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    Electrical question - What is the difference between: wattage, volts, and amps?

    No, I didn't think anybody would like that idea. Over the years, I've gotten tired of trying to explain these concepts. A systematic approach to learning this subject matter is a great way to approach this - i.e. take a class.
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    Electrical question - What is the difference between: wattage, volts, and amps?

    Regarding your original request: Electricity has some basic concepts that take a little learning and practice to understand. I recommend finding a basic electricity class, in person or online. Understand the concepts of potential, current, resistance and power. Once you understand these...
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    Decoder Pro questions

    That's what I was afraid of. Well, only 19 locos, and I can re-enter them as I convert from DC. The exercise did familiarize me with Decoder Pro, so not totally wasted time. Thanks for the info.
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    Decoder Pro questions

    I did some searching, here and on JMRI pages. I didn't find answers. I appreciate any help. I am in the planning stage, of converting my DC road to DCC I've loaded JMRI on my Mac Mini and am putting roster info into it. None of my locos are converted to DCC yet. So I've entered the locos...
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    What are you buying this Month?

    I’m doing my research on converting to DCC, planning to begin when the season changes from “cycle touring” to “model railroading”. I hadn’t planned to start converting locomotives or buying any RTR DCC units, but the second run of Rapido NPCU (cabbage) units caught my eye. I placed an order...
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    Penn Central Poll

    Of the two big players, NYC was clearly the more progressive thinker, under Alfred Perlman. Sure, there's plenty of blame to go around, but I still haven't forgiven the Pennsy for its role. IMHO.
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    Asphalt Roadway Paint

    Buy a few bottles of inexpensive acrylic paint to experiment, then you’ve got some left-over paints for other projects. It will cost you less than ten dollars.
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    Soldering, best setup?

    Two tools: a Weller trigger gun for heavier work, and a professional quality Weller soldering station for light-to-medium work. I got the soldering station used at a hamfest. It's a model certified for ESD protection. I keep other soldering tools handy: solder wick, a vacuum solder extractor...
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    Organizing desk/workbench

    The first pic is my hobby & electronics bench. The tool holder on the back of the bench is a diagonal made from two-by lumber, with holes drilled to hold the most commonly used tools. Below are pull bins with adhesives, solvents, etc. The bench is made from heavy work bench legs, with wheels...
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    Non-standard engine sounds

    So you’d set it once and proceed. Thanks for the info.
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    Fastest car on the layout!!!!

    A coupe, a convertible and a 427 Cobra. Some serious speed there. p.s. I probably should put more domestic cars on the pike. It is set in upstate NY in 1999…
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    Non-standard engine sounds

    I'm aware of all that. I'm asking how you actually program either a fixed RPM in the sound decoder. What CV(s) do you enter?
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    Non-standard engine sounds

    I have an unpowered E unit being used as a cab on a push-pull passenger train. I’d like the decoder to produce a diesel engine sound of an HEP generator, at fairly low volume and fixed RPM. I figured I could use a sound decoder, put a dummy load across the motor terminals, and program the...
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    Fastest car on the layout!!!!

    I bet my HO gullwings can out-run it. And certainly out-corner and out-brake it.
  15. Canalligator

    '67 Plymouth GTX Convertible

    Old MoPars…
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    Life-Like F40 Parts Diagram Needed

    My son and I put two Bachman shells on blue box GP38 chassis’. We took a hacksaw to the fuel tanks, to make them look like early F40s (AMTK 200-229). One is still in service on my commuter road. I plan to run the wheels off it, just like Amtrak did with the prototypes.
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    Penn Central Poll

    The book is “The Wreck of the Penn Central” by Daughen and Binzen. A thorough and well written book. I’ve read it twice, thirty years apart. IMO, the Pennsy management carried more of the blame, but the times really drove it, with over-regulation etc.
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    So what are you listening to right NOW?

    Big Band Friday on WGMC. One of very few full-time jazz stations. They stream on the web.
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    post your model RR tips........

    I use a small “box” plane to form superelevation on cork sub-roadbed. The shavings look like gravel, so i save them to surface driveways and service roads.
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    Hello From Nscaler7

    Welcome! I’d think you could build a nice around-the-wall railroad in a 10 x 16 space. Dale