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    Real Train Operation Speeds

    That avarage speed show at Accounts for time stoped, dwell, ect. IE a train might do 60 from one place to another, yet set at one place for hours.
  2. CR 6520, now with Flexicoils

    CR 6520, now with Flexicoils

    A shot of my Athearn Blue Box SD40-2 after being refited with Flexicoil trucks, still got alot of work to do, but now shes starting to look the role. Used Athearn Dash 9 trucks with modifyed Flexicoil sideframes, Frame is milled for truck clearance.
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    Kato Locomtives

    Kato drives are better then any of Protos, some of the later Proto drives actually resemble Kato drives to point (for that matter Athearn's does too) The Kato drive is usually much smoother runing, more tollerant of durty and poor trackwork, and more powerful.... except when compaired to the...
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    Minor Fire NOT

    The first photo looks like a Nuclear bomb, or a Night photo of a Tornado... I'd be a tad unsettled if I lived near that mess.
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    Wiener in bun sells for $2,605

    I could buy 4-5 Brass MK5000C's with that kinda cash :D
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    What kind of coupler do you like?

    Kadee, no others will do!