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    help gently massaging a pilot into place

    Cal Scale makes a pilot that will work just fine for your big boy.
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    Has model railroading ever gotten you into trouble?

    When I spent 100 bucks on a plastic caboose.....
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    help gently massaging a pilot into place

    Is it brass? If so, heat is going to be about the best option. but the problem, is soldered on parts may fall off that are near there.
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    Laying Peco code 55 track using caulk: problems

    The trick is to spread the caulk really thin, almost transparent thin on the roadbed, then lay the track, and put weights on the track every foot or so to hold it down. I usually leave the weights on the track overnight.
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    Train songs

    Canadian Railroad Trilogy-Gordon Lightfoot A Man and A Train-Marty Robbins Emperor of the North theme song Let It Roll-Chuck Berry Southern Pacific-Neil Young Train Train-Blackfoot
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    tooter goes big time...

    Should add some wood brake shoes between the aluminum blocks and the steel wheels, A kalamazoo standard gauge speeder I use has wood shoes and works very well.
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    I ALWAYS spray gloss coat between colors before masking, so the masking tape does NOT pull the paint, if anything it pulls up the clear coat.
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    23 cars on a track that holds 22......

    Not sure on the commodity of the cars, but customers often specify cars to be spotted in certain order, so there was most likely a need to do that "close clearance" move. With today's railroading rules, leaving cars "foul" is forbidden.
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    Your railroad's story and history

    My railroad is called the Mountain Pacific Railway Company. I have no location for the railroad, just that it is obviously on the west coast, and connects to the Southern Pacific, later Union Pacific. The railroad was incorporated and built in 1925, it has always been on a shoe string budget...
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    Wpf 12/2-12/8

    I think this is my first contribution to WPF. Just trying something different.
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    Grade Crossing crossbuck w/lights

    I am almost certain, that you can use NJ international signals with the MTH mechanism, just a matter of running the gate actuating cable down to the MTH boxes.
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    Finally worked on N Scale Yellow Bonnets

    Looks good! But by the time they got painted yellow, most railroads where removing the diaphragms from the F-units.
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    Question on SP SD40T-2 and SP SD45T-2 lights

    The red light was also an oscillating light. It's called a signal light, only lit up when brakes where in emergency. So if the brakes went in emergency on double track, it warned other trains that there could be derailment blocking the other track.
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    Indian Valley Railroad (from STS): PICS!

    Neat concept, and great car! Here is something you may find interesting.
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    EMD F7 lights?

    For a short answer. On an EMD F unit, when there was two light housings, the lower light was the main headlight, on all the time when going forward. The upper housing was the Mars/Gyralight, used when going forward but at the discretion of the engineer and by rule also.
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    Please!!!!! Can someone rescue me????

    I used the cuircut board that was in the tender, i just soldered the Tsunami decoder to the board. In the attached photo, left to right black, grey, blue, white, orange, and red. Be sure to retain the wires already attached to the board.
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    Please!!!!! Can someone rescue me????

    Sorry didnt get back to you in time, anyways. I am messing with my challenger tonight. You should be able to rewire the thing around the circuit board in the boiler. I will take some photo's and diagrams tonight. Just out of curiosity, what is the purpose of the helix humper?
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    Simulating rail joints...

    The scriber idea would work good. Just deep enough to make a noise, and you could run some black paint in the area to make it look like its separate rail pieces.
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    Air bubbles in my decals

    After i position the decals using the micro set, i blot them to keep them in place, then use micro sol right away, i don't let them dry. It seems to work for the air bubbles, only usually get 1 or 2 small ones around detailed areas.
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    Athearn FEF-3 and DCC problems

    When you have the "jumpers" unplugged, do you have the decoder plugged in? With Tsunami decoders, the flashing of the front and rear headlights have different codes, count the number of times the lights blink, and look in the troubleshooting section of the user manual, which are available on the...

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