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  1. KB02

    Need a Plumber?

    Needed some plumbing work done (sewer stuff... yuck...). Called around and got some referrals and called in a guy a few friends highly recommend. He came in to check things out and give us an estimate and while my wife was showing him around, he happened to notice my layout. Happened to be home...
  2. KB02

    Rebuilding My Layout

    Yes, but the point was that I have certain aspects that I didn’t want to loose. This way I’m kind of getting the best of four things: 1.) Keeping what I like. 2.) Getting rid of what didn’t work. 3.) Expanding the layout for better operability and running bigger locos. 4.) A project. 😁
  3. KB02

    Rebuilding My Layout

    Just goes to show how pervasive nature can be. You leave an area alone long enough and the grass will start to grow. And the river is nearly ready for epoxy. Granted, I need to get some epoxy first, and some clear silicone caulking for the waterfall, too. ..details... I have been really...
  4. KB02

    Rebuilding My Layout

    Peeling away the forms... reveals the piers: A little shaping is needed, but with the basic pier in place, I can continue with landscaping the area.
  5. KB02

    Rebuilding My Layout

    Molds ready for bridge castings: And plaster... er... um.. I mean cement poured! I mixed it a little wetter than I should have, so it will be a lengthy drying time; but that's okay. I can be patient... sometimes...
  6. KB02

    Rebuilding My Layout

    Rock wash complete... not my best job, but it will do. Then I added a few real rocks and a little bit of dirt on a couple sections and painted the riverbed. You can see the inspectors have arrived to check out the placement of the bridge foundations (he landed right on one spot). I need to...
  7. KB02

    MRC Prodigy Express'2

    I only have one sound decoder so far and it has it's pluses and minuses. It's in a GP38-2. The engine sounds are far superior to the Digitrax decoder I had in it before, but the horn is very much so lacking. There are other horns I could download and try, though, I just haven't done it yet...
  8. KB02

    Another crossing gate idea

    Side question: - Was the the sound from your decoder, or just a overlaid recording?
  9. KB02

    MRC Prodigy Express'2

    I have the same system and have noticed the same basic experience: Simple, easy to set up and use system with a fair amount of limitations. One of those things where you get what you pay for, I guess. My biggest "bug" was that you can't change the direction of a loco when consisting with the...
  10. KB02

    Flange-ways in our Turnouts

    It was two specific locos, and a few hopper cars, that were giving me trouble - a couple of Athern Bluebox GP38-2's. I used a thin sheet of brass stock that I happened to have lying around to make the shim. Not sure what the exact size is, but it was just think enough to solve the problem.
  11. KB02

    Flange-ways in our Turnouts

    You know, it's funny. I have an old peco turnout that has been giving me some trouble lately, and just at the same time as I was getting ready to fight that battle, this post comes along. And wouldn't you know it? This solved my problem. 😁😁😁
  12. KB02

    Rebuilding My Layout

    Got some work done on the river extension. Went from this: To this: and tonight to this: The riverbed will receive it's own special paint palet, and the section along the cliff face on the left will get a rock wash treatment. The rocky looking sections, which are just scrapings from my...
  13. KB02

    Time for me to show off!

    I love some of the loads on your flat cars in the video!! Was one of them formerly a motorcycle fuel valve? That's great. :)
  14. KB02

    How do I bring cork roadbed down to ground level?

    A trick that I have used with success is using ballast as, well, ballast. With the tracking laying as level as possible, I just pour on the ballast, give a few good taps to make sure it's all settled, and then glue like you would normally glue ballast. Granted, I've used this trick in visable...
  15. KB02

    Woodland Scenics Foam Track-bed or Cork track bed

    I prefer cork to foam. My biggest issue with foam is it's compressablility. If you use track nails, avoid foam. If your glueing all the track, you'd proably okay.
  16. KB02

    Rebuilding My Layout

    Some long awaited pics! Most of the new trackwork is done. The "industrial" area, due to the amount of pines painted on the wall, and the amount of sawdust I have lying around my garage, will end up being a wood chip plant. The lift up is working great so far. And my wiring is MUCH neater...
  17. KB02

    The Union Pacific Soggy Bottoms Division (HO scale)

    That place is not a disaster. Now my layout? My layout is a disaster. :) I would post a pic, but it would break the camera.
  18. KB02

    Rebuilding My Layout

    Been a while since I have updated this thread. Glad to report that traffic is once again flowing on the Whistlestop RR. :) No pics to share at the moment, but it really is happening. Mostly just to trouble shoot trackwork, but the more of that I do that happier I'll be in the end, right? I've...
  19. KB02

    Has anyone experienced shipping delays with Fedex smart post?

    Dang! I just got one last week, too. If I had waited, maybe I could have bought your spare! Ha, ha!

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