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    My JMRI Journey

    I have been using JMRI now for several years. I have an NCE system, using several switch-its for turnout control, I have an AIU-01 for block control and several BD20 for individual block controls for my staging tracks. I am going to have to get a new picture, but where a train is in a block...
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    Weekly Photo Fun 2-5/2-11

    Just finished painting some RS3's.
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    Program Track

    Allen, You have to wire it through a DPDT Center off Toggle Switch. Label the switch on your panel with the side that provides the programming wires as Program so that you don't try to run an engine in and out of it while it is in that mode. Bob
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    Need a source

    Minuteman, If you were on the East Coast, I could probably help you. Don't know of any source on your coast. I have one similar to yours with a Tsumani Decoder in it and it runs well. Bob
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    Wich Dcc brand to choose

    All Decoders are built to NMRA Standards. I have many different varieties of decoders on my layout, and I run a full NCE System without a problem. You don't need to use a specific brand just because of the command system. They should all work. Bob
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    DCC decoders?

    Scott, Athearn plug and play take a 9 pin decoder. Bob
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    Dummy Engine Shells

    Ken, For the most part, Shells for the same manufacturer are the same whether they are dummy or powered. However switching between brands would depend upon which engine you are trying to swtich to. also, since they don't secure the bodies to the frames the same way, it would be a trial and...
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    Jmri ms100

    dpeterson3, there is a Yahoo Web site for JMRI, Perhaps you should pose your question with them. I have not used MS100 so really don't know what the parameters that you need to get things going. I am sure someone over there knows what you need. Bob
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    Help with NCE Switch-8 addressing

    where I am using tortises, I can use on side of the switch-it to power two machines, such as for a crossover. otherwise, with switch master machines, I need to use one for each side. Then I create a Macro to throw both turnouts.
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    Help with NCE Switch-8 addressing

    G I am glad they got one to work. I personally use the switch-it's. I have a need for the ability to use the button capability. Bob
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    carey, I am glad you spelled it right, you won't want to make me Grumpy so close to Thanksgiving. :D Anyways, I currently have a panel, See attached, that covers the areas that are automatically controlled by NCE Switch-its, and for blocking I have the BD20's. Using the PanelPro...
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    Yes, I have been using if for at least three years now. I have it on an NCE system. It has been great in keeping track of all my engines, the CV's in them, the Consists, and the macro's that i set up. When I upgraded my NCE system, I was able to restore the macro's without having to re-enter...
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    Simplest consisting method with Digitrax?

    Yes, it is under the drop down menu tools, the Consisting Tools.
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    Simplest consisting method with Digitrax?

    william, DecoderPro has its own Consisting item. Unfortunately, I use NCE and haven't used the consisting tab to set any engines up. I just use it to keep track of what engines I have and what consist numbers have been assigned. I was able to download from the NCE command station all my...
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    Simplest consisting method with Digitrax?

    southerncoastline, You didn't indicate as to whether or not you belonged to any of these clubs, but I might suggest that if you do, that you talk to someone in there as to how they set up their consists. The other option, if you own a laptop, and can connect it to your railroad, is to get...
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    Help with NCE Switch-8 addressing

    you might want to talk to NCE directly. If the first two Switch-8's came for the same LHS, odds are that the others may be bad as well. Not unheard of to get a bad batch. Bob
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    Help with NCE Switch-8 addressing

    G, I haven't used the Switch-8's yet, but reading the directions, it should be nothing more than turning the rotary switch to any of the eight positions, depending upon which one you want to program and then, putting the jumper on and then with you power cab select the accesory address you...
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    Track switch cause coil bunred.

    One of the guys in my group uses atlas switch machines such as yourself. What he found that he had to put some kind of protector around the button as people were leaning against the layout and were inadvertantly leaning against the buttons. It doesn't take much to melt the plastic. Bob
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    Weekend Photo Fun 11-7/11-10

    Jeffrey, Just a thought. Use some of the black coated heat sink tubing to cover the wires exposed between the engines, then it will look like air line and brake line cables. it comes in a small enough size so it looks better than the red and white wire that is exposed. Bob
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    Veteran's Roll Call: All that served or serving our countries

    US Navy 1963 - 1967 USS Barry DD933 USS JD Willis DE 1066