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    New Lionel Diesel in S gauge

    Just a note to let all interested, Lionel has a new American Flyer U33C cataloged for 2009. This will be the first Lionel produced S Scale locomotives that includes scale wheels following SHS example. Road names are Erie Lackawanna and Southern Pacific. Greg Elems
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    Cool Video The engine is a kitbashed BQ23-7. The body came from an MTH C30-7. The cab was scratch built and then cast in urethane. The drive is a single motor with gear towers and wheels from NWSL. It is a 2 rail model also. Greg
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    70's Atlas HO C425

    Testing my new camera. Figured this old girl would be a good test subject. I'm sure it hasn't got a full hours running time on it yet. That's soon to change though since I'm going to put DCC in it.:cool: Greg
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    Marx HO

    Speaking of MARX HO, I was digging through the garage looking for something else and found my old Marx HO train set. The tinplate track is long gone but the engine, caboose and three freight cars are still in their original box. The track was true tinplate, pressed sheet metal into a rail...
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    Wooden Caboose

    I built this caboose around 1975 IIRC. It started out just plain Balsa wood. The wood grain didn't look good so I cut a 3x5 card for my boards and glued them on one at a time. :rolleyes: At the time all I had were Lionel trucks, so I put a pair of them on. I then painted it but thought some...
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    New caboose

    Well I was experimenting with the digital today. So for my subject I chose my S scale SHS SW-1 and new AM WP bay window caboose. After a few blurry shots, I think I've figured out how to keep the subject in focus that I want and not the camera. :p :D Greg
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    MTH Heritage units

    I picked up my 2-Rail WP heritage unit yesterday. As usual MTH did an excellent job on the paint. The body looks pretty darn good as well as the trucks. The pilot is body mounted, not truck mounted like their 3-Rail Premier units. The body does sit a bit high on the trucks but filing about...
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    New Layout

    A friend of mine has started his new layout in O scale. It is a double mainline with the outside main being the SP. The inside mainline is his Nevada Western. There are two interchanges, one staging track and a coach yard on the SP track. The Nevada Western has a south yard and a north yard...
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    Micro Layout

    This layout is less than 144" square, 5" x 28" which makes it a micro. :D Really it's a test on my switch building abilities and hand laying track. I used code 83 rail and spruce strips for the ties. That is an SHS SW-1 on it and it even makes the layout look crowded. :rolleyes: Now to add the...
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    New Kit maker enters S market

    Jim King will be producing a line of highly-detailed cast urethane kits (1-pc bodies are the norm) starting with the S scale equivalent of the HO Southern Ry. 11-rib low side gon, currently in production for the SRHA. This car will be available late Sept/early Oct this year at an affordable...
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    Where's the Beef?

    While I’m usually scale oriented, this just tickled me to no end. I’ve been a covered wagon fan all my life and this maybe the next engine I buy. Maybe a pair of them. :D Check it out. Enjoy it for its humor sake.
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    Atlas O scale F units

    Well it seems Atlas has picked up the dies from P&D hobbies for their F units. P&D made F units that were based on the old Atlas F9, only better. The roof wasn't solid, so you could choose fans for the F3 or F7. You could choose dynamic brakes or not. The side panels could be customized to...
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    American Models new Steam engine

    American Models just announced the impending release of the Santa Fe 4-8-4. The new AM Northern is now listed on the web site A big engine and new to S scale. Greg
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    American Models new Steam engine

    American Models just announced the impending release of the Santa Fe 4-8-4. The new AM Northern is now listed on the web site A big engine and new to S scale. Greg
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    Scratch built gondola

    Since it has been quiet here of late, I thought I'd show a gondola project I'm working on. It is scratch built except for the trucks and Kadee couplers. It is a model of a KCS car made to plans similar to the Railgon car. Still have to add the handbrake and end grab irons as well as the...
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    New Atlas O

    Atlas has added a new line to their O scale equipment. While it looks like the old 70's equipment, it is indeed new tooling. The RSD 4/5 is new for sure and the cars are supposedly going to be more rugged and detailed. You decide, good...
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    MTH 50' High Cube box car

    MTH brought out a new car for O gauge. It is a scale car and a departure for MTH. Improved details and the fact you can convert it to scale makes it a winner in my book. This car has Weaver 2-Rail trucks and Kadee couplers. It was the easiest car to convert from MTH I've worked on yet. I...
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    Covered Gondola

    My latest project. This started out as a 3-Rail car. I put 2-Rail trucks and wheels on it and Kadee couplers. MTH makes some nice cars and they lend themselves to conversion quiet nicely. Greg
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    Outdoor layout

    Just outside Reno Nevada, a 550' outdoor layout has been built. It has been running since June of this year with temperatures over 100 degrees and subjected to rain and snow already. It was on an open house layout tour this weekend and it ran great. A 25 car freight, 21' Daylight Passenger...
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    New Atlas engine

    Atlas finally announces their new engine. Have to say I’m looking forward to this one. Between Atlas and K-Line my check book is going to take a beating. :D Greg

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