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    Peco code 55 electrofrogs: power routing only the turnout?

    My personal opinion, formed from experience, is that No-Ox is just short of miraculous! It improves electrical conductivity. When used on track, it helps prevent oxidation. I also use it on the internal contacts of locomotives and axle wipers on illuminated rolling stock. A tiny amount...
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    Coupler Conversions

    Call me old-fashioned, but I like to keep the same brand of knuckle couplers on as much of my rolling stock and locomotives. I don't change out other brands unless they cause problems. Guess I'm just used to MTL couplers and I'm getting too old to change now! LOL Post that list of needed...
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    3rd Annual "How Many" contest

    What've I got to lose? Put me down for 356! LOL Darrell, quiet...for now
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    Coupler Conversions

    What engines do you have that need conversion? Having just gone through my locomotive roster doing MT conversions, I can tell you that Micro Trains has many coupler conversion kits for locomotives that make the conversion easy if not simple. Other locomotives can be converted with t-shank...
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    Bachman loco question

    Jeff, I'm confused. If it was "from dealer new stock", the dealer should make good on it. If the dealer bought it on e-Bay, it isn't NEW!! Raise a stink with the dealer. Report the dealer to the Better Business Bureau if he doesn't make good on the purchase. I'm not familiar with the...
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    Another NOOB here

    Welcome Mike & Robin! You should be well known to many members here for your posts and videos on other forums and as the proprietor of Fifer Hobby. For those members who don't know Mike & Robin, visit their store at and spend some time nosing around. They have very good...
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    New Layout

    OSB may be more susceptible to humidity than plywood. It is also heavier than plywood and a bit more difficult to cut (it dulls blades quicker). Hope this helps. Darrell, quiet...for now
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    This is just wrong!!!!!!

    Got enough snow in Denver, yet? ROFLMAO Darrell, quiet...for now
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    Layout in a shed

    Brad, You and I live close to each other so our climates are the same. A few years ago, I put up a large shed. I added a partial second floor loft to it. Working inside in the summer was brutal! Like working in an oven. That prompted me to add insulation. I used pink fiberglas batts...
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    EBay Bid Changes

    Sniping is the best way to get the items you want at the price you're willing to pay. Some people don't like sniping, but that's because they don't want to use it themselves. They claim is gives someone an "unfair" advantage. Tough cookies! Snipe 'em right back and quit complaining! LOL...
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    Codys office.

    I enjoy watching Cody's Office, but mostly I enjoy the outtakes at the very end. I'd like to see them put together a whole episode of outtakes to fill in on the rare time's Cody is away from the office. Darrell, quiet...for now
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    Great Train Expo visits St. Louis area

    The Great Train Expo show will be in Belleville, IL 7/31 to 8/1. Belleville is about 20 miles from St. Louis, MO. Here's a link to the expo schedule: Darrell, quiet...for now
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    Whats your favorite peice of railroad equipment?

    My all-time favorite locomotives are UP's Big Boy and their DDa40X Centennial. I can't help it, I just love those monsters! I'm heartbroken that steam was gone before the DD's were introduced. Can't be prototypical and run them together on my layout! LOL As for models, I'm a sucker for...
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    Old magazines: what to do with them?

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I really like the idea of donating them to children's wards, VA facilities etc. I'll check with one of my veteran friends and have him ask the next time he goes to the VA hospital. I'd be happy to drive him over with a pickup load of magazines! LOL...
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    Old magazines: what to do with them?

    I have a collection of magazines including MR, RMC and a few others that date back to the 1970's. I have kept these for reference and general entertainment reading but with the growth of the interent and, especially, forums like this one, keeping them as reference material isn't worth while...
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    What to do with a collectrion of a lifetime?

    While the club members are probably your best resource for disposing of your father's collection, there are other alternatives. The most likely alternative is to sell the items yourself online. E-Bay is a popular auction website. They have the largest listing of trains of all kinds. You...
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    Lets talk steamies

    Steamers? Oh, I only have a couple.............. N scale, of course. Darrell, quiet...for now
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    track cleaning

    Gleaming will probably help brass track since the final step, polishing, helps to seal the rails. But brass is brass and it will eventually corrode. If you've got brass track give it a try. Can't hurt. No-Ox seems to be some pretty good stuff. I have a year-long experiment going now. I...
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    Is it ever going to Warm Up?

    Well, you were warned about Global Warming! Now you see the consequences!!! Oh, wait, you said it was cold? Can't be Global Warming, then. Never mind! LOL Darrell, quiet...for now
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    How to hide a switch track machine?

    One suggestion I have seen is to hide the surface-mount switch machines is to remove them and re-install them upside down. You have to use a left-hand switch machine on a right-hand turnout and vice-versa. I looked at a few of my Atlas remote turnouts and played around with it a bit. I...