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    They were sad days vDkiQqjwpZA
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    Connection of reed switches for position (stop/brake) indicstors

    I have been away from my layout for quite a while and now before I get back to it I need to know how to wire some reed switches to my BDL168 and if anyone has a wiring diagram it will speed things up Sent from my GT-P5110 using Tapatalk
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    Block detection and turnouts

    Hi guys When creating your "blocks" are turnouts included in that block? or are they left isolated from the associated "blocks":confused: cmaceeepc Craig
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    DECODER PRO AND Spectrum N Scale Train 2-8-0

    Guys This may sound like a silly question but why cant I pickup my Spectrum N Scale 2-8-0 Consolidation DCC Equipped C & O #705 84554 on Decoder Pro.(digitrax DCS50 and locobuffer usb) I have been able to roster locos with TCS Z2 decoders, Digitrax decoders and LokSound decoders but the...
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    Tcs z2 decoder install - n scale con-cor sw1200

    I found a couple of hours this afternoon and had another look at my Con-Cor SW1200 (N&W) with the intention to install a TCS Z2. What i had not noticed before was the space in the fuel tank, flicked the tank off, picked the Z2 and it fitted. Spent a bit of time looking at possible cable routes...
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    N scale J class + Loksound Micro Select

    Quandry!!! has anyone fitted a loksound micro select into an n scale Bachmann Spectrum J Class 4-8-4 ? I have set it on the program track (DCS50 and Locobuffer) got it to read and write but only get bell and horn. How or what do I have to change to get the chuf chuff and clackety clack...
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    Powercab and Digitrax DB150

    Hi guys Can I use a digitrax DB150 to boost if I use an NCE Powercab? If I can are there any special wiring techniques ? cmaceeepc Craig
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    Add tender to bachmann 0-4-0

    Guys I wish to fit an spectrum slope back tender to my bachmann 0-4-0 as a beginning to my fitting a decoder inside the tender. How would I fit the pivot post on the 0-4-0 - has anyone done this? I await your valued advise cmaceeepc Craig
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    DCC Newbie - First install

    Learned Ones I am about to embark on a life changing adventure - My first DCC decoder install. Apprehension is abundant but enthusiasm is high!! Ok - My victim sorry first loco to recieve my skills is my Bachmann Spectrum 4-8-4 J Class N&W loco (N Scale) 1. What recommendations for sound...
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    My Big Shed layout

    Hi Guys Sorry for the delay in posting - all the normal reasons work, life, wife Anyway during my break I have decided to build a new layout in my big shed. At the rear of the shed I will have an area 3.1m x 3.4m. With this area in mind my first idea is as attached This layout consists...

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