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  1. D&J RailRoad

    D&J Railroad Delivering the Cure for the Virus

    Despite the publicized cure of the treatment for Malaria to combat the COVID19, the research labs of the D&J Railroad have found an even better cure. Mayonnaise and cigar ashes. This combination causes an immediate halt to the spread of the virus, melts the outer shell of the virus particles and...
  2. D&J RailRoad

    Module Construction

    First, I'm surprised that the forum here doesn't have a separate sub forum about modules. Anyway, I sold off my previous module set. It was 20 feet which included a grade, a diversion of the track from the front edge of the modules and a few industrial sidings. I am starting a new set of...
  3. D&J RailRoad

    Setting Up ESU System

    This is getting to be a real PITA. Manuals are 10 years old and don't have the updated information. I guess they just suppose we breath in the information out of thin air. Manual says to connect the Digitrax track output from the Digitrax command station to the back of the ESU system, and it...
  4. D&J RailRoad

    Moving to ESU System

    I had an opportunity to pick up a whole ESU LokSound system, so I did. I'm not going to install it right away. I need to be able to use my Digitrax throttles with it because there are only two ESU throttles with this setup. I will need to get a L.Net adapter which integrates the Digitrax...
  5. D&J RailRoad

    Rapido Gunderson Well Car

    I saw the article about the Rapido Gunderson Well car in the recent Model Railroader magazine. Had to buy one. Found that Mainline Hobbies in Summit, PA had em in stock. Ordered one and it was on my doorstep the very next day. Regular USPS fare. Good looking car and it includes two 53'...
  6. D&J RailRoad

    Bowser Spine Cars

    I've been tracking the new order of Bowser Spine Cars since last Feb when they announced the newbatch and pre orders were being taken. Delivery would be in April. May rolled around then July then eventually October. Bowser didn't know when the new batch would be in. I stopped in at MainLine...
  7. D&J RailRoad

    Christmas Eve on the D&J Railroad

    The last assignments for the day are being wrapped up by the junior engineers on the D&J Railroad. They will all be home with their families within a couple hours after shutting down their trains in the main yard. Hope all have a great day with your families.
  8. D&J RailRoad

    This is Great

    As we come into the holiday season, we are hearing all kinds of music pieces doing holiday music. This one stands out as a distinct piece of classic music. Just listen for a few minutes and you will catch the sillyness of it.
  9. D&J RailRoad

    Op Session Today on the D&J Railroad

    I put out the invite a little over a month ago. Several responded positively to it. These op sessions really give me a solid reason to clean up the basement and get the little projects completed. This goes for the bridge project too. No, I didn't get the bridge installed, but I did get it mostly...
  10. D&J RailRoad

    Earning Points from Model Train Stuff

    MB Kliens offers points on purchases now. I can't find anything that says how much a point is worth though. I guess I'll assume each point is worth a BLI steam loco with sound.
  11. D&J RailRoad

    Scale Trains - SD40T-2 Tunnel Motors - Video

    Finally got ahold of a few Scale Trains Tunnel motors. Each one has an ESU decoder, 2 with sound, one with a sound decoder but without a speaker. They have been happily running laps on the empire layout here, doing what tunnel motors do.
  12. D&J RailRoad

    M B Klein Closing Showroom Klien is closing their showroom to add more warehouse space. When their store was on Gay St. in Baltimore, it was almost an adventure to sort through the isles for model train stuff. When they moved out to Cockeyesville, their showroom was still a...
  13. D&J RailRoad

    Number 50 Turnout

    Many years ago, I remember an article in one of the railroad related magazines about a No. 50 turnout used on a Union Pacific mainline. Actually, there were two of them used for a high speed mainline cross over. I can't find any reference to that No.50 turnout now. Anybody no what I'm referring...
  14. D&J RailRoad

    Traveling and Trains

    I'm on another Harley sojourne for a few weeks. I rolled into North Platte, NE this afternoon and spent a few hours up in the Golden Spike Tower watching trains. Absolutely awesome view of the engine facility and part of the classification yard. Sitting in my Motel 6 room tonight trying to...
  15. D&J RailRoad

    Bowser Spine Cars

    The anticipation builds. These all metal sets are as scarce as hens teeth anywhere and the pre-orders with Bowser are naturally delayed. For how long, who knows. They are great running cars though. They hold the track very well when running in long trains of empties compared to the competitors...
  16. D&J RailRoad

    Atlas U23B Sound Decoder Install

    I installed a Tsunami 2200 into a Atlas U23B for a friend. The loco has a built in speaker box on the rear of the cast metal body that only requires the install of an oval speaker. Despite that, there is no room for a Sound decoder though. I had to completely remove the existing light board in...
  17. D&J RailRoad

    Tsunami 2200 Decoder and LED Headlights

    OK, here's a stumper. Digitrax DCC system. JMRI Decoder Pro. I installed a Tsunami 2200 in a U25 diesel locomotive. The lights that were in the model flashed real quick when I first applied power to it then didn't work after that. I measured the voltage of the white and yellow leads and it's...
  18. D&J RailRoad

    PWMRC Layout Tour 2019 Video

    This is a video of the Prince William County Model Railroad club layout that is in the Virginia Rail Express station in Quantico, VA. It has a longer than necessary lead in to the start of the video.
  19. D&J RailRoad

    Op Session on the Wyoming Division MRR

    This is a video of the op session on the Wyoming Division MRR on 9 Feb 2019.
  20. D&J RailRoad

    The Big E Train Show at Amherst

    I just got home from the Big E Train Show in West Springfield, MA. I have heard so much about this show over the years but just wasn't able to go the distance due to work. Now that I'm retired, I made that a bucket list item. A direct path up I-95 from Virginia would make it about a 430 mile... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to - An online railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used railroad books. Railroad pictorials, railroad history, steam locomotives, passenger trains, modern railroading. Hundreds of titles available, most at discount prices! We also have a video and children's book section. - An online model railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used books. Layout design, track plans, scenery and structure building, wiring, DCC, Tinplate, Toy Trains, Price Guides and more.