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  1. Rico

    Loco / tender ID

    Here’s the whole enchilada sitting on my “temporarily permanent” display shelf. My Dad had it in his collection of stuff. He wasn’t a train fan, more of a stuff fan. Thanx again for the help guys!
  2. Rico

    Loco / tender ID

    Hey GeeTee, that makes sense to me! Sherrel that’s what I was thinking, thank you! I also have two NYC boxcars and a matching caboose to go with them. Guess the next thing to do is see if they run, not sure what I’m going to do with them.
  3. Rico

    Loco / tender ID

    Would anyone happen to know which of these tenders goes with which of these locos? I’m thinking the 999 is the New York Central and 666 is the Penn Central, based on the looks of the bodies and wheels. Thanx!
  4. Rico

    Tight curves and tight clearance

    Cool vid, thanx! Now about that schnabel car....
  5. Rico

    Problem with joining Atlas HO code 83 flex track

    Ok I’m assuming (yeah I know) you’re dealing with sectional curve track. If the rail joiners are new they should hold fairly well, if not you could gently squeeze them. Also make sure they’re code 83 joiners and not combination 83/100 joiners. Now if it’s temporary track I’d use track nails or...
  6. Rico

    Slip Coaches

    Well I had no idea they ever did that on purpose, very cool thanx!
  7. Rico

    Fire station or We can't burn the house down!

    I like the flat roof idea, don’t forget a nice shiny brass pole in the middle!
  8. Rico

    The forgotten RR

    I don’t recall seeing that paint scheme on the first loco before Jerome. Here’s an old photo taken just before the Fuerst Matthes mill #1 came down.
  9. Rico

    JTEX A switcher junkyard

    Ooo! Ooo! Ooo! (remember Horshack?) Is it more critters???
  10. Rico

    How do I bring cork roadbed down to ground level?

    Ok I just reread the original question. If the hidden staging is going to be put in place at the same base level then simply shave the cork down with a Surform or some kind of sander. I do this when going from mainline to sidings or industrial track. If the base levels are not the same height...
  11. Rico


    Hmmmm... When I lived on the island I was in N but now that I’m on the prairies I’m in HO. Somethings going on here! Welcome aboard!
  12. Rico

    Another crossing gate idea

    Very nice and great idea George!
  13. Rico

    Flashing LED circuit?

    Yup as Greg mentioned this is just too easy!
  14. Rico

    Hennepin Overland, RHS. Minneapolis, MN.

    Very nice! Always wanted to visit but could never manage, maybe one of these days...
  15. Rico

    Another Ebay mystery

    Yikes... Shipping: US $55.00 (approx. C $74.62) USPS Priority Mail International Small Flat Rate Box See details International shipment of items may be subject to customs processing and additional charges. I just noticed that there are two bidders upping the price, 0ne has a...
  16. Rico

    Another Ebay mystery

    Okay we all know the pros and cons of Feebay and there’s tons of topics both praising and blasting it. I still like to peruse the listings tho for hard to find items or to get an idea of what an item is fetching on the market and I do have some goodies that I’ll likely list there. For the most...
  17. Rico

    JTEX A switcher junkyard

    Yeah I called Athearn the other day to see if a part for an SW1500 was still available. They said they’d check with Jerome and get back to me! :oops:
  18. Rico

    Jordan Highway Miniatures Vintage Vehicles - B-2 Steam Shovel HO Kit Help Please

    I'm not sure if this is the same one you’re looking for but if it is I’ll have a look for the paperwork. I think the cab is the same on the two.
  19. Rico

    Grade crossing gates and signals HO scale

    I thought interrupting infrared beams would work regardless of color? I’m unfamiliar with them and I’ll reread your post again. I’ll be looking for something similar so keep us posted!
  20. Rico

    JTEX A switcher junkyard

    Okay, so HOLY CRAP! Looking good! I spotted the KLX Baldwin in there too, fits right in! Any thoughts on a 1/87 DJ flying a drone overhead?

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