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    Weekend Photo Fun 01/20/06

    Since I only have about a foot of scenery on my Nscale testing diorama, this is the only photo I'll be able to contribute for quite a while. The sepia conversion features simulated film grain in photoshop, which looks too coarse to me now. Model is an Atlas N RS-3 with a MicroTrains...
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    Metal Wheelsets - Just a Gripe...Sort Of

    Regarding metal wheels: Has anyone ever heard of MODERATION?? Switching your whole fleet over just because the HO crowd says they're better is foolish. The main advantages of metal wheels are a lower center of gravity and more weight, the sound, and supposedly cleaner track and wheels...
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    Decent N car brands?

    10% is no big deal, since Atlas cars are about the best value/dollar out there. The newer releases are more accurate and closer to recommended weight than their older designs. Don't bother looking for cars with metal wheels, as these usually only come on the junk brands. If you want...
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    1/87th Vehicles

    Some of my local WMs have them, the others only have the SKU/price tag on the lip of the shelf, but the manager's are happy to try ordering them if you ask nicely according to the guys at the Atlas forum. I included some packaging info if that'll help. I'm in N-Scale, but collect Shelby...
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    Bachmann N-scale 2-6-6-2 Steam Loco

    Maybe you shouldn't be so rigid as far as having ALL wheels in-gauge? Seems to me that compromise can be a good thing, and that trying to get a 2-6-6-2 through all possible combinations of track and turnouts IN N-SCALE means that maybe Bachmann knew what they were doing to some degree. And...
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    Just because I am an Nscaler

    I was given the Texas car as a gift. Not ashamed to have a 'fantasy' car, but don't plan to run it much, either. Just glad to have it in my possession.
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    N-scale project

    Shamus, that was a great how-to on backgrounds. Not surprised that you zeroed-in on my only real question. In this digital camera age, I hope the painted puffy clouds on blue latex walls go the way of the Dodo. Modellers, if you're unable to do this yourself or in cahoots with your...
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    Do you use DCC?

    Wow, I guess I'm the only pure DC guy around. I don't envision myself building "the" layout within the next year, so the decision on DC/DCC isn't important yet, but I feel like DC will be plenty versatile enough for me. (I should mention that I'm cheap.) Have seen some DCC/sound-equipped N...
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    N-scale project

    Shamus, is that the new version Bachmann switcher? Heard it's quite nice. Do you have any Atlas Shays, or are you waiting for the next bug-free production run? Do you use photo backdrops, and if so are they your own pictures? What are the 6 winning Texas Lotto numbers for Saturday, March 12...
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    What are good dimentions for a starting N-gage layout

    If you agree that 11" is minimum radius, and you want to have enough space outside the track to have sufficient scenery and structures, then the minimum width of the layout should be as close to three feet as you can make it, if not bigger. In order to have enough room to accomplish anything...
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    What's the best track to use?

    Kato Unitrack has many fans. It's got attached roadbed like the LL and Bmann, but is of very high quality. It's also expensive but worth it. Peco is very good, but looks less like real American track. The best looking track is Atlas code55 (and MicroEngineering c55), but these are for advanced...
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    Oddball MUs

    Bachmann's Spectrum steam locos are well respected. I prefer '40s and '50s era diesels, so LifeLike gets my money. Their models released over the last 5 years are every bit as good as my Atlas and Kato engines, in my opinion. Cheap trainset locos aren't worth the aggravation. I just had one...
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    Armchair Modeling Suggestions?

    Ken's right. Weathering, kits, detailing and hoarding keep your hands, heart & soul in the hobby, but don't take much space. Make a small photo-diorama and practice macro photography. Books and videos, and research. Heck, this sounds like what I do, now.
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    Oddball MUs

    Anyone have a pair of locos that surprised you by running well together? I had an old trainset Bachmann F9 laying around, and after some tweaking;) it runs smooth and silent. Last week I was shocked when I discovered that it MUs perfectly with my LifeLike BL-2. How about you?
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    For Your $'s Who Manufactures The Best Loco

    In N, almost everybody rates Atlas 1st now, because they have way more road-specific details and a huge selection. Then Kato, then LL. IM and MT don't have enough models to rate. Personally, I prefer LifeLike because I like their early diesel selection like FAs and the BL-2, and they run...
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    Don't let me win the photo contest

    Darn it, I just KNEW I should have taken a macro shot of the Nscale Japanese schoolgirls I got for my birthday... (Preiser/Kato)
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    In What Era is Your Model Railroad

    I'm doing mid-'60s SP, because that was what I saw as a young boy. I clearly remember seeing up to 5 F7s at a time, and even at age six knew about B units. Getting a wave from the cab and caboose was a real thrill.
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    Custom-Painted Locomotives

    Also, when masking, don't cheap-out on the tape. Regular masking tape is for house painting. 3M makes the good stuff, and it can be found at autoparts/paint stores. You can make the numbers for numberboards on your computer, as well as design custom decals for fictitious railroads, which you...
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    This is only a test.

    Actually, this post was in response to a request from Bob to test the model forums. Thanks for playing.
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    What are you modeling, and why?

    Because I was a six year old railfan on the Sunset Route just east of San Antonio, in front of Randolph AFB, I am now an SP mid-'60s modeler. That explains the rollingstock, but the route I'm building is based on a fictional short-cut across the southern part of the Texas Hill Country, which...