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  1. Burlington Bob

    Rebuilding the Big Boy

    I will be a 30 year member of the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers as of May 1, 2020. This story appeared in the latest issue of the Boilermaker Reporter, the publication of the union. It gives a little background info on the rebuilding process that it went through and the roles some...
  2. Burlington Bob

    Switching layout

    This is a switching layout plan I found on Trainboard that was posted by txronharris. I really like the basics of it and want to see if anybody has some suggestions that I might use to modify it before I get beyond the insulation board stage. It's 2x8 feet and would be fairly easy to...
  3. Burlington Bob

    Blacksmith shop

    Hi, everyone, I haven't been on here for a couple of months of more even. Summer and motorcycles go together and model RR takes a back seat. Enough of that! Got my October issue of MR and was going through it when I came across an article with pictures of a blacksmith shop by Ray Howard...
  4. Burlington Bob

    B-E stripping shovel

    Here is a model that would be the focal point of ANY HO layout! No more wimpy little mine tipples with a short load out track! This will dwarf all but the biggest buildings! And this was a mobile piece of equipment! Only problem.........the price may well be close to $7000 or more...
  5. Burlington Bob

    Federal Railroad Administration

    I was riding my new (to me) motorcycle yesterday when the crossing lights started flashing and the gates started lowering as I came around the curve before the BNSF crossing. There was a train consisting of two Union Pacific GE six axle units pulling a maroon smooth side passenger car lettered...
  6. Burlington Bob

    MRC Decoder Doctor

    Has anyone got any experience with MRC's Decoder Doctor? If it's as easy as they claim, it could be the poor man's JMRI.
  7. Burlington Bob

    Paging Rodney Mcgiveron

    Hey, Rodney!!! Clear some space so you can get a private message.:p
  8. Burlington Bob

    Extremely good video!

    This video was actually shot as a TV show for RFD TV and is full of very high quality modeling with some very good ideas that many could use. It is an N scale layout but this isn't the usual video of running trains but rather a useful explanation of how the scenes were achieved with some very...
  9. Burlington Bob

    BEST Christmas present EVER!!!!

    Not model railroad related but still GREAT! My wife and I went to our son and daughter-in-law's house for our family Christmas get together today with our daughter, son-in-law and two granddaughters. Well, our first present was a really nice frame for three photos. From where I was I could...
  10. Burlington Bob

    What the train crew gets to see.

    Running along side the BNSF mainline in New Mexico. Beautiful scenery!
  11. Burlington Bob

    Railroad Police

    Watch this video and see how things could be. Kudos to the NS Police for the way they handled this. Not what I expected.
  12. Burlington Bob

    Pennsylvania Heritage Unit

    Taken today in Adair, Illinois. Empty oil tanker train headed towards Galesburg. Taken with my cell phone in the morning sun. Didn't turn out too bad.
  13. Burlington Bob

    Kato's F-2's are listed on E-Bay

    Kato's new F-2's are listed on E-Bay today at a pretty good price. I.........MUST.........HAVE!!!!!!!!!! Wonder how long before they are available...
  14. Burlington Bob

    Fast Tracks vs Atlas Turnouts

    Due to the lack of a timetable for Atlas Code 55 turnouts, I'm considering making my own using Fast Tracks jigs. A quick look at their website shows that the jigs are recommended to use MicroEngineering track. I want to know what the difference between Atlas and ME code 55 track is. Would it...
  15. Burlington Bob

    Tracking Heritage Units

    Coming home from Rock Falls Saturday morning I saw one of the NS Heritage units. It was the Virginian unit being used as a DPU on the rear of an oil train with two NS units on the head end. It was on the Adair siding headed towards Beardstown from Galesburg, IL on the BNSF. About a month ago...
  16. Burlington Bob

    What's this?

    The BNSF finished installing remote turnouts at Adair Siding on the Beardstown Sub last fall. There are boxes labeled "shunt" and they are on the sides of both tracks at both ends of the siding. Anybody know what these are for?
  17. Burlington Bob

    Great Coke Commercial

    Great short movie/commercial from Coke with an old time flavor (the movie, not the drink).
  18. Burlington Bob

    Working on the (Clinchfield) railroad

    This is one of the coolest videos I've ever seen of something none of us will probably ever see. Truly a little bit of a bye gone era! I'll just post a link to the Youtube video so I don't step on anyone's copyrights.
  19. Burlington Bob

    N scale flanges and code 55 track

    Does anyone know if all of the older Atlas/Kato N scale units will operate on Atlas code 55 track properly? I'm considering buying an older unit but not if there is a problem with oversize flanges. Thanks, Bob.
  20. Burlington Bob

    BNSF, UP train wreck in MO

    Luckily, it appears that no one was killed.

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