4th,2012. All 20 of the Norfolk Southern Heritage Paint Scheme Locomotives, will be at Spencer,NC. Go to their web-site for details.:)
  9. yrusoslo

    Club's Wooden Bridge

    Hi, We are The Grand Strand Model Railroader's in Myrtle Beach,SC. We are building new layouts in N,HO & O scale in a new club location @ The Myrtle Beach Mall. It is a 2800 sq.ft. unit. Check out our web-site: GSMRRC/ These are old pictures. I'm trying to get our web-master to...
  10. yrusoslo

    Club's Wooden Bridge

    Member has over a 1000 hrs. so far, into this HO bridge. All hand made. Hand laid, code 83 track. 79 Up rights are made from Poplar. Over 2100 cross braces
  11. yrusoslo

    club tressel

    Almost finished
  12. yrusoslo

    What do you do for a living?

    I'm an Turf Equipment Tech, for a high end private golf course in Myrtle Beach, SC
  13. yrusoslo

    Any NASCAR fans here?

    I remember Dave Marcus's wore wing tip shoes for racing
  14. yrusoslo

    Grand Strand Model Railroaders new club location

    Visit our web-site: We are building our new layouts in a mall location.
  15. yrusoslo

    Any NASCAR fans here?

    Dale Sr. was my driver, of course I root for jr now.:)
  16. yrusoslo

    Tunnel Liners

    Hello, At our new club HO layout, we will have about 45 ft. of tunnels. Any ideas on what to use as a tunnel liner?. There will be a camera car, going around the layout during public hours. I would like the tunnels to have brick or stone paper liners. Is there a web-site were I can get this...
  17. yrusoslo

    Walthers Steel Mill

    Thanks for your replies, I found them:)
  18. yrusoslo

    Walthers Steel Mill

    Hi , Does anyone know how much area you need, to put the Walthers Complete Steel Mill, all 3 kits. This will be in HO scale. I've been tring to find a foot print of this. Thanks, Joe
  19. yrusoslo

    Battery Choices

    Thanks for your replies:)
  20. yrusoslo

    Battery Choices

    Hello, What 9v rechargeable battery would be best for my Digatrax DT402D throttle. Make, mAh, etc. & so on. Thanks, Joe:confused:

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