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  1. thaddeusthudpucker

    Looking for a club in Atlanta, GA

    Hello guys I am in need of a club in the Atlanta area, preferably near Tucker, that I can come play with my HO trains at... Also, any leads on good shops are welcome. If you have a layout and wouldn't mind a guest this weekend to help clean track or whatever slave tasks you have in mind...
  2. thaddeusthudpucker

    The Admiral Cab

    Ladies and Gentlemen Our original plan for the Admiral Cabs, and indeed anything else we do, is not viable due to the lack of quality in the Shapeways prints. Thus, we will not be going that route. Instead, we will be going a route that will ensure a higher quality final product and allow...
  3. thaddeusthudpucker

    Amtrak Horizon Cars

    I'm working on a decal sheet for updating my Horizon cars to Phase IVb. I have most of it sussed out except for the dimensions of the placement of the logo, numbers, etc within the blue stripe. Another important one is an exact length for the blue stripe between the dutch doors. If you are good...
  4. thaddeusthudpucker

    Hi-Cube Hobbies

    I think it is time to tell you guys about this side project I have been working on. We are trying to get a business going in custom detail parts (we also have a certain locomotive project coming up) that are unique enough to be overlooked by the major manufacturers but there is just enough...
  5. thaddeusthudpucker

    Bachmann steam locomotive parts needed

    I have a Bachmann Niagara that is suffering from a cracked gear. Anybody know where I can find that driver set? I have the second generation with the can motor, not the pancake motor. I really like the locomotive and I dont want to write it off... it would run great were it not for the...
  6. thaddeusthudpucker

    Lights for Amtrak

    I will be lighting a pair of Amtrak P32-8BHW's. I am planning on using an NCE DA-SR decoder. I just need a little help in implementation... My design specifications I have set out: On the Front end -Rule 17 dimming -flashing ditch lights -red trailing lights On the Rear end -simple...
  7. thaddeusthudpucker

    Locomotive Length Question

    I have decided I want to make a couple of these: I am calling it an SDFALP70PHIACeM-2DMP. Don't ask... Anyway, the question I have (and reason for the thread) is about SD70's. Are they all the same length? I started with an SD70ACe for this when I made it and I am wondering if I...
  8. thaddeusthudpucker

    Ph V Amtrak B32-8WH

    I have 2 B32-8WH's that I would like to have repainted into Phase V, currently they are in the original Pepsi-can scheme. My main question is if the decals that Microscale puts in the the linked set are correct size for the numbers...
  9. thaddeusthudpucker

    New Bachmann GS4: Out of the box tune

    Hey guys Got a Bachmann GS-4 (warbaby 4459) that I would like some tips on for tuning. This is the DCC equipped one, with the newer mechanism. I ran it a little bit on the club layout but I had to re-rail it a lot. I would like to get from you guys whatever tips you have for tuning up one...
  10. thaddeusthudpucker

    Nathan's MDC 2-6-0 Construction Thread

    Ladies and Gentlemen of the forum: I have recently acquired an MDC 2-6-0 kit. I am very excited about this, and I want to share the journey of its construction with all of you. Tomorrow I will actually start on this, and the first pictures will be posted then. This thread will actually have...
  11. thaddeusthudpucker

    Bachmann Diesel DCC install

    Hey guys I have a Bachmann GP40 diesel that I cannot figure out how to get the shell off of. It is a recent one, and the body and paint look pretty good, not to mention it runs pretty decently. It is lettered Alaska RR 3015, i dont know the item number. Any hints on getting the shell off...
  12. thaddeusthudpucker

    Walthers Passenger car Paint removal

    Hey guys I have some Walthers cars that I have disassembled and I would like to strip them down and repaint them into the home colors. What method would work the best for paint removal on these cars?
  13. thaddeusthudpucker

    Considering a change...

    So I am thinking of getting some N scale and mothballing the HO for a while, or doing N at home and HO at clubs. What is the thought on the forum?
  14. thaddeusthudpucker

    Moving to Portland, OR

    ...And I'm wondering what the club scene is like. Got a new job there driving motorcoaches. I know of the Columbia Gorge club, are there any others?
  15. thaddeusthudpucker

    Rattle cans

    I'm considering going the rattle can route on a couple of upcoming projects. Any tips/tricks/words to the wise about rattle cans?
  16. thaddeusthudpucker

    HO scale operating Detector

    Here's one for you guys... I want to make a thingy that will actually count axles. Assuming that all of my cars have metal wheelsets, how could I make a device that would "count" them and then cause a recording to play audibly, as in a detector. It would be helpful in a helix about midway up...
  17. thaddeusthudpucker

    Toy Train Helps in Reactor Calibration

    Looks like a G scale to me... Have fun,
  18. thaddeusthudpucker

    Common DCC CV's and what they do

    Hey guys, For the sanity of those of you on the forum that are DCC Experts, we should have a thread that is a sticky of Common DCC CV's and what they do. I know that I would be coming back and referencing it a lot, and I'm sure there are others that would appreciate having such a reference...
  19. thaddeusthudpucker

    Where to go from here? Mantua Big Six

    So I found an old Mantua Big Six at a hobby shop in Portland for $25. It was so cute, just had to have it. Problem is, it appears that whatever grease was used to lube it sort of ate the the drive gear (on the axle) where the worm sat for approx. 15 years according to the proprietor. How...
  20. thaddeusthudpucker

    HO Bachmann GP35 rehab (spectrum?)

    I have what I believe to be a Bachmann Spectrum GP35. I wouldnt be bothering with this thing unless it had 8 wheel drive with worm gears etc... That said, it is missing a few parts. I am missing some screws and the fuel tank, and needs some general TLC. Does anybody have an instruction sheet...

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