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  2. J

    Walthers Mainline Boxcars

    I would just go to the link in my signature and scroll down. I talk a lot about various products that I'm working on.
  3. J

    Walthers Mainline Boxcars

    Chet, that Milwaukee box looks remarkably good. The weathering makes it look much better than the stock Walthers catalog shots!
  4. J

    Walthers Mainline Boxcars

    Not sure what you mean -- do you mean on my blog?
  5. J

    Walthers Mainline Boxcars

    I would say that they're comparable more to Accurail than Athearn bluebox, but they have see-through running boards, too. I did a review at
  6. J

    Very disappointed with MB Klein

    That, of course, is entirely up to the individual -- but why the implicit judgment that those who don't agree with you are somehow wrong?
  7. J

    Very disappointed with MB Klein

    People can say that delays, "problems" with software, and so forth, are part of "life", and we're somehow supposed to think this is all OK. But think about the conventional prayer: "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to...
  8. J

    Very disappointed with MB Klein

    As a customer of Klein for the past several years, I've noted their shipping times have increased, and it isn't unusual in my experience for an order to take nearly a week to ship after they confirm it. The remedy is to use others: Walthers often has items on sale, and their shipping and shipper...
  9. J

    The LA North Layout

    Yes, it looks really good and seems to make very good use of the space. Looking forward to more pics!
  10. J

    Odd Occurrence With Digitrax

    Are some of the decoders Digitrax? I set up a couple of consists with Digitrax decoders mixed in with NCE and got crazy results with the Digitrax locos running opposite the directions set in the consist. I contacted Digitrax support, and they said to set CV 57=102. This has something to do with...
  11. J

    Got a new camera for model photos

    Well, this confirms that technology is probably overtaking conventional wisdom. I would think that your camera would take eminently publishable shots for MR, although point-and-shoot cameras have won their photo contest for years. Given the depth of field in the short focal length, the F11...
  12. J

    Got a new camera for model photos

    The impression I have is that cameras with very short focal length -- as this one appears to have -- get much higher depth of field, which is also what you see in the sample photos. The advantage of a good-quality conventional DSLR has been that it can take much higher megapixel photos, which...
  13. J

    The D&J Railroad -- From Scratch

    This type of bridge is very common on former SP lines:
  14. J

    Consist questions

    Most CVs stay the same for individual locos in the consist. So if your vmax, etc CVs are set for one loco, they are the same whether in consist or not. Since most CVs are standard, the make of decoder doesn't make too much difference. The motor speed, gear ratio, etc, of the individual loco will...
  15. J

    Coupler compatibility problem

    I believe the situation with Kato couplers is similar in HO, with which I'm most familiar. Your best bet is to replace the Katos with Kadees, which I've found you have to do in HO.
  16. J

    Concrete Roads

    The easiest way to do it is probably the Walthers concrete street system
  17. J

    Oakland, CA Westinghouse plant in the 1950s

    The Westinghouse plant sort of reminds me of a plant you can see from BART near Fruitvale. Is that the one, still there? How did you do the model?
  18. J

    The D&J Railroad -- From Scratch

    sorry, meant to post in a different thread!
  19. J

    Decals for Weathering

    Here's a car I did with them: I find they are thicker and stiffer than other decals and take some work to get all the bubbles out with Solvaset or equivalent, but when finished, they're effective.
  20. J

    The D&J Railroad -- From Scratch

    Sorry, here's the other one. [IMG] I upgraded to Windows 10 not long ago, and since then have had problems copying photos from the photo gallery here. Looks like I will need to use Photobucket from now on.