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  1. Jim 68cuda

    Fire station or We can't burn the house down!

    Always kind of liked that basic kit. There have been alot of variations of the same structure over the years. The rear and side walls are shred by all the kits, while the front wall and in some cases, the roof is different. I have the restaurant and the newspaper office on my layout. Herald...
  2. Jim 68cuda

    How about some OO, and no, not the UK stuff

    Fun fact: The old Aurora Thunderjet slot cars that became so popular in the 60's, were originally OO scale (before they switched to larger 1/64 scale bodies in the 70's). The track and cars were originally developed in England as accessories for OO scale train layouts so the roads on a layout...
  3. Jim 68cuda

    Best websites for modern HO scale automobiles

    Walthers and American Excellence have the largest selections of 1/87 scale cars. But, the choices are limited to what the manufacturers choose to make. Now, if you're talented, and don't mind putting some effort into each vehicle, there is...
  4. Jim 68cuda

    2020 New Products from Oxford Miniatures in HO

    Looking forward to seeing them all. Recently read a magazine article (with photos) about an unrestored survivor 1942 Chrysler Town & Country "barrel back" woody wagon like the one announced. The original owner was a commercial motion picture photographer and used it for hauling the photography...
  5. Jim 68cuda

    Kinsmart brand?

    1/60th scale would be huge for HO scale. Consider an automobile that is HO scale or 1/87 scale and measures about 2" long. The same car in S scale or 1/64 scale (typical Hot Wheels size) would be closer to 3" long. 1/60 scale would be even larger than that. You're almost getting into O scale...
  6. Jim 68cuda

    Need town inspiration

    This (as yet uncompleted) town sits on a lift out section of my layout that measures about 2'6"x 6'. The main street crosses the tracks at one end in the foreground and angles across the lift out section and then curves to cross the tracks at the opposite end of the lift out. This part of the...
  7. Jim 68cuda

    Roads to Nowhere....?

    The roads to nowhere that I dislike, are the roads between two focal points where no roads lead anywhere else (not even off the edge of the layout in the foreground). Those situations make it clear that any vehicles in those areas were either brought in by rail, or were airlifted in. I'm...
  8. Jim 68cuda

    Dream coming true

    Oh I know. Each layout will take on it's own identity and each of you will be working at your own pace. But, at times it will feel like a race. I moved three years ago and a buddy moved a couple years before that. He dismantled his layout and will be building a completely new layout in his...
  9. Jim 68cuda

    Dream coming true

    Oh wow! Two new layouts in tribute to the John Allen's original Gorre & Daphetid. Now the race is on. Which one of you will finish first?
  10. Jim 68cuda

    Resin model autos. Any advice for painting?

    Depending on the shape and size of the windows, there are options. Don't know if its still available or not, or even if I'm getting the name right, but, there is or was a product made for making small windows on models. I believe it was called Krystal Kleer. The stuff looked and felt like plain...
  11. Jim 68cuda

    Scratch-building a Carvel ice cream stand

    Looks like the Bachmann Plasticville HO scale Hamburger drive in is still available and shows up on Bachmann's website.
  12. Jim 68cuda

    Scratch-building a Carvel ice cream stand

    Blair Line makes a Dari King kit in HO scale. Busch makes an HO scale gas station kit that can be built as a single structure (by placing two units back to back as shown) or as two separate identical structures...
  13. Jim 68cuda

    Scratch-building a Carvel ice cream stand

    In the early 70's, Life Like made an HO scale McDonalds, but they were forced by McDonalds to end production shortly after it started. The McDonalds kit is rare and expensive now, but the original molds were altered to make an ice cream stand. The Freezee Ice Cream kit was available from...
  14. Jim 68cuda

    New Oxford HO models

    Yeah, but YOU'LL know!
  15. Jim 68cuda

    New Oxford HO models

    But the stepsides with the boats are 57's. The stepsides without the boats are 55's. Afraid you'll need to get the boats if you want any 57 stepsides at your dealership.
  16. Jim 68cuda

    New Oxford HO models

    The 57 Chevy Cameo pickups are scheduled for future release. Also for future release are a couple 57 Chevy step sides packaged along with boats on trailers.
  17. Jim 68cuda

    New Oxford HO models

    Just a reminder, the 57 Chevy Cameo pickups by Classic Metalworks are due at Walthers in a week or so. Looks like there will be three colors available. You'll need a few for your 1957 vintage Chevy dealership. Looks like they have the 55 Chevy stepside pickups back in stock, but the 55 Chevy box...
  18. Jim 68cuda

    What product to use to make a gravel road

    Heres a Youtube tutorial on making a dirt road.
  19. Jim 68cuda

    New Oxford HO models

    Not Oxford, but Auto World finally has photos on their website for the Classic Metalworks '55 Chevy pickup, and Walthers shows the pickups as "in transit", but still with no photos. Also, slightly off topic, Auto World has also re-released the old Polar lights HO scale house kits (and has photos...

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