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    OT:Almost got hit by Tornado.

    Info which may help A weatherband radio is cheap and can be gotten for around $30 and will run without ac power. It will power on only on tornado warnings and watches. Also, I have heard reports that the ocean currents and warmings (El Ninos and Ninas) could have had some effect on the...
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    History Channel

    Heads up!! History Channel Thursday Nighat (9pm CDT) is Tougher in Alaska - a piece on Alaska Railroading. It looks really interesting..dont miss it. MKT Mike
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    best item to use for modeling water

    Water Try the water at, it has no odor and works great, and is priced very economically. MKT MIKE
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    Where can I get a BL-2 in HO ?

    One of my distributors has one each of the B&A BL2's. Contact me if interested. MKT MIKE:D
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    Model Train prices going way up.

    A little info on this discussion I have owned my own shop in the past, and maybe I can shed some light on some of the processes which I have learned from the manufacturers I have dealt with. Say a freight car tooling costs $50,000, sells for $32.95 retail, and the distributor buys it for...
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    Operational Uncoupling

    Kadee has come up with an uncoupling pick at a very cheap price. It works pretty well and is made of plastic. MKTMIKE
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    Allied Chemical

    This is a Great West Models kit that I have built named Allied Chemicals. One of the things I would like to do is to paint it in two tones, with one about 1" down from the top of the roof, and parallel to the foundation. The thing I've been trying to figure out, is how to mask it. Notice...
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    What Track Planning Software Do You Use Poll

    I have both Cadrail and 3rd Planit, and both are good. You should list Cadrail as I think a lot of guys use it. I find it easier to use if you really want to build a railroad, and are not worried about 3D. 3rd Planit is excellent for 3D viewing, but the scenery mode is a lot harder to...
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    Does this look like junk?

    Nate: Nice looking loads. I found a website the other day that has more loads for different cars than I've seen in a while. The link is: They also have a ton of detail parts at very reasonable prices. They might have something to help give you ideas of...
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    This weekend's work

    Really nice work Rich. Still looking for your BN caboose "With Luck Hopefully". Mike Chapmon MKTMIKE :D
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    Walthers enclosed auto racks

    Walthers has a new run of tri-level autoracks coming out in November or December. There is quite a variety of roads. MKTMIKE
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    ATHERN Challenger

    As far as I know, it will be delivered within the next 7-14 days (according to Horizon). They may sell out quickly due to the large price decrease, so dont wait too long!! ;)
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    Chain link fencing...

    Jeff: I've used bridal veil before (at a local fabric store) ACC'd to K&S brass wire then airbrushed. The guys above have pretty much given most of the great ideas for this. THere are castings availabe for the taller poles. MKTMIKE :cool: