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    Looks like Railflyer is gone!!!!

    Saw this today on a few forums! "Guys, I have one last tool path to run today which is for the GP38-2 exhaust hatch. I've made a lot of progress the past two weeks but I am unable to put out any OEM work in time to "save us" or generate model train sales to meet our cash burn...
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    Amtrak Test train on PAR Conn River Line

    Amtrak ran a Geometry Test train up the BM Conn River line from Springfield, MA to East Northfield, MA in anticipation of using the line to reroute the Vermonter and run Commuter trains between Springfield, MA and Greenfield, MA. The train ran from New Haven to St Albans Vt, Here are a few pics...
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    Intermountain Announces SD40-2's

    Here is some interesting News from Intermountain. Looks like I will have to get a few of them.
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    Chinese QC on Intermountain Cars

    Speaking of Chinese quality on previous posts. Here are some pictures of Intermountain’s new Cylindrical Hoppers. I had 26 on order from Intermountain and out of 26 19 arrived damaged, from crooked parts to broken ends, Glue haze, Broken glue joints, etc. Here are some pictures of the cars and...
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    Atlas CN and Guilford GP40-2W

    Here are some pictures of these new units. I ended up getting 3 Guilford and 2 CN and was going to sell them but after seeing these units I will be keeping all 5 and waiting for the next run to get more. Having run the Ex CN units at work I can say these are very close to the real thing and...
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    Amtrak #156 on Lake Shore in New York

    Here are some pics of the Eastbound Lake Shore going through Amsterdam NY and a pic of the unit in Albany.
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    Some Metro North action!

    Spent some time in Cos Cob, CT on March 8th watching the busy variety on Metro North. At 10:04am South Bound Acela Train 2155 heads through Cos Cob while in the distance a set of Metro North M2’s heads North to Stamford with a late running 1516, note the train is heading north on the SB...
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    A Couple PW Autoracks

    Here are a couple pictures of 2 Walthers Autoracks painted in the new PW scheme by Mr Wheeler.
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    Visiting NC

    Had some issues at home so decided to visit a good friend in NC (Jerome AKA Wheeler 1963), Did some railfanning in the nice 80 degree temps and had and awesome time. Here are some pics and the rest can be found here,
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    Kato CR SD80MAC's

    I was just trying to finish up some work so I worked on taking old decoders and light bulbs out of some Kato SD80macs and redoing them with LEDs. Here are the results. Then I have 4 more to do for a friend of mine.
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    First Tsunami Install

    Well I received a Athearn RTR GP38-2 Friday from one of the forum members to do a DCC sound install with front and rear Headlights. Well first thing was to take the loco apart and separate everything so I can solder wires to the Bronze Bushings on the trucks, Some would say that its overkill but...
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    Intermountain Procor Pressure Flow Hopper

    I received my CN Cylindrical Hoppers today from Intermountain and all I can say is wow. For a model I never would have expected to see in plastic these are some great cars. No use describing them as the pics will do that.
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    $676 Walthers car

    Can we say WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually $682.50 with shipping. Must be nice to have that kind of money.
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    Athearn BB Switcher Decoder Install

    Here are some pics of Decoders and lights I installed on Athearn BB Switchers for Jerome. This is the first time I have done these and they came out ok for what they are. I soldered wires to the Bronze wheel bearings and then made a plug on the motor for the decoder. The decoder is mounted in...
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    Doing ditch lights on a MP15DC

    Well I have been working on a friends SRY Atlas MP15DC that needed ditch lights. After looking at pictures of the real unit I saw that it had odd lollipop type ditch lights on the cab end and normal housings on the nose end so this is the result.
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    Looking for UP ACF 2 Bay Decals

    I am looking for a decal set for this car. If anyone knows of any sets out there I am interested.
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    Looking for pics of CR TS1009

    I am looking for any pictures of the following Conrail inspection car. I am looking for all around and roof shots.
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    Warehouse Office

    Here is a HO scale Pikestuff warehouse office that I have been working on for a friend, I decided to scratchbuild an interior and detail it. I also made a ceiling and drilled holes for 12 White Surface Mount LEDs. Here are the results.

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