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    Since there's not Christmas photo fun...

    Oh, I don't know. I've got one of the old rubber band drive engines here that'll give you a run :D :D :D
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    E obsession?

    I like the E7's. I'm not as fond of the 8's because they were a dime a dozen when I was a kid. But what's not to like about the E's? An A-B-B-A lashup is longer than some trains :D
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    Sunrise Enterprises FREDs

    That can be taken care of :)
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    Weekend Photo Fun 11-18-05

    Only certain file types are allowed to be uploaded. If you take the file and zip it into a zip file, that can be uploaded here.
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    The Coffee Shop is now open. Come on in and say hello.

    It's not Adelphia, they can hit it fine from their tech center. DNS resolves. It appears it's some router outside of Adelphia that I keep hitting. So where the heck do you complain for that?
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    On the subject of cameras...

    The Nikon kit is just a basic kit. One camera body, one lens, one battery, one battery charger. That's it.
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    The Coffee Shop is now open. Come on in and say hello.

    You ever hace that talk with your IT guy? I still don't get to your site.
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    On the subject of cameras...

    The info I got was that the lenses will work on manual mode, but along with the autofocus and whatever, the light meter won't work, which pretty much screws you over for even using manual mode. Now that was on the D50, I didn't look at the 70 or 70s (and I figured the D2x is out of your budget :D)
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    On the subject of cameras...

    Best bet is to go to and look up the DSLR you're interested in. The tech specs give you the compatibility of lenses. The non CPU lenses seem to pretty much cripple the camera though.
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    New Meltdown Looming???

    Is that who was peaking in my window? :D :D :D
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    Golden White LEDs

    Hmm. I never got a combination I liked. (Anyone need stained glass paint? :D) But that may have been the trouble. I used that stained glass paint and I usally got yellow, brown or it still looked blue.
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    Golden White LEDs

    Thanks Willis, that second link has some. I don't like the "white" LED's, to me they are just too blue. The golden white are real nice for older stuff while the sunny white are closer to the more modern lights. But besides Richmond Controls and and a few manufacturers (who wanted to sell me...
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    Golden White LEDs

    Where do you get your golden white LEDs from? I can only find a couple of suppliers and was wondering where else to look. Does anyone use them?
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    The Coffee Shop is now open. Come on in and say hello.

    Indiana PA, home of Jimmy Stewart. I hope chip pointed you toward Butler do shoot some Bessemer & Lake Erie.
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    Phosphate Trains?

    These might help, although they are of Chessie cars. It'll be the 7th post in the thread.
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    Set your VCRs

    It's a cable channel and probably available on satelites as well. Here's their home page.
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    Set your VCRs

    The DIY channel is running a series on model railroading it's a five show series, but what the heck. It airs on Saturdays at 8:30pm and 11:30pm Eastern. More info,2019,DIY_14294_282,00.html
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    Dream Plan Build Series

    They seem to be still sending them out. I just got mine about a week ago.
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    October 2005 Photo Contest Comments and Questions

    The photo gallery is actually seperate from the forums. They share some information, but you do have to log in there, but if you don't log out and accept cookies, it will remember you from now on.
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    The Coffee Shop is now open. Come on in and say hello.

    Just so everyone knows, you can change the number of posts shown on a page (for me, we're only on page 6). You can do that from the control panel - preferences page. That way you can just scroll a long time before you hit the page break. :D