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  1. suprduc

    A&P's Serviceing facilities

    Looks to be coming along quite nicely. Looks great Jerome!
  2. suprduc

    This is just wrong!!!!!!

    That would shut us down for a week! :eek:
  3. suprduc

    This is just wrong!!!!!!

    Good to see that Mother Nature brought you some of that for Christmas Jerome. :D We received around 11" between Friday and Saturday, good workout getting it off the driveway.
  4. suprduc

    2nd Anual How Many Contest????

    Hey Jerome. Been busy with the family and whatnot. SW is looking mighty fine as always. :)
  5. suprduc

    2nd Anual How Many Contest????

    More masterpieces in the works!! Nice work as always Jerome. Great contest and congrats to both winners.
  6. suprduc

    2nd Anual How Many Contest????

    I'll go with 357
  7. suprduc

    When is your LHS open?

    My LHS has a great selection and great prices. Their hours work out well for when most people are going to shop as well so no complaints from me. It's a two person shop most of the time with a small group of local modelers that help out when the owners need some time away for shows and the like...
  8. suprduc

    $676 Walthers car

    It looks good, really good. I will give him that. However, there is no way I would believe that it sold for that incredibly ridiculous amount if I didn't see it myself. Pure craziness ,as has been stated on this thread already I am sure. The big question will be, did the buyer actually pay for...
  9. suprduc

    BLI UP AC60CW Major Modifications

    That's a great looking engine Bobby, nice work.
  10. suprduc

    Tank car implosion

    WOW!! I assume that the video is real time, that thing collapsed quick.
  11. suprduc

    Weekly Photo Fun 3/13 -3/19

    Dude, that was weird. Same number....different schemes. Cool way to start of the weekend.
  12. suprduc

    Weekly Photo Fun 3/5 - 3/11

    Nice work Ron, that refinery looks really good.
  13. suprduc

    Grafitti on tank cars

    I see a lot of tank cars out on the open and it is rare to see a lot of graffiti on them but as stated earlier, they do not sit very long so there wouldn't be a lot of time to get the work done. There may be the occasional small tag but, nothing too extensive.
  14. suprduc

    Modeling your local area

    That's a very thoughtful gesture by the UP to help out with a diagram. :D
  15. suprduc

    Weekly Photo Fun 2-12/2-18

    Jerome~ Talk about scoring a great deal!!!!!! :eek: That's a lot of power for $175. Rico~ Great work on the hopper, that looks awesome. Jeffrey~ Quite the rust job on the roof of that boxcar. It'll probably rust rust all the way through eventually. ;) Loblolly~ Good looking steamer.
  16. suprduc

    Weekly Photo Fun 2-12/2-18

    Nice work everyone. Rex~ A true work of art keeping all that wiring so tidy! Kenny~ Nice shots of the WC working, and that plow looks really good. Jerome~ Looks like ARR is coming along quite nicely.
  17. suprduc

    Weekly Photo Fun 2-5/2-11

    That fence looks great Gary!! Nice work.
  18. suprduc

    Jerome's Switcher Roster

    Some more nice units there Jerome, the PL&E units look sharp. I think that I almost started to drool a bit when I saw the CP SW1200 trio. :p
  19. suprduc

    What is this and what model comp. makes them?

    LOL. :D I think I need a nap now. Better stay away from the interwebs for a little bit.
  20. suprduc

    What is this and what model comp. makes them?

    Doooh!!!! I totally overlooked the bad. :o:o Nice call Josh. Athearn 2970 Covered Hopper