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  1. Greg@mnrr

    Running Bear's July 2020 Coffee Shop

    Chet: Do you have any problems with your steamers with front pilot wheels derailing, especially on turnouts? Nice looking pair of loco's. Greg
  2. Greg@mnrr

    Bar Mills Tylick Tool - Time for the Insanity

    Here's a photo of new metal roof system. Having experience with metal roof in the commercial world, Older metal roofs were repaired using a asphalt (a rubber product is more modern repair material) based material, almost like roofing cement and the roofers covered the joints were water could...
  3. Greg@mnrr

    Running Bear's July 2020 Coffee Shop

    Good Morning Everyone......sunny and warm here in Wisconsin. Hopefully we'll get some rain. I was very ill Thursday evening and my wife was concerned that I could have the Corvid-19 since I had many of the signs of the virus. No sleep at all on Thursday night but Friday I slept most of all...
  4. Greg@mnrr

    Running Bear's July 2020 Coffee Shop

    Good Afternoon Everyone.....spent too much time out in the sun and now I'm exhausted. The Mrs. went to the landfill by herself. Should be working on my layout's track plan, but I'll find time next week to do that project. You should have our Governor who I believe came from Gov. Nuisance's...
  5. Greg@mnrr

    Running Bear's July 2020 Coffee Shop

    Boris: I subscribed to TrainMastersTV for six months to watch the videos and "How To" sessions. Under $10 and its a good deal. I'm thinking about cancelling my MRVido Plus since its getting stale during the COVID - 19 period. I like the free MRH online magazine that's related to...
  6. Greg@mnrr

    Bar Mills Tylick Tool - Time for the Insanity

    I'm enjoying watching the progress on your Tylick Tool structure and like how it's shaping up. Watching your progress reminds me that I have a Bar Mills kit that I purchased several years ago and even without a spot on the layout for the kit, I should build it anyway. Keep up the good progress...
  7. Greg@mnrr

    Industrial backdrops?

    I like the weathered look of the buildings and they would be great for backgrounds when photo shooting models. May have to consider them for my expansion. Greg
  8. Greg@mnrr

    Another crossing gate idea

    George....nice video and crossing gates. One heck of a freight for a home layout as well. Good idea with the gate mounting plates. Greg
  9. Greg@mnrr

    Another Ebay mystery

    I remember Mellow Mike and he purchased some NIB rolling stock from a friend of mine. Mellow's work was very good at weathering, but not at those prices and he seemed to sell everything he worked on. I remember him copying the weathering on 1:1 rolling stock and then reproducing it on an HO...
  10. Greg@mnrr

    Running Bear's July 2020 Coffee Shop

    Good Morning Everyone....sunny and getting hot and humid here in Wisconsin. Domestic chores kept me way from the trains yesterday and so far this morning. Need to change hoses and the SuperFlex is just that.... a super flex hose. Water some plants and and then ours and the neighbors new...
  11. Greg@mnrr

    A couple of UP Box Cars

    Same trick works for a building or a vehicle's reflection in a mirror installed on a layout. Ala John Allen and his G&D layout. Greg
  12. Greg@mnrr

    Running Bear's July 2020 Coffee Shop

    Good Morning Everyone....another hot and tropical day here in Wisconsin. Deciding when I should go out and water some new grass seed where we had the ash tree removed. The seed is growing nice and I don't want to lose it. The neighbor also had a tree removed and we water his seed and ours...
  13. Greg@mnrr

    MRC Prodigy Express'2

    I am not fond of the sound quality of Digitrax sound decoders, especially the prime mover files. Greg
  14. Greg@mnrr

    Running Bear's July 2020 Coffee Shop

    Tom: Welcome to the Forum and the Coffee Shop. I been to the Paper Valley and Nekooso, Wisconsin and seen the paper mills first hand. Very interesting operations with lots of rail action. Great photo of your layout...! Greg
  15. Greg@mnrr

    Module Construction

    Simply put..."Nice Work". Greg
  16. Greg@mnrr

    Love For the Hobby

    I belong to a fishing club that has over 800 dues paying members and at the two annual meetings it's lucky to have 100 members (including significant others) show up even with the FREE BEER and a lunch. Greg
  17. Greg@mnrr

    Love For the Hobby

    Well said Espeefan. The model railroad club Espeefan refers to is pure perfection and scale modeling at its best with the "Love of the Hobby" that shows the minute you walk down the stairwell into the club's layout room. Greg
  18. Greg@mnrr

    Everyone doing okay? What's going on here?

    ianacole: Over the weekend while at the cabin, the wife and I went to a country bar and grill in the middle of nowhere, well it was in West Bloomfield just north of Brushville and the bar had mostly individuals who were over 70 just folks drinking their glasses of tap beer or highballs and...
  19. Greg@mnrr

    JTEX A switcher junkyard

    Welcome Back Mr Kotter...... I was at the Doctor's office and when I was talking to the young nurse and it some how it came up that I met Fonzie when Happy Days had just became a popular TV program... she had no idea who I was talking about even when I said to her "Do you know who Henry Winkler...
  20. Greg@mnrr

    Running Bear's June 2020 Coffee Shop

    Good Afternoon Everyone.....a thunderstorm in the area and maybe more to come later. We need the rain! Just come home from the cabin and it was hot and dry in the woods. Spent one day repairing some wooden benches with sawmill slabs. The pieces of wood are rough cut in 1 3/4 in thickness and...

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