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    Floquil Diosol Formula?

    I used plain lacquer thinner for years. Seemed to work OK, but perhaps I just didn't know when it didn't. It sure was a great paint to work with.
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    Lesson learned: Build it where you run it..

    What Patrick said. Assuming you don't need them, I'd dump the casters and use screw adjusters on the bottom. I wouldn't think it would be a problem at that point adjusting for level. I have a 15' x 20' layout, naturally with many legs with that size layout. Everyone one of them has what...
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    Does Using Alcohol Leave a Residue on Track or Wheels?

    I use the CRC Contact Cleaner and Protectant (green can) with excellent results. Once I started, after the research article was written, my track contact issues disappeared. Rarely have to revisit the track to clean it. I also spray it on the track ahead of the engine and it cleans the...
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    Home made

    I'm surprised at how well it performs. First glance doesn't exactly fill you with confidence that the test run will be a winner.
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    BIG BOY 4014 . Color references?

    It's possible that one of the paint manufacturers might have a graphite for smoke boxes that would also be good to use for a test.
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    BIG BOY 4014 . Color references?

    The 4014 smoke box is sort of silver grey and can darken with use. In looking at the photos of the 4014, I would experiment with airbrushing a silver base coat on the smoke box, then lightly airbrushing grimy black thinly over the top of that. Airbrushing the grimy black should be done very...
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    Cheap things to get off ebay or other websites.

    We Honest shipping is pretty fast. Tracking usually shows it in the U.S. on the 2nd day after the order. Once in the U.S. I've had some delays up to a week. Still good considering the low prices and the excellent selection.
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    Cheap things to get off ebay or other websites.

    +1 for We Honest. They do a good job and things are very low priced, as is the shipping.
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    Using EZ Line for Utility Poles

    If the line is copper, it undoubtedly has turned to a greenish color from oxidation. I remember many decades ago as a kid being fascinated by the fact that when the light was right, the wires on those poles was green. It was years later after I had grown up I realized it was oxidation. BTW...
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    UP Train Derailment In Wisconsin

    Looks like they might now have even more scrap metal.:)
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    Anyone else having troubles with the boards today?

    None here that I've noticed.
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    How to deal with varying thicknesses of Homasote

    I'm a big Homasote fan. Holds spike well, yet they're removable. Dead silent. I mounted mine on OSB board which has worked out very well. I'm a fan of leaving all options open at all times for changes. Rather than screw the OSB board to the layout framework, I used small L brackets...
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    How to deal with varying thicknesses of Homasote

    Can you shim the plywood, or is it already fastened down also?
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    Ivo Schraepen's HO Layout

    First time I've seen that video. Wow! The attention to detail is perhaps the best I've ever seen. Each element makes it's contribution, but it's relationship with the other elements in the scene is dead on for realism. I especially noted the rust on the rails. About as close to the feel of...
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    Accurail's 36 foot Fowler Wood Box car.

    I'm not choked up over Model Train Stuff's web site, but I do order from them as their prices are good, their shipping is consistently quick, and their inventory good.
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    Will be off line for awhile...

    Don't forget to take your computer backup discs, or whatever. Stay safe above all. No risks.
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    CB&Q color?

    I used to walk home from Jr. High when FT's were new. The only railroad serving our town was the CB&Q, so I got to fall in love the those greybacks at an early age, and I've never forgotten how great they looked. I stood not 10 feet from the each time. Many of the commercial models are too...
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    CB&Q color?

    Color is determined by the wavelengths that are reflected as well as those that are absorbed. I would have to assume that almost any component variation would result in a different color being transmitted from the object under different source lighting. That would be because different lighting...
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    Badger Modelflex Acrylic Paint...

    No question, acetone probably cleans things better than any alternative. I'm forced to the alternatives and thankful I found that they can work good. I do keep a small bottle of acetone to dip a brush in for a final cleaning, but I hold it in the paint booth and carefully don't take a breath...
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    Badger Modelflex Acrylic Paint...

    I'm unable to use acetone due to the allergy, but it is certainly a great cleaner. I have found that the non-toxic airbrush cleaners such as Badgers, and the kind you find at the art stores actually work at least as well as acetone. Surprised me. I use an Iwata and run it under the faucet to...

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