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    Control Panels

    Here's mine. Controlling my H0 layout " Dale Junction ". Track layout was done using a track planning program ( I can't remember which one ) but could be done with thin tape. Small circles were added to mark drill points for LEDs and push-button switches and was then laminated by a local...
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    What trains did you run today?

    After the two previous Rivarossi streamliners I thought I would give my NYC Dreyfuss Hudson a run on the test track. I have read somewhere that the smokebox crest was possibly styled after the ancient Spartan helmet !
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    What trains did you run today?

    Stuck inside due to virus restrictions so decided to give my recently acquired Rivarossi Hudsons a run on the test track. Milwaukee Road NYC Empire State Express livery
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    Steam car

    Yes I have one. r Had it for a few years - had to return two to get one that worked ! Regards, Colin.
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    Rivarossi Big Boy. How to take off rods?

    This may help. Scrol down and select the "Big Boy" drop down and then select your model year from the list for a parts diagram. Colin
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    New Turbine

    Hi. As requested more photos of Turbine. Side view of three units Front View Top view of A-unit box with connection diagram The A and B units are die cast metal while the tender body is plastic. Unusually the wheels are also plastic and there is a hinged contact arrangement on the A...
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    New Turbine

    Hi I will take photos later and post later in the week. Regards, Colin.
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    Show your layout sized passenger trains

    My layout is very small ( 40inches x 30inches) so I run small trains in H0e scale which is H0 scale on 9mm gauge track. Here is a Tram loco with a couple of coaches which is a typical passenger train on the layout. Steam and Diesel locos are also used as is a steam railcar. All rolling stock is...
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    New Turbine

    I recently bought this An 8500 HP UP Turbine. Nothing unusual you might say because H0 brass models have been made as well as the Scaletrains models and in 0 gauge. But this is different -- It was made in Switzerland by Wesa in about 1960 which was soon after the real locos were introduced...
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    Rivarossi Krauss-Mafffei Horn

    Hi all. I have just bought a Rivarossi Krauss-Maffei Diesel Hydraulic loco which is fitted with a horn mechanism. Some of the wires for the horn system wires are not connected so I was wondering if any forum members had one of these and could post a photo or description of how the system should...
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    HOe = N Gauge?

    The tipping mining wagons are fairly common in Europe and were sold as Minitrains and Eggerbahn. In fact they are still available new from the Minitrains company, I have about 10 examples sold as Eggerbahn, Minitrains and Jouef. The original Jouef versions were different using a rolling-gear...
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    HOe = N Gauge?

    Eggrbahn as Tootnkumin says is H0 scale on 9mm track. Both locos are highly collectable in Europe as all models were taken over by the French firm Jouef in 1967 after the ending of the original company. The Jouef versions are not supposed to be of the quality of the original Eggerbahn models...
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    Proto 2000 FA2 some Dcc Help please

    Glad to help. Good luck with the installation. Regards.
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    Proto 2000 FA2 some Dcc Help please

    Hi Chuck. This may help. Regards.
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    RIVAROSSI Locomotive

    Hi Miles, According to the Rivarossi-Memory website the FEC version was made in 1991. Hope this helps.
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    Liliput Locomotive

    Hi. If it is AC then it will be 3-rail or more correctly for the Marklin Stud contact system and therefore will need a Marklin compatible controller. The AC version of the loco will have a "Skate" underneath the centre of the loco or tender to make contact with the studs. If it does not have the...
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    Recently realized that I never knew this !

    Injectors do not return water to the tender - the water dumped on the track is overflow water and should be reduced or eliminated by balancing the water and steam controls. Only exhaust steam feedwater heaters return condensed water back to the tender in most designs.
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    Recently realized that I never knew this !

    Hi Mark. There are two ways to feed water to the boiler. The main thing is that cold water is bad for the boiler and has to be pre-heated before it is added. The most used way is with an Injector which uses boiler steam pressure to Inject water into the boiler. These are located on the loco and...
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    I want to ride this train

    And this.
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    I want to ride this train

    This may be a clue !!

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