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  1. twforeman

    Bar Mills Tylick Tool - Time for the Insanity

    Just finishing up Crown Crate and Tucker Brothers Machine Shop and I think it's time to tackle Tylick Tool. I've learned many things on each previous structure build and I think I'm ready for this nasty looking build. :) I bought this kit a while ago - I pretty much fell in love with it when...
  2. twforeman

    In the funny pages today

    Made me laugh anyway.
  3. twforeman

    Bar Mills Crown Crate

    I'm not even done with the Tucker Brothers machine shop, and I'm starting another building. It's like a sickness. I like having multiple projects going because I can paint on one, then glue on another while the paint dries, etc. This should be a nice little foreground model. Here I'm gluing up...
  4. twforeman

    Searching for threads started by myself (or other users)

    I thought I had seen an option somewhere once where I could find all the threads that I had started. I thought it was in my profile, but all I can see is all posts that I have created, including commenting on other threads. Was I dreaming? Or am I just missing something? Thanks.
  5. twforeman

    Tucker Bro's Machine Shop - Starting Something New

    A while ago I was gifted a couple of large boxes of model railroad stuff by a friend. It had belonged to her husband and he was no longer interested in it. Most of the stuff inside was junk, but there are a few buildings I might repurpose and a couple of old wooden boxcars that would make good...
  6. twforeman

    Vintage Railroad Ads

    I'm going to post my vintage railroad ads in a thread here. I have a good handful, so I probably won't post them all at once. Most will be Great Northern, but I have a few that are other roads. You can click on them to see larger versions. Here is a GN travel ad from 1952 And another from 1957
  7. twforeman

    I was scavenging vintage ads from old Nat'l Geographic Magazines...

    When I saw this photo in an article about Wyoming in the Aug 1945 issue.
  8. twforeman

    The real world is weirder than anything you can model

    - or - There really is a prototype for anything. This was posted on reddit today. It's a photo from 1980 of a CN switcher running through someone's front yard. The location is the corner of Ritson and Bruce in the city of Oshawa, ON. Here's another viewpoint. And a shot down Bruce Ave...
  9. twforeman

    Built a Branchline Blueprint Series 50 foot Monon Double-door Box

    But it wasn't all peaches and roses. I like the Branchline Blueprint kits in general. This is the second one I've built. But when I finished this one I discovered the doors were not the correct size, and one set was even a different color. So I sent Branchline an email only to discover they sold...
  10. twforeman

    Updating an old Roundhouse GN caboose kit

    I was looking for something to do (to distract me from other things I have to do) and discovered I had an old Roundhouse kit for a steel sided GN caboose. It's a nicer looking model than the blue box Athearn I'm currently using until I get my LaserKit finished (which is taking forever.) So I...
  11. twforeman

    Watching this video made me change the way I run my diesels

    Here's an interesting video of some switching in 1989. After watching the way the engineer was running the Geep I immediately went and added a ton more momentum to mine. I also increased the force for the independent brake. Watch in the video how he notches the engine up to speed and then...
  12. twforeman

    Finished assembling a McKean model of a 50' Frisco box car

    The model was pretty well molded, and pretty detailed, though the parts are a little "chunky". The paint was well applied, but the printing of the Frisco logo and the rest of the data was not completely registered and was off more on one side than the other. So I modeled one door open so it...
  13. twforeman

    Starting to think about Operations

    Yesterday I decided that it was time to start thinking about Operations. Just running a few cars into town and distributing them on an ad hoc basis wasn't really doing it for me. So I did some digging on the Internet. I don't want to go whole-hog crazy about Operations, but I thought some Car...
  14. twforeman

    We had a special visitor Blackwing today.

    The John Bull came out on tour today. It arrived on several flatcars. It was placed on the rails and gave the fans some rides. I bought this Bachmann model back in the early 90s I think and it's been sitting in the box ever since. It actually does run. :)
  15. twforeman

    Picked up a Proto 2000 SW9 for the layout

    The full part will be figuring out how to put DCC and sound into it.
  16. twforeman

    The residents of Blackwing are thirsty

    So they are erecting a water tower. I'm building this Korber water tower kit. It's a little clunky, the parts are not quite to scale, the instructions are brief and assembly is a bit tricky. But it should look okay once it's painted and weathered.
  17. twforeman

    Finished up a CNR Box Car

    Even though I model the Great Northern, I still like to build and run rolling stock from other railroads that interests me. I try and collect cars that are from the correct era and that might have made it to my part of the country. I bought this CNR car because it has a build date of 1951 and I...
  18. twforeman

    Adding a Tsunami and speaker to my P2K GP7

    Finally bit the bullet and milled the frame of my P2K GP7 to add a Tsunami decoder and speaker. I have a Shapeoko 3 CNC router/mill, but mainly use it for wood and foam. This was pretty much the first metal I've milled in it. It came out fine, but I had to stop and adjust the process a couple...
  19. twforeman

    Building a 25 foot GN Wooden Caboose

    One of the things I bought myself for my birthday in November was the LaserKits 25 foot wooden sided Great Northern Caboose. I've been slowly building it over the past few weeks and today I got to the point where I could shoot some paint on it. The kit is full of "peel and stick" laser cut...

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