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    Proportional size

    The older Lionel cars weren't quite full O scale cars. Some were even close to S scale (1/64th). Over the years, I ran Lionel GP9's and Williams engines pulling the Lionel 6464 series box cars and they looked fine to me. The William's SD90 isn't a full sized O scale engine but it looks good...
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    Kadees vs "The Claw"

    The problem with 2-rail wheel sets on 3-rail track is the size of the gaps betweent the rails and frog point. Scale wheels have a different flange to flange distance than the 3-rail flanges. There wheel sets Walther's used to offer for their 2-rail trucks were in-between the current scale and...
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    O Scale Diesel Plow?

    Are you interested in plows for late model GE's and EMD or the F units? Greg
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    Questions from a total noob...

    Mr. Grumpy, Excellent job. In answer to your question about the holes on the side. Those were windows and they had glass in them. Often they were plated over with metal and painted, which would make for a dark place to walk but it was cheaper than replacing the glass.
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    Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge reference pics!

    Hi Ray, Very nice series of pictures. We have the #8 up here in Sparks Nevada. Sure nice to see SP narrow gauge getting some exposure. Greg
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    Atlas O Trainman GP15-1

    I asked a friend of mine who has one. He's in 2-rail but can answer the detail question. He told me the screen area on the long hood just above the walk way is see through. The handrail stanchions aren't the best and could be up graded. The radiator area on the top isn't see through but then...
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    Atlas O Trainman GP15-1

    Well it is in the Trainman line. I'm wondering how much detail is enough. Are you looking at a 2-rail scale version? The last time I saw one I seem to recall it having the detailed trucks and seperate grab irons on the nose. The paint was well done, as most Atlas units are. It has the same...
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    Do you guys add weight?

    As a 2 railer, I add weight to my lighter cars. I don't follow the NMRA recommended practices to a T but one or two ounce below. Real cars are different weights due to loads and empties and construction methods. When I ran 3 rail, I probably went with half the NMRA RP's for weight on my...
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    O-gauge roll call

    I model in O scale, 2 rail. I have a small collection of Lionel and other 3 rail equipment from my high school days and beyond. Greg
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    Comment by 'Greg Elems' in media 'bnsf 2050 blue wedge'

    Warren would be proud.
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    Comment by 'Greg Elems' in media 'PRR West Third St. Branch'

    Very nice modeling, love the weathered brick buildings. As an aside the usual crew for a yard job was a foreman and two switchmen while the local crews on the road had a conductor and two brakemen. Even the FEC didn't break that union contract till the mid 70's IIRC. Greg
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    Tinplate or Hi-rail? Yes!

    Chuck, The new ASG track looks great. Sounds like you are glad you went that route for the track. Greg
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    O scale two rail track

    Buy the new Atlas flex track for 2 rail. It matches up with the old Atlas just fine and is UV resistant for outdoors. MTH has offered several 2 rail steam engines over the yrs. Just Trains has them listed just look for the -2 in the number for 2 rail. Also check out 3rd...
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    Bachmann 70-Toner Parts

    Josh, If you wanted to keep the original hand railing a method I used was to drill a small hole in the hand railing to insert a brass wire, about half the thickness of the handrail, and a hole in the frame. Leave the broken piece in the frame and then slide the wire into the hole, holding the...
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    Broadway Limited Centipede

    Other than the gaping hole in the pilot, it matches the prototype pretty good. As an FYI the pilot was separate from the frame, much like Lionel’s solution to sharp curves. 54 were sold total. Greg
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    wheel upgrade for 70's atlas boxcars

    You did and if he wants to just replace the wheels he will need to find axles with the wire thin ends that fit in the old trucks. That being said, the old trucks have a lower bolster than the new ones from Atlas. How much modification do you do to use the new trucks? What I've done for yrs...
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    wheel upgrade for 70's atlas boxcars

    If you are talking about the Atlas from the 1970's, they have a different axle set up than what Atlas sells now. Check out NWSL and see if they offer wheel sets for 70's Atlas cars. Are you planning on running them on 2 rail or 3 rail? Usually what I do for the few old Atlas cars I have is...
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    Favorite train and era ?

    My favorite road is the Western Pacific. And the engines of choice are the F7's followed by the GP7/9/20's. My second favorite era would be the green era with the same engines. And bringing up the rear were WP's brown and yellow lettering bay window cabooses. GE
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    MTH HO Scale SD70ace & SD70M-2 Release Date?

    MTH recorded the SD70Ace sounds in Sparks yard Nevada. I was there when they did the recordings. The crew talk mixes some stuff from the radio in Sparks and MTH chatter. It sounds like the same sound chip in their O scale SD70Ace units, those 3 railers love crew talk for some reason. Greg
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    UP SD70M with angled radiators

    One other thing to look at on the SD70M's with the flared radiators. The long hood has a square edge, it no longer is rolled. The end roof where the sand hatch filler cap is angular also, EMD pretty well did away with any rounding of corners. Greg

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