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  1. D&J RailRoad

    Voltage Levels

    I'm tryin to bring all boosters on my layout to the same voltage level but apparently Digitrax designed them so you can't mix older and new boosters. My DB150s will adjust up to about 12.8VAC at the track, but my DB200 with Opto Isolators will only adjust down to 13.5VAC at the track. That's...
  2. D&J RailRoad

    BN's big brute GE C30-7

    I have the BLI Santa Fe model. Beautiful model that looks good in a consist.
  3. D&J RailRoad

    Shrink wrapped decoders

    It will void the warranty if you remove it. That will cause you to forfeit your model railroad. Maybe not right now but after this pandemic has settled down.
  4. D&J RailRoad

    What Neat is Your Under-Layout Wiring?

    I try to keep the visible wiring neat and orderly. Behind the benchwork though, I just run the wiring from point to point. I use Homasote board to mount electronic boards and drill holes through the board to bring the wires out to the attachment points.
  5. D&J RailRoad

    Construction Cranes, models and images please

    I put this Kibrilli kit together a couple years ago then chained it down to a flat car.
  6. D&J RailRoad

    D&J Railroad Delivering the Cure for the Virus

    Me serious? Bwaaahaaaaaa haaaaaaa, haaaaaa. Here's another shot of trains on the D&J Railroad rushing cures for the virus to market.
  7. D&J RailRoad

    What trains did you run today?

    I'm going back to all Digitrax systems after a failed attempt to integrate an ESU system into the existing signal control boards. Had to do some tidying up around the basement before installing a couple of boosters. I usually put a couple of trains in motion while I'm working so I found an idle...
  8. D&J RailRoad

    Where is Your Model Railroad Layout Setup?

    The full basement. When I was looking for a home to downsize into in 2011, I was writing a contract on a very old house that would have required quite a bit of work. The realter asked if I had seen this house, and he pushed his laptop across the desk to me. It was a rambler with two car garage...
  9. D&J RailRoad

    D&J Railroad Delivering the Cure for the Virus

    The motive power could be of several sources, BNSF, UP, SP, NS or even Santa Fe.
  10. D&J RailRoad

    D&J Railroad Delivering the Cure for the Virus

    Despite the publicized cure of the treatment for Malaria to combat the COVID19, the research labs of the D&J Railroad have found an even better cure. Mayonnaise and cigar ashes. This combination causes an immediate halt to the spread of the virus, melts the outer shell of the virus particles and...
  11. D&J RailRoad

    Nothing to do with Model Railroading

    Something is just wrong with that.
  12. D&J RailRoad

    Switching Engines...Manually or with Track Power ?

    I don't know Hal. It seems that every time you ask for an idea, you end up telling us that the way it is is the way it will stay. As for your issue of having to walk from one point to another, I would move the command station, but then, that's what I would do. You don't have to do that nor am I...
  13. D&J RailRoad

    Anyone else working from home?

    I've been working from home since May of 2018. Sometimes I'm working on my Harley doin road trips. Other times I'm workin on the model railroad. Retired life is great.
  14. D&J RailRoad

    Need help figuring out what a set is worth

    It's not going to be enough to retire on. Maybe enough to go get a lunch for your family at McDonalds.
  15. D&J RailRoad

    Dremel Failure!

    Dremel tools are right up there with duct tape and WD40.
  16. D&J RailRoad

    Module Construction

    That connection is quite ridged. No supporting sleeve is needed. It might be a bit pricey though. The coupling nut is about $5, the bolt about $4 and the nut about .45. I just ordered ten sets of them from Bolt Depot so I can do all the modules. Total bill was $77.00. In addition to that is the...
  17. D&J RailRoad

    Module Construction

    Thanks Sherrel for getting me in the right direction on the leg design. I went back to the hardware store and found the 16mm 2.0 coupling fit into the leg piece just right. I picked up a 16mm X 90mm bolt and nut along with it. I cut a couple pieces of the leg PVC to test. The parts are in the...
  18. D&J RailRoad

    Module Construction

    Hit CTRL B and the bold will turn off. The end modules are 4' X 2' and 28". 2' feet wide on one end and 28" wide on the other. The side pieces are 1x4 pine. The top is 15/32 plywood. I cut the flair part starting at the 4 1/2" mark in from the end of the module. That is the distance that the...
  19. D&J RailRoad

    Module Construction

    For now, I'm just building three sections. They will butt up to the standard 2' wide module but will flare out to 28" to accommodate the two sidings on the outside of the outside mainline. For now, they will be able to just stack in the bed of my F-150 with the Tonue cover over them. As I add...
  20. D&J RailRoad

    Module Construction

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